5 Best Side Hustles 2022

5 Best Side Hustles 2022

If you're looking for a great side hustle, you've come to the right place! In this video, I'll share five of the best side hustles for 2022. These are all great options for anyone looking to make some extra money on the side. So check it out and see which one is right for you!

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It's your boy hustle from home dad Helping dad's hustle from home so that They can spend less time with their boss And more time with their wife and kids Recently i came across a post on Instagram and i instantly reshared it go And follow me on instagram Hustle from home dad and i instantly Shared it because of how powerful it was And also it teaches the methods that are My mantra and the methods that i teach On a daily basis on this channel Um and it's it's the formula of the side Hustle okay i speak about all the time And this picture breaks down making Money online easier than i could say in Words you know a picture speaks a Thousand words So you know whether it's consulting or Selling digital products there's a ton Of way to create ways Of making money online okay and all you Really need is a laptop and a good Internet connection all you need is a Good laptop and an internet connection You don't need a university degree you Don't need to go to college you don't Need to do any more of that stuff to Make money okay you just need to pick up Pick a hustle And choose one that's right for you And then dedicate yourself to that i Would say dedicate maybe two three four Months to one of these hustles if not

All of these hustles okay so what i love About this edge image is i'm gonna break It down i'm gonna go through this image And break it down so first we have Content creation okay Um Content creation falls under under the Umbrella of a youtube channel or maybe a Instagram page or a twitter page or Facebook page anything that allows you To post an image a video or You know anything of that kind okay that Is called creating content content is Something that's of value to The onlooker okay so value comes in in The form of education value comes in a Form of entertainment and value comes in A form of inspiration so if you can have A platform and you can post any of these Kind of content on a platform you are Creating content okay and there's money In creating content okay from the Monetization value right so if you're on Youtube youtube will pay you money and For ads if you're on twitter you know People will you know lock into your Content and you can monetize your Content in in many different ways There's loads of ways to make money Through your content online okay So if you can make a hundred dollars From you know a week or a day or Whatever it may be that can pay for your Car insurance okay for example and

What i always say is Money works 24 7 whereas you can't okay Your money can work 24 7 but you can't We as humans we need to eat sleep have Sex you know and socialize there's Things that we need to do so we can't Work um 24 7 but your money doesn't need To sleep money doesn't need to have sex Money doesn't need to eat money doesn't Need to socialize all money needs to do Is go out there and work for you and it Can work for you 24 7. okay and that's The beauty of side hustles right they're Constantly going to make you money Because they're out doing the work for You whilst you do it once okay you do The work once you get paid over and over Again for it okay so let's go on to Instagram ebooks now instagram ebooks is Powerful you create an ebook using Microsoft word you export the ebook as a Pdf and now you have an ebook okay now i Spoke about this in another video where You can download books from plr hustle Dot co dot uk or in my plr hustle dot Com and you could download ebooks and You can resell them they give you the License to be able to resell ebooks okay So like i said if you're creating Content online with an instagram page For example or a youtube page you can Leave a link in the description box Below linking back to your ebook and you Can sell a ton of ebooks right if you've

Got an ebook and you're selling it for Nine quid okay nine dollars or nine Pounds right and you sell ten a day that Is a hundred pounds a day that is ninety Pounds a day okay um a month that is Three grand okay just on the side hustle Based on something that you've already Created and you're selling it over and Over again on receipt on repeat and this Could this could cover your phone bill So you paid your car insurance you paid Your phone bill and now You might want to go into trading you Might want to start stock trading which Again i've got other videos in my Channel about which you can go and check Out um You could start day trading i don't Advise day trading i'm much more advised Swing trading day trading is where you Try and make money in the day swing Trading is where you look to make money And invest money and make money back Over the course of maybe six days six Weeks or maybe six months okay it's a Little bit long term longer term than Day trading but it's not as quite as Long term as like investing for 25 years Which is another strategy so somewhere In the middle okay now this could pay For your holiday right this could pay For all of the holidays that you need to Go on in your life over the year over The next six months or whatever it may

Be okay this could pocket you at more Than five hundred dollars way more than That okay this problem this this image Is for illustrative purposes in terms of The money that you can make but it's Just an idea of it's just getting you to Understand the idea of having all of Your side hustles take care and pay for All of the little things in your life That you need to take care of okay so Like instagram shout outs or youtube Shout outs if we move on to instagram Shout outs on um or instagram shout outs Or youtube shout outs you build a page You get once you've got a certain um Amount of followers then you can start Charging other companies and other Brands to Repost something of theirs which is Promotion for them and you can charge Anywhere between a hundred pounds of Post okay on my other page 13 and i Charge a hundred pounds a post when Someone wants to promote through my page Okay i get to increase their awareness Of their product to my audience okay and I charge 100 pounds for it again another Easy hustle right imagine getting paid 100 pounds just to post something on Your page every now and then okay this Could cover your groceries if you get Four of these in a week which is very Very easy to do right that will cover Your groceries that will cover your

Shopping okay and if we move on to Creating an online course which is Nowadays is the holy grail okay i've got A tour i've got a course on turo i've Got a course on stock trading i've got a Course on and branding i've got a course On music production i've got a course on Many other things right um And i'll leave it linked to the Description in the description box below Which is a good video that you can watch On how to actually package your online Course but the online course is a holy Grail nowadays right information is in Everyone wants information and you can Be selling these courses online for 97 Quid and 97 or whatever it may be right There are people that sell courses for 997 and above Right so that is an option as well and That will take care of your living costs If we look at the entire image here We've got the car insurance covered paid For your phone bill paid holidays taking Care of groceries living costs right and These are all side hustles these are all Automated side hustles you ain't even Daily doing all of these things these Are just things that you've done once And you're getting paid over and over Again for it because it's selling in the Background whilst you're living right so If you actually do have a job as well a Full-time job as well you actually

Haven't even spent any of your full-time Wage at wherever you work okay your to That money that you are actually working For can actually go to something else in The savings port you know more money to Be invested like it's crazy once you Really start locking in and tapping into The side hustle game and upping your Side hustle and starting with one side Hustle and then rolling out and bridging Out into others You're really going to start to see the Compound effect kicking and you're Really going to start to make money Right you're going to really start to Make Different type of online incomes and and It's all going to kick off right so And there was a quote that i saw i'm Going to end with a quote i saw which i Believe it said um You know you can try and save yourself You can try and save your way up Financially you know putting money aside Every month to clearing your debt um but With a side hustle you're just one great Day from clearing away all your debt Clearing away all of your you know your Financial issues and really moving ahead Right so sometimes you can do it the Longer way but with a side hustle you Know you're just one great sales day Away from Wiping away all your debt and doing all

Of that stuff and i love that so Keep the hustle strong it's your boy Hustle from home dad warren and teaching You how to hustle from home so that you Can spend less time with your boss and More time with your wife family kids I'll catch you in the next video take Care

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