12 Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

12 Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

00:00 – Intro
01:25 – Printful + Shopify
02:33 – Etsy
02:54 – Reselling Clothes
03:22 – Website Creating
04:01 – YouTube Thumbnails
05:28 – TikTok Captions
07:11 – Editing YouTube Videos
08:35 – Logo Design
09:08 – Real Estate Wholesaling
09:50 – Credit Card Churning
10:43 – Reselling Things
11:35 – Affiliate Marketing

In this video I try 12 different side hustles that I've separated into 3 different categories: Creative, Requires Some Skills, and Requires Little to no Skill. Remember to stay throughout the entire video to see the best side hustles I saved for the end. This was a really fun video to make and I hope you like it too. Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these different side hustles and what you want to see on my channel in the future :))

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Well hello everyone welcome back to my Channel in today's video we're going to Talk about the 12 best side hustles at Least in my opinion during today's 2022 Recession Now as I go through these 12 different Side hustles I'm actually going to Categorize them into three separate Categories now the first category is Going to be the creative category and This category is going to be for people That are a little bit more creative Maybe have a creative mindset but you Definitely don't have to be super Creative for this category so stick Around and take a look at all the side Hustles within this one then the second Category is going to be for side hustles That require a little bit of a skill now It's not going to be any crazy skill It's just going to require some skill And most of those skills you can Actually learn here on YouTube they're Pretty simple overall but I just like to Categorize these side hustles now last But not least is the third category and In this category all the side hustles Don't really require much of a skill set They just require hard work and Dedication now of course all the side Hustles I'm going to talk about here Today do require hard work but just Stick around throughout the entire video Where I'm going to talk about all the

Side hustles and then towards the end I'm going to talk about all the side Hustles that don't really require much Of a skill set foreign Before I get started if you're not Subscribed already please subscribe down Below and smash that like button it cost You nothing and it'll go ahead and help This video and channel out a ton And without further Ado let's actually Go ahead and get right into the first Side hustle okay so the first side Hustle we're gonna actually talk about In the creative category is called Printful let's jump right into my screen So we can take a look at exactly what Printful is okay so printful is actually A company that prints on shirts hoodies And other pieces of clothing with your Design but you can actually sell these Things online so they actually have this Thing called print on demand Drop Shipping now what print on demand Drop Shipping is is it's the ability for them To actually print on the shirts and Hoodies or whatever you actually design When somebody buys them from your Website so all you actually have to do Is create a design you can do it Yourself or have somebody else do it you Put it on a shirt or a hoodie or Something like that you list it as an Item on your website which you'll create And then every time somebody buys it the

Company will print didn't ship it to Them so you don't have to store any Inventory or deal with any overhead like That this service is actually free so There's not really any overhead the only Thing you'd have to pay for is like Hosting a website which I think was Shopify's like 29 bucks you can actually Advertise the shirts or hoodies online Using Facebook or Instagram or Tick Tock And then you can direct them to your Website so they can buy it then the Company will actually to ship them out Super simple okay let's actually jump Right into the second side hustle of the Creative category the second side hustle Is actually Etsy you can create goods And items on your own and actually sell Them on Etsy there's tons of people Buying things that are homemade right on This website it's super simple this is Just a great little way to sell things That you make yourself it's just part of The creative category okay so the third Side hustle within the creative category Is depop or Poshmark now all these are Our websites that you can actually sell Used clothing or pre-owned clothing on But you might ask where do I get that Clothing well I recommend actually going To a thrift store or maybe a Goodwill or Something like that and pick taking out Clothes that might be a dollar or two That you can actually sell on these

