5 Best Side Hustles For 2022 (Cost $0)

5 Best Side Hustles For 2022 (Cost $0)

2022 business ideas & the best side hustles to make money online. IG: @RealHayden
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Now i'm super passionate about this Video because some of these things in Here are directly what helped me fund my First business the second one the Portfolio of companies i own now as well As all the real estate it was some of These things that directly gave me the Money to do it so we're gonna go through The five best businesses that you can Start in 2022 to take advantage of this Unique setup there's absolutely no Denying that with everything that's Going on social media going crazy there Is so much opportunity right now i've Seen it firsthand and been involved There's so much opportunity to make Money so all you got to do in this video Is make sure to like subscribe and Comment because that is going to get you Access into our giveaway we're doing two Separate giveaways in this video one Person is going to get free access into Our 500 e-commerce program and the other Person is going to get an entirely Custom-built shopify store for free by My personal development team again all You got to do is like subscribe and Comment and we're going to be picking One person who comments in the first Hour and another person a couple days Later so make sure to do that let's go Through these five best businesses Number one e-commerce now i'm not Talking about the normal drop shipping

Or the standard stuff that usually E-commerce always makes my yearly list For the best things because it's Something i've been involved in for six Years but this is a very unique setup For it organic tick-tock for the person Who's starting who either has no money Or doesn't want to risk their money this Is probably the only 12-month window in Your life that i can ever foresee unless Some new social media comes out that's Crazy where you can do this okay this is The organic tick tock strategy the Biggest opportunity i see and i truly Wish it was available to me when i was Starting okay the budget you're gonna Need for this maybe a thousand dollars Tops just paying for your monthly store 30 40 bucks couple apps some basic Things just to give you a little bit of Runway okay give or take a thousand Bucks this is the window of time that Will close okay now what this is is You're going to use tick-tock and what's Known as organic tick-tock is where You're not actually spending money on Ads you're making videos on a tick tock Page about your product and you'd be Very surprised a lot of what we do with Our advertising is standard tick tocks It's stuff that you would want to see on Tick tock so if you actually go through The strategy of posting on tick tock Using trending sounds viral hashtags you

Can start getting views and depending on How cool your product is and how Eye-catching it can be you'd be very Very surprised at how fast you can have Videos get a hundred thousand views a Million views eight hundred thousand Views six million views over here and Well it's not the highest quality Traffic if i'm being honest it will Translate into sales and it really Shouldn't be that hard to get a couple Hundred dollars a day coming in through That which then and this is the second Piece can then fund your advertising so That you can scale you can run something Called spark posts it's a spark ad Inside a tick tock where you are running Ads you're directly sending traffic to a Post that is on your page that's going To build more likes more comments more Engagement on it get you more sales get You more followers eventually you get The page verified that is the way to do It tick tock is the only platform right Now where you can go from zero to having Explosive growth in a matter of weeks And you're actually going to see Multiple things on this list will Involve tick-tock because it's a window Of time that will close and everybody Needs to be taking advantage of it and Just for context i don't really do this Much i have somebody whose job it is to Post on the social medias and work on

Tick tock a little bit but it's really Just not worth my time anymore for an Extra 200 a day or 500 a day and so we Just use the paid advertising side of it To scale we do blow up the social media Pages but there's more we can do on the Back end so that is just a great Starting strategy if you want some more Information on e-commerce you can Definitely check out our course linked Below disclaimer disclaimer i have to Give you a disclaimer here this part is Going to be maybe potentially pg-13 However i do think it's a great Opportunity it's something we might all Laugh at but just hear me out over the Next two minutes okay number two is only Fans now i don't mean you jumping in Front of the camera doing an only fans Or anything crazy hear me out this is The behind the scenes strategy i would Be lying to you very aggressively if i Said i have not considered doing this at One point i had an entire business plan Written up i had brought on a partner I'd set aside a budget we're about to Hire multiple people to test this out Okay this is where it's very unique but The few people i know that do this are Making anywhere from five hundred Thousand to six million dollars a year Net i'm going to rephrase that They're making millions of dollars a Year net and they're not even the ones

In the only fans Let me point this out to you this is how You do this okay and this involves tick Tock as well this is going to cost you Anywhere from zero dollars to 50 000 or More depending on how you want to Structure it okay this is where you find Somebody who there's four types of People in my opinion this is what i Found out with my business framework for This there's people who are doing only Fans and they make a lot of money There's people who are doing only fans And don't make a lot of money that's the Worst situation to be in you're putting Yourself out there you're not making any Money there's people who have a big Following on social media and don't do Only fans and there's people who don't Have a following and don't do only fans Who might be willing to do it so ideally Out of those you would find somebody who Already has a big following on social Media and would maybe consider doing Only fans but has previously thought oh I don't want to get nude on camera and Do all this crazy stuff let me give you Some numbers just real raw statistics i Know three close personal friends of Mine females that are making a lot of Money on only fans one of them only one Of them does not like go full new Doesn't show anything like it's Instagram type content she makes 80 000

