5 Best Side Hustles 2022 To Make $1000 A Week

5 Best Side Hustles 2022 To Make $1000 A Week

5 Best Side Hustles 2022 To Make $1000 A Week

In this video I share with you 5 best side hustles 2022 to make a $1000 a week work from home. If your struggling not knowing where to start in business these side hustles can get you going. These side hustles can replace your 9-5 job if you are in that situation. Also, these side hustles are amazing and I can assure you will enjoy them. Download that free ebook I talked about in the video link will be below.

Here is the email you can reach me at once you sign up with Builderall to receive your *Bonus Gift* I promised you in this video. This gift is not only jammed-packed with value, but you will make a lot of money along the way. I can verify if you signed up on my end, so make sure you email me with the email you used to register with builderall using the link below, and I will send you your gift. You will receive that gift straight to your builderall ”under the cheetah website builder” section. Any questions or guidance email me I've got you covered. 0 worries! Go out there and crush it with these side hustles.

This video and description may contain affiliate links. By clicking on any of the product links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I really do appreciate you guys! Thank you for the support!!!!

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In this video i'm going to share with You five side hustles that could bring In that bag keep watching [Music] What's going on everyone it's me melvin And i'm back again with another video on This channel we talk about make money Online print on a man how to tutorials And reviews if this is content you like Do me a quick solid smash that like Button destroy that subscribe button Make sure you hit that notification bell That way you don't miss out on any Future videos and without further ado Let's move on with the content but wait Before i move on with the tutorial make Sure you click the link in the Description guys where you can get Access to a free ebook about affiliate Marketing it's an amazing business model Guys that you can go and learn to start Making money now let's move on with the Tutorial all right you guys before i Share with you the five side hustles What you want to do is go to fiverr.com Right and you wanna start selling okay You wanna become a seller you wanna sell Your services okay the five side hustles I'm gonna share with you right the first One is gonna be digital magazine okay Now you're probably wondering how can i Sit here and do that i'm gonna get to That here in a second i'm just gonna Share with you the five side hustles you

Guys can go out here and dominate and I'm to share with you an all-in-one Platform guys where you can go out and Create these products and services for Your customers the next one is going to Be 3d mock-ups check this out all right You can see how they have their Thumbnail and their services laid out Right you can see five stars 173 cells Okay starting at five bucks right now Let's just click on this one right here Right 796 at 20 bucks essentially what You want to do right is pretty much Model another freelancer okay so for Instance you can model this freelancer For this type of service right 3d Mock-up okay you can see right here for Their basic it's 20 796 cells eight orders in the queue okay Just doing simple 3d mockups and i'm Going to show you how you can do this Extremely easy guys all right now for Number three it's going to be email Marketing so for number four it's gonna Be sales funnels again you're probably Asking melvin i do not know this how can I go about it i got you and the last one Guys is gonna be thumbnails okay to Create all these services okay guys i'm Gonna share with you except for this Service i'm gonna share with you another Platform that you guys can create Thumbnails on a fly right pretty much Drag and drop plug and play now let's

Get into the actual all-in-one platform That we can sit here and complete these Tasks for our customer okay and that Platform is gonna be builderall guys Okay so here's what i'm gonna do guys I'm gonna leave a link to builderall in The description okay where you guys can Get access to build raw and as a bonus For you guys all right if you sign up With that link okay you guys can email Me i'm actually gonna put the email Somewhere here on the screen where you Guys can email me from the email that You signed up with builderall and i have A way of checking that guys all right And if you signed up with that link i'm Gonna give you guys some bonuses okay You're probably wondering hey melvin What bonuses are you gonna give me i'm Gonna share that with you right now Right here i have access to my dashboard Okay so the bonuses you're gonna get From me right for signing up under me It's gonna actually be funnels okay so I'm gonna open up the cheetah website Builder as you can see right here i have All these funnels okay then i'm gonna Stay here and share with you i have a Page two and as you can see i have more Funnels right here all right so it's Real simple guys you sign up with the Link in the description all you guys Have to do just sign up i think you're Like a 14 day free trial guys where you

Guys can go out here and dominate start Creating gigs on fiverr right and start Making money okay that's gonna sit here And pay for this monthly plan with Builderall and as a bonus you're gonna Get those uh funnels from me And it's gonna help you out with this Gig right you're already gonna have Access to the funnels that i'm actually Gonna give you right as a bonus when you Start creating these gigs all you have To do is go to one of these funnels Right now if it's somebody you know that Does hair for instance okay you can see Here and just edit a few of these things Okay it's real simple i'm gonna click on Edit site and right here all i'm gonna Do is hit edit page and all you're gonna Do I'm gonna skip this tour and all you're Gonna do is tailor this funnel okay for Your actual customer okay so if they Have a logo you can see here and put That logo right here okay real simple Now if you want a full tutorial on how To edit funnels in builderall i would be More than happy to create that video for You make sure you leave it in the Comments section below let me know Tutorial for funnels okay and i'll be More than happy to create that video for You however i do have a link in the Description where you guys can go check Out a free course from my mentor chad

