5 PROFITABLE & WEIRD Side Hustles to Start in 2022 ($258+ per day)

5 PROFITABLE & WEIRD Side Hustles to Start in 2022 ($258+ per day)

In this video I'm going to share with you 5 profitable side hustles that you can scale to quit your job. I believe everyone should have a side hustle to earn more income. These unique side hustles I will share are ones that can turn into legitimate businesses to help you ultimately quit your job. Watch until the end to see what you should do after you start making money from these side hustles.

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In this video i'm going to be sharing With you five profitable side hustles That will allow you to quit your job This isn't going to be the typical side Hustles you hear about that will only Make a couple dollars here or there These side hustles will allow you to Quit your job if you stay consistent With them i'm super excited to share These with you as i'm currently doing Some of these and it allowed me to quit My job in less than one year stick Around to the end and i'll share with You one of my favorite ways to earn Passive income so with that let's get Into it the first side hustle is airbnb Co-hosting this is one of my favorite Side hustles on the list because you can Start with zero dollars now before we Get into this let's talk about what Co-hosting is co-hosting is essentially Being the property manager for an airbnb Owner what you'll be doing is managing The day-to-day for an investor so that Includes communicating with guests Cleaners and contractors now before you Completely brush this one off let's talk About the potential earnings for this Most property managers will charge Anywhere from 15 to 40 percent of the Gross revenue so let's say you're Managing five properties that gross Thirty thousand dollars per month even On the low end of fifteen percent you

Make six thousand dollars per month for A side hustle that literally cost you Zero dollars to start you might be Asking yourself why would an investor Agree to do this well first of all most Investors invest because they want their Investment to be passive there are Plenty of investors out there that would Sacrifice some profit for an investment That requires little to none of their Time another question you might be Asking yourself is i don't know anything About airbnb management why would an Investor agree to do this and that's a Fair question the first thing you need To do as does most things in life is to Study up and learn these skills the Great thing is there are tons of great Resources out there that you can learn From my good friend and michael Elfonte's channel is a great place to Start if you want to learn up on all Things airbnb i'll leave his channel in The description below you'd be surprised How many people refuse to take some time To learn a skill that they can get paid Thousands of dollars for once you learn These skills then comes the application And i already know some of you will be Asking how do i find investors there are So many places you can go to network so A couple examples are go to facebook Groups and search up airbnb and the city You want to host them another good place

To go is bigger pockets forums you can Also go to local rias you can also Contact local cleaners that specifically Do airbnb and they can refer you to Their owners you can even put an ad out On facebook or craigslist this is going To be your lead generator to speak and Network with investors to work with so To start off it's going to be hard for An investor to agree for you to take a Percentage split right off the bat Especially if you have no experience so What i suggest doing is working for free For a month or even two months honestly However long you feel comfortable with Because the goal with this is number one To gain experience and number two prove To the investor you're worth if you can Prove that you can not only keep the Property afloat but that you're a Strategic advisor for them by increasing Bookings and revenue i have no doubt in My mind that they will want to keep you Around for the long haul the best part Is the management aspect can be done Remotely and only requires a few hours a Week you can automate a lot of the guest Communication cleaning schedules and Even pricing with tools like pricelabs Or gusty if you want a video tutorial on These tools let me know in the comments Once you get a couple of properties you Manage under your belt it becomes way Easier to sell your services to other

Investors in fact if you're doing a good Job then those investors will tell their Other investor friends as you gain more Experience and expertise you can start a Charge closer to the 40 gross revenue Mark once that happens that same 30 000 A month in revenue now becomes 12 000 Per month for you the second side hustle Is to become an online coach it's never Been a better time to monetize your Skills and expertise think about it Whatever you're currently knowledgeable Or good at you probably didn't learn From school you probably learned through Youtube books or even an online course Me being in the personal finance and Investing space i get dozens of dms Daily asking if i can help coach them Obviously this is an easy way that i can Monetize that part of my business now There might be a couple things that come To mind for you either i'm not an expert At anything or easy for you to say you Already have an audience so let's talk About each of these you saying you're Not an expert or anything is not a good Enough excuse unless you've literally Lived under a rock for all your life There's something that you're good at we Live in a crazy age where there's a Niche for everything like literally Everything there's gaming there's rock Collections there's jewelry making plant Coach fitness coach etc and yes plant