Websites for twenty Thirty forty dollars Sometimes right now more than ever People are willing to pay a lot for Pre-owned clothes because they're super Trendy and in style right now Okay let's jump right into the fourth Side hustle of the creative category so The fourth side hustle is actually going To be creating a website for somebody Using a drag and drop software like Wix Or even Squarespace or something like That now these websites make it super Simple to actually create a website for Somebody you can go on to Craigslist and Post a listing to create a website There's a lot of people that are willing To pay money to create a simple site That they just can't do themselves Because they're not very creative or Technically good at anything these Aren't sponsored at all it's just pretty Simple and I think it's a great way to Make money fast especially since a lot Of people are willing to pay a lot for a Website okay that brings us into the Fifth side hustle within the creative Category and that's going to be creating YouTube thumbnails for people on upwork Now if you have any special skills in Photoshop or even in graphic design at All you can even if you don't you can Use YouTube as a great resource to Actually look up how to create a YouTube Thumbnail but if you use a platform like

Upwork you can actually post a list Testing where you're creating a Thumbnail for somebody and people can Hire you right on this website so as an Example I typed in YouTube thumbnail and People are charging 40.75.65 an hour and they barely earned Any money on this platform so far so you Can get started really quickly and People are willing to pay people more Who are here in the US I've tried to Hire people to actually create a YouTube Thumbnail for me I just really hate all Of them so if you can create something That's a lot better than everyone out There you're gonna have a lot of Business and be able to raise your rates Over time as you get more positive Reviews and if you're really good at Creating thumbnails definitely let me Know and maybe I'll hire you too that's How simple this side hustle really is You can do it outside of everything You're doing and you can just bring in Extra income on the side okay that wraps It up for the creative category of side Hustles but we're gonna jump right into The next one which is something that Needs a little bit of a skill set but Remember all these are pretty much Things that you can learn right here on YouTube from somebody just by doing a Quick YouTube search now as I go through This make sure you stay till the the end

Because all the best side hustles are at The end of the video and they don't Require any special skill set okay so The first side hustle within the Category that requires some kind of Skill set is going to be editing Captions onto short form videos and tick Tocks now what do I mean by this I'm Gonna actually pop one of my videos up On the screen here so you can see the Subtitles and captions that are actually On my video okay so this is a funny one The other night I went to dinner with my Girlfriend and I'm paying for dinner and I pull out my wallet and I have like 18 Credit cards keep that in mind now right Now more than ever people are looking For editors to actually add captions and Subtitles to their Tick Tock videos the Problem is it takes a lot of time and a Lot of Labor to actually edit these Captions and subtitles onto a tick tock Video so that's why people are not Willing to do it themselves I know I Originally started editing my videos Myself but quickly realized that it just Was too much work and I needed to hire Somebody else the other problem is is There's not many really good editors That know what to do for a good price But a lot of business this is and a lot Of people are willing to pay top dollar To actually put the captions on their Videos so all you have to do is just get

Really good at Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere or iMovie or one of the video Editing softwares and put words on Videos and see how they look and just Continue to make them more engaging with Different fonts better colors more sound Effects and then you can actually create An upwork listing kind of like what I Talked about earlier in this video and On the upwork listing you can just let People know and show people examples of What you're doing I would start off by Doing free work like a free video for Somebody or five seconds for free just So they can see what you're capable of Now if you have no idea where to start To actually learn how to do this just Look it up on YouTube there's really a Ton of resources on how to create good Subtitles on Final Cut Pro or Premiere Now that actually leads me into my Second side hustle of this category now The second side hustle is actually Editing longer form YouTube videos if You learn how to edit on Final Cut Pro Or Adobe Premiere to do sub subtitles You'll be able to easily edit a longer Form YouTube video now because these Videos are longer and they usually will Take you longer in time you can charge More for them now remember if you don't Know how to edit at all you can just use YouTube as a resource and look up how to Edit videos on Final Cut or Adobe