Right that talks about affiliate Marketing he actually has a tutorial on How to set all this stuff up okay so Link will be in the description guys now Let's move on to the other side hustles I shared with you so right here this is Where you guys can create those digital Magazines right that i showed you on Fiverr these bad boys right here you Guys can easily create those once you Have access to your builderall dashboard You're gonna wanna go over here where it Says apps and you're gonna wanna click On magazine builder okay now it's gonna Bring you to this section right here Okay you can actually put your magazine Title the description of the magazine Okay and you guys can create it from new However you have access to templates Okay so i'm going to click on all Templates right here and as you can see You have access to all these templates Now you're probably wondering okay Melvin now show me a little bit more Right how you can sit here and create This real easy for instance i'm gonna Click on select right here on this one I'm gonna click on confirm you can Highlight this you can put whatever you Want okay now right here to the left as You can see right here where it says Pages i'm gonna click on that you can See that this magazine has 16 pages okay you can go and edit all

These 16 pages if you want to create you Know just five pages you guys can do That okay now when you're done and You're satisfied with your actual Digital magazine all you have to do is Go right up here where it says generate Pdf okay you're gonna click on confirm And you're gonna sit here and download That pdf okay you go back to fiverr and You're gonna deliver that magazine to Your customer now the next one right 3d Mockups how we're going to sit here and Do this in builderall real simple and I'm going to go to mockup studio and Right here you're going to have an Overview okay that you can see here Watch this video and it shows you pretty Much how it works okay now it's real Simple on how to sit here and do this All right so we're not gonna over Complicate this i'm actually gonna close This overview and as you can see here These are the things you can create okay Like for instance these laptop Animations all right you can see here Drop an image right on that actual Laptop now you're probably wondering all Right now how am i going to sit here and Do this let's say you want to sit here And put something right here where it Says e-learning okay so the way i'm Going to show you right here works for All these other options you have access To okay for instance these phones these

Posters these laptops All this these books now let me show you How to do it all right so i'm going to Click on e-learning right here now i get To upload my media something to know you See that it has a recommended size right 976 by 600 well melvin how can i sit Here and do this real easy we're going To go over to canva so once you're right Here in canva you're going to want to Hit on create a design you're going to Want to go to custom size you're going To want to put in this recommended size Okay for this actual product okay so 976 By 600 so i'm gonna put 976 by 600 and You're gonna hit create new design let's Say a customer sent you an image okay of Themselves it's probably gonna be a Smart image all you have to do is just Put that image in just upload it okay You can upload your files right there And all you have to do is just size it Up Now you could change the color of this Background as well all you have to do is Just click on it click on this button Right here that says background color And let's just put this color here okay Now you're probably wondering hey melvin This image has a background no problem You can actually highlight that okay and You can delete that background as well You will need canva pro to delete the Background but we're gonna leave it just

Like this okay now i'm gonna go over the Text if the customer wants text on that Image we're going to click right there I'm going to move this over I'm going to type in online Puzzles okay I'm going to size this down Just like so i'm going to highlight it I'm going to change the color of this Font i'm going to go to white i'm Actually gonna change the font I'm gonna put in like this okay now let Me size it up some more just like so Let's say you're satisfied okay all you Have to do just go right here where it Says share you're gonna wanna hit Download and you're gonna wanna hit Png okay you can leave it like that hit Download and there you have it now what You could do is upload that media right Here onto this actual 3d mock-up okay We're going to hit upload media i'm Going to go and find that image which is This one i'm going to hit open and i'm Going to hit done and you're going to Want to click on see result and as you Can see here guys this is the final Result and then the next step will be to Actually download this okay now once you Download it you can see here submit that To your customer okay as a finished Product all right you guys so when you Create your services on fiverr you Actually want to put like three or four