Coach is a real thing in fact i took an Online class where a plant coach walked Us through how to create a cool looking Succulent from scratch a good exercise To do is pull out a sheet of paper like Literally pause the video and go get a Sheet of paper now write down everything You're interested in or have interest in Now go through each one and pick two or Three of those interests that you are Most interested in or you're naturally Good at once you've narrowed it down Pick one thing and learn as much as you Can about it you can do this for free by Going on youtube university google etc Even if you feel like you're an expert At a particular thing there's probably a Few more things you can learn about the Truth is everyone that sells a course or Is an online coach you can get that Information for free but the reason People are still willing to pay is Because they want to expedite the Process i've literally spent tens of Thousands of dollars on mentorships and Courses to speed up my learning curve on Things i'm interested in i know i could Have gone and researched all that myself But time is incredibly valuable to me And this goes for a lot of people out There as well if you do the upfront work And can become a one-stop shop for People to go to that's an incredibly Valuable skill to have that you can

Easily monetize so become an expert at Something and monetize it again you can Monetize any skill obviously there are Certain niches that are more easily Monetizable than others but the goal is To become an expert in something you Enjoy the money will follow now let's Touch on the second most common excuse People have when it comes to this and That's i don't have an audience but with The rise of tick tock igrills and Youtube shorts it's never been an easier Time to grow an audience i literally had Zero followers in january of 2021 and i Barely even knew social media at the Time i literally just picked up my phone And started talking about my journey and What i enjoyed talking about which is Investing in personal finance i provided A ton of free value to my audience which In turn grew my following my first Videos were absolutely awful looking Back feel free to go take a look and Please roast me in the comments you'll Never be perfect the key is to just Start the most important thing is you Need to provide value if you're doing That the followers and the money will Follow i know coaches in all different Types of industries doing it full time And some are making tens of thousands of Dollars per month my third favorite side Hustle is starting a boring business now I know most of you will skip this one

But this is arguably one of the best Side hustles out there you've probably Already heard of most of these but Probably just brush them away because They aren't the sexy new side hustle That everyone is talking about but That's where the opportunity lies this Is the one that most people skip over or Don't want to do boring businesses are Ones that you probably hear about but Never really thought to do these include Window washing mobile car detailing dog Groomers etc let's talk about window Washing for a second during college i Wanted to start making money so i didn't Have to go to work while going to school Little did i know how much money i could Actually make from it so i remember Printing out 500 flyers and i went to Some nice neighborhoods and started Handing these out door to door from Those 500 flyers i would get about 10 of The people calling me back so from those 50 people i would close about half of Them so from 500 flyers i had almost 25 Houses i could clean and pro tip best Time to hand out flyers is during march Whenever winter is starting to slow down To get the most amount of interested People i will charge anywhere from a Dollar to seven dollars per window and An additional one to two dollars per Window screen also just for liability Reasons i will stay away from windows

That are high up obviously consult an Attorney if you want to get liability Insurance before you start so the houses I was targeting i can make anywhere from 150 to 200 per house it would take me Anywhere from two to three hours to Clean a house so the per hour on the Side hustle can really get up there the Startup costs are minimal and this is a Business that is easily scalable once You start to get a solid customer base You can hire out workers to clean the Windows for you give them anywhere from 30 to 50 of the revenue from each house So you can step away from the actual Cleaning and you want to step away so You can be the one acquiring more Customers there is a huge opportunity Here because most of the companies You're competing with don't have a great Online presence if you're simply asking Every single one of your customers for Reviews you will eventually start to Rank in google search and this in turn Will allow you to get even more Customers and pro tip make sure to get Each customer's phone and email so you Can follow up with them there are plenty Of free crms out there you can use for Follow-up this is where the real money Is made again most mom and pop shops Have a weak online presence or don't use Follow-up tools so if you can streamline This you will be way ahead of the game

My fourth favorite side hustle is pick Up dog poop seriously let me explain i Live in salt lake city which has over One million people and only five-ish Companies actually showed up on google Search i'd imagine most of these Companies aren't that good at online Marketing if you can scale and charge 30 To 40 per yard this could add up quick Okay seriously though this is another Awesome business that most people Overlook i mean let's be real no one Likes picking up dog poop but again this Is where you can have a competitive Advantage doing something most people Don't want to do let's talk about how Much you can make from the side hustle Again i live in salt lake city which has Over a million people and when i Searched google only about five Companies showed up according to Avma.org 38.4 percent of u.s households Own a dog so if we do that math for here In salt lake there are 384 thousand People that own dogs i own two dogs Myself and picking up their poop is Honestly the bane of my existence and This is a huge pain point that lots of People have a lady in my neighborhood Facebook page posted that her sons were Willing to pick up dog poop and there Was a huge demand of people interested So initially to start i would find your Local facebook groups and post that