A month a million dollars a year 12 Months ago completely broke like Literally like we'd just be picking up Her tab whenever we're going out and She's a really great person shows Nothing it's not within her faith not Within her beliefs it's just basic Instagram content but what she did is She went and got a million followers on Tick tock in about six months that Translated to a hundred thousand on Instagram launched the only fans and Through the whole back end of only fans You have upsells and whatnot and then Guess what she did she turned around and Went and signed to an agency that is Going to help her scale i don't know how Well that's been going so far but here's The strategy if you know people that Have a large social media following or Girls that might be willing to do it and Guys i guess as well it can work but Primarily girls let's just be objective Here You can blow them up on social media in My opinion there is a zero percent Chance that a half decent looking girl Just physical attraction unbiased here Doesn't go viral on tick tock if you're Posting three times a day every day for Three months it's impossible use viral Sounds trending sounds trending hashtags And just dance or do controversial stuff Or little things it doesn't have to be

Anything aggressive at all your only Fans does not have to be anything more Than your instagram content but by Building a following you're building a Fan base that inherently wants to follow You and if you move that to a paid Platform it can work extremely well and Then you have upsells in the back end so Don't judge me for it this is just an Opportunity that i see in the Marketplace i am in no way taking part In it currently but i truly believe that It is a fantastic opportunity that again Probably the window will close so you Can go big influencer marketing the way Some of these uh big agencies they're Called only fans agencies or some of Them do 20 million dollars a year what They do they'll go buy big shout outs From influencer pages pages that post You know cute girls or they'll buy big Influencer pages and they'll completely Rip out the content delete everything Change the name and make that the page For the girl and yes that will Completely kill the engagement because That's not what the followers were for But it's still huge social proof usually It's a verified page and that investment Up front can make a lot of sense so they Take a huge profit cut on the back end That's a great strategy let's move on to The next one laugh in the comments if You will but hey i honestly see that as

A huge opportunity there's so much money There for sure number three launching an Nft this is not something i've done i Have multiple friends that i've directly Been sitting next to them as they Launched an nft the biggest one did 7.2 Million dollars in the first day most of Them anywhere from 300 000 to a million Dollars okay i'm just going to give you That outline of my experience number one Utility is key most projects are Complete garbage good art alone is not Enough anymore but if you have a unique Idea and you're good at marketing again Key phrase here this can be a huge Opportunity the key here with nfts that I've seen is building a massive discord Fastest way to do that surprise surprise Tick-tock ads in my opinion either Advertising on there or organic Strategies you can also do a bunch of Different marketing tactics there's so Many things you can do plus influencer Shout outs where if you have a budget of Probably fifteen to twenty thousand Dollars is minimum what it's going to Cost to launch an nft and again this is Not something i've done considered it But i don't have any crazy ideas you Gotta have something cool again art Alone now is not enough so many projects Are just going to zero but if you can Have something cool and you build a Community behind it and something that

Can stand long term you can absolutely Crush it not only on launch day but then The prices are going up people are Constantly trading the nfts and you're Getting a royalty from that usually There's a kickback that goes back into The group and sort of like giveaways or People give away cars people give away Cash give away ethereum whatever it is You know i'm not the most well versed in The nft and crypto community but there's A lot of ways to make money there and There's no arguing that it's so talked About why do you think you've seen about Half the people in the e-commerce Industry over the last 12 months no Longer make e-commerce videos now they Make nft videos and maybe some of them Even came out with nfc course i don't Know i don't watch them but it's really Interesting they just jump from thing to Thing to thing because that's what will Get them more views you notice right now Just naturally from the way people are Gravitating and the amount of views the Nft space gets way more views that will Eventually die out in my opinion it's Still a window of opportunity but people Gravitate there because the ad revenue The course sales the whatever because There's just more opportunity and they Probably won't even do any commerce to Begin with if i'm being honest but that Is a strategy that you can use go

Towards what is working figure it out Dive in and you can make a ton of money Very quickly it is possible it's not my Forte but hey you never know there's a Lot of technical skills to learn here And again a short one of opportunity in My opinion to really get something off The ground number four drop servicing Again this has been on my list for quite Some time and multiple people have Reached out and told me they used it to Make a few thousand a month i haven't Heard any crazy case study yet of you Know ten thousand a month now i do want To point this out i do know somebody who Did this similar strategy where they Were white labeling a lot of agency work For brick and mortar businesses and they Were doing about 25 000 a month with About 50 net margin their clients Thought that they were the ones doing The work but in reality they were Outsourcing to an agency for roughly 50 So usually they could actually get that Other agency onto a group call like a Three-way call when they're closing the Client you know they already have a lot Of knowledge about the industry that's How you're selling and pitching these Clients but there's a lot of ways to Build businesses where you're not Actually fulfilling the work you're just The front end facilitator middleman Affiliate whatever you want to call it

