20 Day Free Side Hustle Course | Side Hustles For 2022 | Brayden Hebert

20 Day Free Side Hustle Course | Side Hustles For 2022 | Brayden Hebert

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Welcome to my 20 Day Free Side Hustle Course for 2022. My name is Brayden Hebert & over the next 20 days you will learn how I was able to leave the path of college & a 9-5 job to now being a full time self employed entrepreneur making 4-5 figures per month from the exact side hustles you will learn in this free course! This is a perfect place to learn about the BEST Side Hustles For 2022

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20 Day Free Side Hustle Course 2022

Welcome to my free side hustle course Where over the next 20 days i'll be Taking you from zero experience to Making your first 1000 online my name is Brady naber and i'm super excited for You to get started real quick though It's taken me a lot of time and effort To create these free videos for y'all And the only thing that i asked in Return since it is completely free is For you to subscribe to my channel and To leave a like on the videos because by Doing so you're helping out my channel a Ton but more importantly you're allowing My videos to be reached by even more People which means even more people get To learn about these amazing side Hustles now the goal of this course is To provide free and valuable information To anyone looking to make money online But doesn't know where to start over the Next 20 days you're going to learn how i Let the path of going to college Accruing tons of debt and living a life Of regret sitting at a nine-to-five job To now building multiple streams of Income that pay me four to five figures Per month at 18 years old i'm going to Give you the exact same framework on how To start and grow these multiple side Hustles that can each turn into Full-time businesses if you choose to go That route or if you don't want that and You simply want to make just an extra

Couple hundred bucks a month that's fine Too either way everything that you need Will be taught inside this course we're Going to be talking about side hustles Like amazon fba affiliate marketing Print on a man and a more recent one That i'm starting to get into couch Flipping and some others that you may Have not heard of and by the end of These 20 days i want you to be able to Walk away with all of the knowledge and Resources that you need to make your First 1000 And beyond keeping that in mind it's Important to note that under each one of These videos and in the emails that i'm Going to be sending you i'm going to be Giving you resources that are going to Help you as you go through these side Hustles so with that being said in the Description of this video i'm going to Be leaving a link for my free facebook Group that i want you to go join if you Haven't done so already my goal with This facebook group is to build this Active community of people who are all On the same side of the journey uh Whether you are a complete beginner or Someone who is more experienced and they Have already been doing these silences Already i'd like to believe that most if Not every single one of us who are Trying to do these side hustles we're Just trying to create a better future

For ourselves whether that means you Want to make 500 a month to help out on The bills um or to just live a more Stressful free life Or if it means that you want to go all Out 200 And just Absolutely commit to building this huge Sustainable business that pays you Passively for years to come either way i Want you to be part of this community so That we can all help each other out and Grow together having this positive place Where you can go to post about If you have any questions or if you want To share your progress Either way it's going to be a place Where we can all support each other and I think it's going to be very beneficial Now with that being said i believe 100 That if you follow these videos Throughout the next 20 days there is no Doubt in my mind that anyone regardless Of your background or where you're Coming from can make one thousand Dollars As the start of their side also journey No experience needed but as i do say That with my full belief I'm not actually allowed to guarantee Anything so i have to put a quick Disclaimer in here I can't guarantee you any success or any Money as you go through these side

Hustles um Your results are not going to be the Same as mine they might be more or less Your success is going to be determined On Many things including your mindset your Work ethic Your ability to learn and more okay so Now that we got that out of the way i Want to encourage you to As you go through this course Be sure to watch all the videos because There might be a side also in the Beginning where you're like oh i really Want to start that but what if there's Something that's later on of course That fits you so much more and it checks Off all the boxes for you so i just Encourage you to take notes and watch The entire playlist fully that way you Can get an understanding of all the side Hustles and uh that way you can also Choose which one you think or handful That you think is going to be best for You now before you click off this video I do want to go over something that is Very important To note and to have understood before You go into these cycles and if you Don't i can almost guarantee that you're Going to fail and that is having the Right mindset and the right habits And a great way to start trying to have These habits that will set you up for

Success is by having a morning routine Every morning before i get on my phone Before i start scrolling on social media And before i get started with work for The day i like to start my day off with A nice hot shower this is something that I'm fortunate enough to be able to do Every single morning and i truly believe That it helps me be more productive Throughout the day And i'm a big believer in habit I think if you have a good morning Routine it'll You know boost your mood for the rest of The day and i think it's something That's very important that everybody Should implement after i take that Shower i go ahead and brush my teeth and Pretty much just get dressed and get Ready for the day then i go to the Kitchen grab some water and maybe i like Breakfast and head into the office once I'm in my office i'll sit down at my Desk right there in front of my monitor And there's usually three things that i Like to get done Before i actually start doing work for The day and those are my morning Devotion my journaling and writing down My must do's for the day devotion and Journaling is a great way to start off My day with gratitude and to make sure That my priorities are in check my daily Must dose is pretty much a to-do list