Premiere you can have a lot of success Because really there's a ton of videos On how to edit I really think that if You did the last side hustle and added Subtitles to a tick tock video those are Pretty difficult to do because you have To look at each word and you have to Write out each word and you have to Listen to each word and it's a lot of Work but if you're doing a YouTube video It's a lot simpler it's just a longer Video so you can charge more for it now As you can see here people charge look Up to 250 or more an hour just to edit a YouTube video a lot of them actually Charge even more than that but you can Just start off at a lower rate and do Something maybe for free for the first Time or the first 20 seconds to show People what you can do until you have Some reviews on upwork or another Platform just do things at a lower price So you can gain up those reviews and Then you're are able to charge more as You show people how good you are and Remember if you're really good at Editing YouTube videos definitely Message me on Instagram or something Like that so you can get in contact with Me because I'm definitely looking to Hire anyone I can when it comes to Content okay and that's going to get me Right into my third side hustle of this Category now the third side hustle is

Actually going to be doing graphic Design or some kind of logo design now Based on the previous side hustles Within this video if you got good at Photoshop illustrator and other programs That do graphic design you can start Doing logo design and making a lot of Money off it you can see here for logo Design people charge 50 to 100 to 200 an Hour just for actually doing logo design Especially if you do really good logos And you can actually be a very creative Person you can have a lot of success Doing this let's get into the fourth Side hustle of this category now this One's a little bit different this one is To do with the real estate space and It's called real estate wholesaling now Real estate wholesaling doesn't really Require any money it just requires a Work ethic to actually find lists things That then you can sell the contract to Somebody else that does have the money That's willing to buy it and you get a Piece of the transaction without getting Too deep into it because I haven't done A lot of wholesaling myself definitely Take a look on YouTube at real estate Wholesaling you'll find a lot of Information but it is a great thing Especially if you want to get into real Estate and you don't really have much Money now let's get into our third Category the one you've all been waiting

For the one I've been waiting for the Category that doesn't really require Much skill set but it requires hard work And dedication now the first side hustle Within this category is called credit Card churning now credit card churning Is actually one of the ways that I've Made a lot of money so I can speak a lot About this credit card churning is when You open up a lot of credit cards to hit The sign up bonuses which sometimes can Be a thousand dollars or more then you Continue to downgrade cards close cards Open cards you can get as many points as Possible so you can really travel the World for free and get a ton of cash Back along the way now for me I'm Actually 21 years old and I've traveled Really all over the world with points That I've received so so I pretty much Traveled for free everywhere now it's Pretty nice to be able to travel the World for free on the credit card Company's dime so definitely look Further into credit card churning I've Actually acquired millions of points and Miles so I've traveled pretty much Everywhere and I'm continuing to collect Points and Miles all the time so let me Know if you want me to actually talk More about that on this channel just go Ahead and comment down below now let's Get into our second side hustle of this Category now the second side hustle is

Actually reselling things that you can Find on websites like the deal buyer This website is pretty cool you can go On here and find a bunch of items that The company is willing to pay for that Sometimes you can find a lower price on A specific website now this is actually A guaranteed amount that they will pay You now you can use credit cards to Actually maximize cashback rewards and Points and then you can take advantage Of getting a lot of these and then just Get a bunch of points racked up and hit Your sign up bonuses I love this because It's super simple to do and it'll get You a lot of points and rewards really Fast on credit cards again let me know If you want me to talk more about that On this channel by commenting down below Now the last side hustle I actually want To talk about here in this video is Called affiliate marketing now affiliate Marketing is something you may have Heard of before but I'm going to Actually dive deeper into it right now Okay so there's websites like Shareasale.com or Amazon Associates Where you can actually find links to Items and then you can put them on a Website or some kind of blog and then Every time people buy them or buy that Item you actually get a piece of it this Website clickbank.com even says on their Website that you can earn up to a

Hundred and fifty dollars per sale just By becoming an affiliate now these Aren't sponsored websites I just found Them online as a good resource to start In affiliate marketing and see if it's Something you want to do okay now that's It for the 12 different side hustles That I actually want to go through in This video now if you've got any value From anything that I said go ahead and Smash the like button below as it would Tremendously help out this Channel and Help me create more videos and if you Want to see more videos like this and Other finance and business videos by me Go ahead and subscribe down below and Then we'll go ahead and see you in the Next one

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