And drop servicing is a little bit Different very low startup cost Literally can be zero dollars okay zero Dollars for startup cost if you want This is where you're gonna go on sites Like freelancer.com upwork these are Your best bets for starting out Integrate some tick-tock posts somehow Who was surprised surprising talking About tick-tock but here's what you do You're gonna be posting different job Listings and start them low price and Low you need some reviews first and You're gonna have somebody else fulfill It which means you can now do any task In the world i can build you a wordpress Site i can custom code this i'll build Your shopify store i'll edit your video I'll do xyz i'll make you a logo Probably not a logo because you know Those are very low priced services but You do any of these unique services that You can sell for 150 bucks and if Somebody else do it online for 75 you're Just middle man in an online transaction And it costs you no money to do that now It's going to start very slow you build A portfolio on all these sites for all These different skills it's definitely Something you should look into and then You can do it at a larger scale on an Agency level so that's something where If you're actually signing clients for a Thousand a month three thousand a month

Five thousand i see people doing twenty Thousand a month literally for marketing A lot of that is performance based but They can do extremely well and not Actually be doing the work there's a lot Of ways to do it for an example if you Know an e-commerce business owner that's Doing 500 000 a month and can't get to a Million bring it to me i'll get them to A million and i'll give you a cut There you go that right there is a prime Example of middleman stuff where you're You're providing a service and a value To every single person involved and you Could cut into the deal that's just a More direct way of doing that is called Drop servicing number five is very Interesting i noticed this in puerto Rico about a year and a half ago when i First moved to puerto rico almost two Years ago when i was looking for a place To rent certain real estate markets it's A little harder in the u.s i don't know About other countries but there's just Undefined rental prices there's not a Lot of comparable comps which means you Can do what i like to call rental spread Honestly if i had the time and cared About the the money i could possibly Make you could probably pretty easily Make an extra five to ten thousand Dollars a month doing this which Basically it takes a little bit more Knowledge some potential risk and you

Got to qualify for this but very Consistent so if you have like 20 grand Let's just say for an example here's What you do you're going to be offering Long-term furnished properties that is My idea for it possibly just rental Arbitrage where you just leave it Unfurnished in volatile markets with no Real comparison for rent for an example Puerto rico let me give you a prime Example so many apartments in puerto Rico will rent for 3 100 and then Another unit in the building that's Worse will go for 3 900 something that's Listed for 3 600 and then something That's listed for 2 400. there's no Comparable in the u.s in most states It's always within 100 range people know What's going on in puerto rico for some Reason i think it's because the tax Program all the people down here just Inconsistent pricing near the beach and In the main cities oh my gosh i've never Seen anything like it where it is all Over the place and nothing gets marketed Properly not like 10 percent of listings Actually go online everything's what's Called a pocket listing or an off-market Listing so if you actually took photos Marketed it put it online built a group There are hundreds and hundreds and Hundreds and hundreds of highly Qualified specifically tax people moving Here to places like panama places like

Dubai all these different places Basically just target tax havens that Could be your niche you go there you you Rent an apartment you got to be able to Qualify for it and allow them to Sublease okay so this is where your Lease needs to allow you to sublease You're then getting somebody else to Sign a lease it's not some Month-to-month crap you're getting a Full lease if you really need to furnish The place because i'll tell you the Amount of apartments in puerto rico that If you just signed 10 leases for around 2 500 bucks a month each they were Already furnished you went and took good Photos marketing them correctly i Guarantee you within two months probably A month maybe even a week it's so crazy Out here you could fill up all 10 of Those for 3 500 a month now you have 10 Where you're making a 1 000 spread and You collected a deposit from the new People which paid you back from your Original deposit So interesting loop food for thought Interesting idea very consistent next to No work if you are allowed to sublease i Think that's a great way to do it in Places where there's just not a defined Real estate market and there's a demand For it the pricing is all over the place And especially in puerto rico as well as In dubai i have multiple friends who

Live there for tax purposes as well Nobody responds to your listing your Phone calls don't get answered your Emails don't get answered the photos Never show everything and again most Stuff doesn't get listed so i think you Can have a huge opportunity by doing That and targeting locations as such Probably something most people are not Going to be able to do but for some People it could make a ton of sense so Hope you enjoyed this video again don't Forget to enter into the giveaway all You got to do is like subscribe and Leave a comment down below one person The first hour will get chosen and a Couple days later we'll pick somebody Else great way to enter we announce the Winners over on my instagram so make Sure to follow me there if you have any Questions about what we talked about Don't get too hung up on point number Two here i know it might have been kind Of funny uh with the only fan stuff but I think that it really is an interesting Strategy i know nobody ever really seems To talk about that but truly from a tick Tock perspective Just look at what's logical you know It's like you can do so much in terms of Getting stuff to go viral on tick tock For me i posted a video of me literally Kicking my friend out of an airplane Four million views that was like one of

My first videos absolutely crazy and i Was like oh my gosh like you can't get That on youtube or instagram or facebook So same thing then i started doing that With products e-commerce products i Would test it things would get views That would never happen on other Platforms so use it while that window of Opportunity is there i think there's a Lot of money to be made for sure so if You're looking to start an online Business in 2022 these are five great Ideas and resources that you can use to Get your feet wet and get started making Some money hope you enjoyed this video Don't forget to drop like into the Giveaway and with that being said i will See you in the next one peace You

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