5 High Paying Side Hustles 2022 (While Keeping your 9 to 5 Job)

5 High Paying Side Hustles 2022 (While Keeping your 9 to 5 Job)

In this video we are going to talk about the Top 5 high paying Side hustles 2022

Everyone is entitled to a vacation a Time to unwind have fun and discover new Places to top it all off the majority of People wish they could afford a nice House and a fancy car the question that Comes to mind is can your current job Afford you such a luxury certainly not Or at least for more than 50 of Americans it should go without saying That financial freedom is the key to Attaining your goals for the majority of People financial security implies being Able to support the desired standard of Living through a combination of savings Investments and cash on hand as well as Having the freedom to pursue any job Path they want the difficult financial Security and independence that Frequently takes years to establish are Another step closer to being reached With each milestone and goals crossed Off the list however there are certain Universal features of financial freedom Although they may not be your ultimate Financial goals these minor victories Are important stepping stones on the Road to financial independence some People believe that the only way to Achieve financial security is to work a Standard 40-hour week at the well-paying Job insurance an online insurance Marketplace for small businesses found That 44 of americans work at least one Additional job to make ends meet each

Month unpleasant as it sounds you will Need to take up a side hustle to Supplement your income so that you can Make your dreams come true as such in Today's episode we will reveal 5 passive Income ideas to make money online Without breaking your backs we are happy To have you and consider subscribing to Our youtube channel so that you won't Miss any of our content buckle up and Let's jump right in hustle number one Online seller build your own ecommerce Company by channeling your inner Entrepreneur start an online business on Platforms like etsy or shopify and Market the product you are passionate About we have seen people make millions Of dollars with their ceramics Needlework or even upcycling a thrifty Individual can even generate money by Physically turning someone else's Rubbish into treasure this can be Anything from clothing to furniture or Other materials in other words you can Be buying furniture for as low as one Hundred dollars renovating them for Another one hundred dollars and selling Them online for upwards of six hundred Dollars in addition to many e-commerce Sites you may even make money as an Online merchant on facebook marketplace Or instagram which are both free with Digital products you may make money Online without having to keep track of

Inventory there are a wide variety of Digital products that can be sold Printing journals calendars or even Photoshop presets are all options in the World of digital products when it comes To digital things there is no limit to How many times they can be resold you Don't have a product or service to offer Make money recommending consumers to Other people's products and services by Participating in affiliate marketing Social media a website or even word of Mouth can be used to spread the news Hustle number two drop shipping business One of the safest bets for a side gig is Drop shipping it lets you sell stuff Straight to the buyer without having to Purchase any inventory you don't have to Spend the fortune upfront which lowers Your exposure to risk as well as holding The inventory the manufacturer also Sends it directly to you customers are The lifeblood of your business so make Sure you give them the attention they Deserve this is the perfect side hustle For someone with a background in Marketing there are hardly many Part-time jobs out there that provide You the freedom to pursue your Entrepreneurial interests as a business Owner you will be able to control Everything from profit margin to working Hours drop shipping allows you to build A business based on any of your favorite

Interests do you enjoy shopping for Fashion internet sales if fashion are Possible maybe you have found out about This cool lipstick no one knows about Start your own one product shop and Implement these store concepts if you Enjoy applying your own cosmetics you Can make money by promoting cosmetics And attracting a devoted fan base with Your makeup lessons drop shipping can be Used in almost any niche in addition if You are a creative person you might come Up with a wacky company idea it is a Terrific side hustle because you will Always have the ultimate word as the Proprietor of your own firm hey Fascinating people if you like this Video hit the like button and comment i Subscribe so that everyone can see who's The most fascinating action taker here Hustle number three start a podcast i Have the ideal site business for you if You are known to be a cheddar box at Work start your own podcast it is time For people to start paying to hear you Speak podcasts have grown in popularity And the number of people listening to Them is increasing year after year Because of the spread of smartphones and Subscription-based services as of april 2021 there were over 48 million episodes Of podcasts according to podcast Insights a whopping 58 percent of south Koreans listen to podcasts in a single

Month according to the same study almost Eight out of every 10 podcast listeners Are under the age of 55 according to Studies comedic podcasts are the most Popular type of podcasts followed by Educational podcasts and news podcasts When recording you will need a working Microphone and computer as well as the Ability to avoid distractions choosing a Current or niche topic and getting Creative with the style duration Recording and editing of your podcast Can help you make money on the side and Create an entertaining podcast there are A variety of places where you can get Started with a podcast as your podcast Listenership grows you may be able to Monetize it through advertising or Affiliate services in addition to Promoting your own merch in no time your Earnings will dwarf your salary and you May end up leaving your job this is a Dream come true for everyone being your Own boss hustle number four youtube Channel you may still make a huge Fortune on youtube even if you are too Busy at work or just shy to post videos Because you do not want anyone else to See your face youtube is vibrant dynamic And among the best side hustles to get Involved in youtube's popularity is Soaring due to its ability to be Monetized as soon as you get started you Will have another stream of income to

Add to your portfolio of investments Thanks to the video sharing site it is Not as difficult as you would imagine Making money on youtube as a content Creator having 1 000 subscribers plus 4 000 hours of watch time is all that is Required to put that in perspective Youtube has more than 125 million active Users per day 1 million hours of content Are viewed by 122 million active youtube viewers the Only thing you need to do is get a niche And jump in front of this crew it is a Relief to learn however that building a Successful youtube channel does not Necessitate publicly displaying your Face in fact the creators of some of the Highest paying youtube channels prefer To remain anonymous you can engage a Script writer a voice over artist a Video editor and an account manager for Your channel it is possible that all you Have to do is brainstorm ideas hustle Number five designing websites as a side Hustle building websites could be just What you have been looking for the Freedom and self-determination that come With building websites as a side Business makes it one of the most Popular side hustles today web design is A great side hustle because it does not Require a huge upfront investment and Allows you to work at a pace that works Best for you creating websites as a side

Business has the advantage of requiring Little to no operating expenses at the Very least you will need a working Computer and a high-speed internet Connection to get started you may also Require software to assist your design Constructing and coding websites Depending on the services you intend to Offer a monthly membership program and Low-cost tools allow you to start Building your customer list while making A little investment most web designers And developers are able to work when and How they want without being Micro-managed the clients you will work With as a web designer are unlikely to Set specific hours for you as long as You meet your deadlines as a full-time Worker you have the uncommon opportunity To work on creative projects while Earning extra money you can set up two Hours every night as an ideal time to Work on your projects the good thing is That your business can grow by word of Mouth you just have to be good at it That is all that it takes pro tip the Profitability of a side hustle is Something to keep in mind when deciding Whether or not to start one make it as Simple as possible for customers to pay You once you have found your niche even If your side hustle does not involve a Marketplace or an app you should Consider setting up a sales funnel if

You have the time digital marketing Assets like sales funnels keep your Ideal customers from disappearing into Thin air after you have completed their Project having a side hustle allows you To work on it when you are not working Full time in order to get the most out Of your side hustle set aside a specific Amount of time each week for it it is Important to keep in mind that the Purpose of your side hustle is not to Add more burden to your already heavy Workload as challenging as side jobs Might be they are also a terrific Opportunity to earn extra money each Month invest some time and effort in Research before you try out a potential Side hustle choose a side job that best Fits your lifestyle and long-term Ambitions your major source of income Can be supplemented but you can also Expand your side hustle into something Bigger as you work toward financial Independence use the power of side Hustles to your advantage So folks this is the end of our episode Thank you for choosing fascinating self Let us know in the comments if you want Us to make more videos like this don't Forget to like and share this video if You like it see you in the next video

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