You're starting a dog poop cleanup Service and that you will be charging Anywhere from 50 to 100 per yard and That's gonna depend on how long it's Been since they last cleaned up and also The size of their yard it probably took The people that i hired out about one Hour to clean up my yard and they Charged me fifty dollars the great thing About this business model is that it can Easily turn into recurring revenue you Can charge a weekly bi-weekly or even Monthly charts to come clean up so if You're charging 20 for a weekly cleanup And let's say you have 100 customers That's 8 000 in recurring revenue each Month as you scale to more customers you Can see how things can add up like the Other businesses you'll want to start Phasing out of actually doing the work So you can grow your business but this Is a great business model that can scale Has recurring revenue and has a big Addressable market that has a big pain Point as well my fifth favorite side Hustle is door-to-door sales Door-to-door sales is another side Hustle i did throughout college and was Extremely lucrative my initial goal was To make enough money so i didn't have to Work during the semesters and i was able To do that and then some now first thing I will say is that there are products And services that i would personally

Stay away from if you're gonna do the Side hustle low commission products like Cleaning supplies meat or vacuums likely Won't pay high enough commissions for it To be worth your time obviously there Are people killing and selling these but For most people the product and service I would lean towards is security pest Control or solar i personally sold pest Control and i'll get to how much i made Here in a little bit first let's talk About how it works it's really as simple As it sounds you go door-to-door selling Products or services on people's Doorsteps before i went out to start Selling i was extremely skeptical that This wouldn't work i mean who would buy From a stranger that came to their Doorstep but boy was i wrong typically You go out four months anywhere from April to august and it's not like the Typical nine-to-five work schedule i Think of it more like a sprint where the Only thing you're focused on is knocking And working anywhere from 9am to 9pm so Here's how the pay works the first thing To keep in mind is that it's 100 Commission based some of you might be Scared to hear that but i saw it as a Huge opportunity 100 commission Typically means you get paid more per Sale so in my experience my contract Values for pest control services i was Selling was anywhere from 400 to 550

Let's meet in the middle and call it 450 I was getting paid a 50 commission rate In my second year and pro tip if you're Gonna do this negotiate your commission To be at least 40 to 50 percent this is Something most of the door-to-door guys Won't talk about it'll be harder to Convince to go any higher when you're First starting off and have no Experience but if you're confident and Can back it up then you shouldn't have Any issues negotiating that higher good Sales reps and pest control can sell Anywhere from three to ten contracts in A single day i would say that the Average rep sells about one or two Contracts a day so let's call it 1.5 Sales per day so if you're knocking for Four months and typically you don't Knock on sundays let's call it a hundred Docking days over the course of the Summer if you get 1.5 sales per day at a 45 commission rate you'll make over 30 Thousand dollars in four months of work That's a good amount of money for being Average and only working for four months Now if you become a top performer and Let's say sell a thousand accounts at a 50 commission rate you can make over 225 000 in a few months this can easily turn Into a scalable business as well and you Can phase out of the day-to-day knocking And this is what a lot of people do if You get good at recruiting and can coach

Sales reps you can earn override Commissions on your sales reps to train And recruit now obviously this takes Time to build up to but it's definitely Doable and lots of these regional Managers are making hundreds of Thousands of dollars doing this for me Personally i managed a small team and Made my own commissions and my best Summer was a hundred thousand dollars in Three and a half months and i know there Will be comments on which companies are Reputable as you need to be careful with Which companies you work for for pest Control companies like vantage marketing And active are good for security vivint Is a reputable company in solar you can Start with a company like lumio i'm not Affiliated with any of these companies But these are good companies i've Personally worked for or know friends That i've had good experiences with now You're earning all this money from side Hustle so now what do you do with it Once you start making money from one of These side hustles you'll want to start Creating some passive income there's a Number of ways to do this but one of the Coolest and easiest ways that i've found That earns you a super high interest is Through gemiini earn one of the biggest Mistakes i see people make is they start Earning all this hard-earned money but They are letting it erode away in a

Savings account earning them point zero Seven percent especially with inflation Being at an all-time high the longer you Let your money sit doing nothing the More and more inflation will erode it Away my formula is simple i take my Active income and use those funds to Invest in passive income streams like i Said you can do this in a number of Different ways but investing through Gemiini earn has been one of the easiest Ways for me i'm making up to 8.05 Percent of interest on my money for Literally doing nothing it's super easy And free to sign up and i have a link in The description for you to check out so There you have it those are my favorite Side hustles you can start right now to Start making some more money i've chosen These side hustles for you to start Because too many people don't start with The end in mind which is that you want To eventually replace your full-time job With one of these side hustles all the Side hustles that i've talked about in This video are scalable to turn into Legitimate businesses the last thing you Want to do is be stuck in another job Even if it pays you more the goal for This channel is to help you achieve Financial freedom so if you like this Video please give it a like and make Sure to subscribe so you don't miss any Videos coming up thanks and we'll see

You next time

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