Of these actual mock-ups okay on your Fiverr services so when customers see Your profile they can see the type of Work you do now let's actually move on To the next one which is going to be Email marketing so right here under apps We're going to actually go and find Script generator so right here on fiverr Under email marketing okay you can Actually check out all these freelancers Okay you want to model them right so for Instance this one right here says i will Write email marketing content design and Build automations we're going to click On this seller okay we're going to see What they're talking about and as you Can see for their basic plan right it's One email right one killer profitable Email for your marketing in any niche Real simple right and you guys can Create this thumbnail real easy right Here in glorify okay i will leave a link In the description where you can get Access to glorify and you guys can add Multiple thumbnails as well okay you Guys can pretty much model This service okay You know one killer email For 30 bucks you guys can even price Yours at 25 bucks so that way you can Start bringing in some sales melvin how Can i sit here and do this remember You're going to go over here to your abs And you're going to want to click on

Script generator so once you have access To script generator all you're going to Want to do is click right here on this Button that says generate script you're Going to want to click on for instance If it's a health and fitness niche that Your customer wants you know email Marketing for you can see here click on Health and fitness okay internet Marketing local businesses so for this Example i'm actually gonna click on Affiliate marketing now for this one i'm Gonna click on email scripts now you Have a bunch of options okay you have Code prospecting email number one okay You have flash sell email serious okay You have a whole series of emails Giveaway emails customer welcome product Purchase email series now for this one I'm actually gonna click on lead magnet Welcome email remember one email and as You can see we have one email populated All you have to do right Is go in Edit this email right tailored for your Customer and once you're done editing This whole entire email okay you could Even leave the subject like that if you Want or you can tweak it do whatever you Feel right tailored towards your Customer okay now once you're done and You're satisfied you can actually give Your actual script a name actual Template and then once you're done you

Can hit export script and you can click Pdf or you can put it on word okay and You could download it and once you Download it now you can submit that Final work to your customer Right here on fiverr Real simple stuff guys now this next one Is gonna be sales funnels right remember I talked to you briefly in the beginning Of this video i'm gonna give you access To all these sales funnels that you can Get access to right if you sign up with The link in the description okay and you Guys can pretty much model these Freelancers right here on fiverr okay Create these thumbnails create your gigs Okay now one thing i do recommend okay I'm sharing with you five side hustles You can go out here and dominate but i Recommend sticking to one right master That one side hustle and once you master That one side hustle you can move on to The other four right you can move on to The next one master that one once you're Done with that Go on to the next one okay and start Building your actual portfolio on fiber Okay now once you actually master fiber Right you can move on and you can Provide services on upward or if you're Savage with it then you can actually Create your services on fiverr and on Upwork okay so i'm just throwing that Out there this other side hustle right

That we were actually talking about and That is thumbnails right okay now you Can create this service on builderall But you can create the service right on Fiverr but you can use glorify to Actually do your actual finished product Okay right here all you have to do is Type in youtube thumbnail so i'm Actually gonna click on that right there And as you can see you have access to 345 templates pretty much at your Fingertips now if we go back over here On fiverr we can see how much these Freelancers are charging to do Thumbnails right so you got five stars Over a thousand cells right at 10 bucks Okay you do the math on that some real Good money okay that's pretty much their Standard in their basic package right so Their basic is 10 bucks their standard Is actually 30 but you get 10 youtube Thumbnail package right then the premium You get 25 thumbnails for 60 bucks it Doesn't take long to do right i mean if They're giving you the title on what They want on their thumbnail all you Have to do is pretty much go in here and Glorify for instance click on this one Right here all you're going to do is Click on use this template now you're Probably wondering melvin uh i don't Like that color how can i sit here and Change this color it's real simple i Actually have a bunch of tutorials right

Here on my channel that you guys can go And check out that can help you walk you Through this process but it's real Simple right all you're gonna do is Click on this background color and You're going to want to click on that Now you can change it okay Now let's say for instance you're going To click on that you don't want that Purple right here to the left you're Going to click on it go to shape Settings okay you're going to click on This shape and you're going to want to Change the color of that shape it's real Simple you're going to tailor this Thumbnail for your customer that you've Got on fiverr now once you're done Right here with this thumbnail all You're going to want to do is click on This arrow you're going to want to click On download and you're going to download That thumbnail okay you're gonna submit It to your customer right i'm gonna give You guys some homework right and that is Pretty much Check out these freelancers right here On fiverr you don't wanna price your Thumbnails you don't wanna uh price your Services real high because when you're a New Freelancer you pretty much want business Right in the door right so you probably Gonna have to price it a little down so If this one's 20 bucks i say 10 bucks

Okay And you can compete with that freelancer All right And at the end of the day all you want Is customers and good reviews right so That way fiverr can start recommending Your services to other customers and That is pretty much it for this video Now if you found value in this video do Me a quick solid smash that like button Destroy that subscribe button make sure You hit that notification bell that way You don't miss out on any future videos And i will see you in the next video Thank you for watching [Music]

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