Except way shorter and more compact Usually it'll be two to three things That i absolutely have to get done Um usually bigger tasks that i have for The day and these are things that Whenever i go to bed as long as i got Those two to three things done i can say That i have had a successful day and i Made progress and i'm going in the right Direction for example this morning i Wrote down uh finish the script for this Video that you're watching now and film It as well as the two others that i have To record after them done with this Video now i used to just pull out my Phone um and write it down in my notes Pretty much like make a to-do list for The day but here's the problem that i Found with that Having your to-do list on your phone Whenever you're trying to be productive Um is not always the best thing to do Because there are so many distractions That come with being on your phone Whenever i would go to just check my Notes i'll get a notification for Instagram somebody dm me somebody posted An update or whatever it's just super Easy to get distracted on your phone so That's why i just decided to start Writing it out um In my morning journal i will Write down my must-dos inside the Journal and then also write it down on a

Sticky note i usually put it up my Monitor or somewhere where i'm gonna be So that it's like pretty much staring me In the face and i just know i have to Get these done after i write up my must Do's that's pretty much it for the Morning routine i'll then begin work And then Go on about my day doing the things that I need to get done so now that you know A little bit more about my morning Routine And what i would recommend for you to do To be more productive in the morning and Start your day off right i want to go Over how to have the right mindset so a Lot of situations with these side Hustles um and trust me i am guilty of This too but whenever you try to go Ahead and start a new side hustle or a Business venture And you don't have the right mindset Going into it it's super easy to get Burped out even if you're super Motivated and you go in thinking you're Gonna absolutely crush it Unfortunately a lot of times if you Don't have the right mindset What happens is you know you start doing This side hustle And then After a few days weeks maybe even a Month later and you don't see any Results or your results don't live up to

The height that you expected it to be You usually quit you you just you give Up your own mind ends up tricking you Into thinking you know i don't even want It that bad anyways or something that's Even more common um for giving up or Quitting a side hustle is You find the next thing you you move on To the next shiny object and you develop Something called shiny object syndrome And maybe you've heard it before but uh It goes a little something like this You say you know what i feel super Motivated i'm gonna start affiliate Marketing And you do your research you watch the Free video on affiliate marketing and my Free sign ups course and you get started You build out your email sequence you Build your funnel and you start driving Traffic And a few days later you're super proud Of yourself you got all this Accomplished you have a real affiliate Marketing business up and running you're Driving traffic you're just waiting on The money to start rolling in And well It doesn't come You start looking at the numbers and You're like why am i not making any Money where's all the commissions that i Thought i would be getting and then you Start doubting yourself you think and

What if this wasn't for me What am i gonna do this is way more Complicated than i thought and in this Moment right here is what separates Those who will succeed to those who have Failed you either push through you keep On tracking on and you prevail Or you give up and you quit but quitting Might not always look like you think It's gonna look you see one night as you Lay in bed you're scrolling through Tick-tock and um your all those thoughts Of man Do i really want to do affiliate Marketing you know it's not working out For me maybe i should look at something Else maybe i should just give up and you Come across this tick tock that says Something about Drop shipping and then you get so Motivated and you're like oh i'm going To succeed with drop shipping i'm going To build my shopify store and you just Get it all set up And then the same thing happens The cycle continues And you get super motivated you try to Do something you get burnt out and you Move on to the next shiny object and This is exactly what i want you to avoid When you go through my silos of course And that's also why i want you to watch Every single video like watch the full Course before you choose which side

Hustle that you're going to commit to Uh or a handful of side houses that You're going to commit to so that you Don't get burnt out and give up if you Want to turn these side hustles into a Real sustainable business you have to Have a tunnel vision mindset one of i'm Not going to give up i'm going to go in 200 I'm just going to go all in commit to This side hustle or group of side Hustles And whether i make money a week a month Even a year from now i'm not going to Give up because i know the power that it Has to make money the long term you have To have a long-term mindset going into These side hustles that way whenever you Face that adversity of am i just going To give up or am i going to keep Tracking on you can choose to keep Pushing because You know that you have a long-term Mindset and you're in it for the long Haul and better days are coming as long As you continue to do the right things Day by day all right guys so with that I'm going to conclude this video i hope You enjoyed my little story time there And i hope you're excited to go through My freestyles of course for 2022. and Before you click off this video don't Forget to go down below join the free Facebook group and i want you to post

What is your reason for wanting to start These side hustles I know a lot of people are going to say Oh i just i want to make a lot more Money and you know i want to build a Successful business yes those are great Reasons but i want you to dig deeper i Want you to put that reason that's going To keep you trucking on whenever times Get tough whenever you face that Adversity And you you'll be able to choose to keep On pushing through even in the hardest Times after you join the free facebook Group you'll be able to see my reason as Well so Like i said i'll be active in there Almost every single day i hope to see You there and i'll see you in the next Video god bless

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