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In this video, you'll get 5 side hustle ideas for 2021 to start money right away. The Side hustles 2021 can be used to make money online by gaining customers online. I love sharing tips about making money with jobs that dont require degrees. These side hustle ideas you need no degree, but is a high paying job. A huge part of building wealth is diversifying your income because you can't budget your way out of low wages. In this video you will find how to make extra money in 2021, how to make money from home, make money online, and also some jobs that that pay well without a degree! Please subscribe below if you are interested in learning more ways to save money and intentional living. Personal Finance is becoming my favorite thing to talk about

These can be side hustles for teenagers and side hustles for college students








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[Music] Welcome back to my channel you guys and If you're new i really hope that you Will like my channel like my content Content and check out some other uh side Hustle videos that i've done for my Channel um as you guys know that i am a Big believer and if you want to make More money then you got to stop Complaining and pick up a side hustle do It as much as you need to so that you Can have your side hustle pay for your Investments and your investments will Then pay for you to quit your nine to Five and then also to live the life of Freedom that you always wanted but it Does start out with hard work so let's Get in to these side hustles that i have Thought of for today Today let's thank Our sponsors though so i have a new Sponsor yay snaps for me you guys i have A sponsor so i am working with anna Luisa And she sent me some jewelry and i'm Thinking about giving some away for you Guys so she has like these beautiful Beautiful gold jewelry i love gold as You guys can see i'm either rose gold or Gold but she does have some beautiful um Silver pieces as well so if you guys Want to win one of these from me then Give me a follow and then also check out Anna luisa's um website i will link it

Down below i have this beautiful like Simple i love either stacked necklaces Or simple pendant necklaces which is why Like you don't see like me wear too much Of things i kind of like a more simple Gold look But i love this one that kind of looks Like a sun and then this one has a u on It like a hoof shaped hoof shape on it And this one is like a star as well but I'm really happy that she sent these to Me they're so so so pretty so if you Guys like simple designs then i would Definitely check it out this one is like A mini hook and this one is just a Regular pendant this is stuff that i Would wear around my stomach like if i Have a bathing suit on i have something That kind of Does the same type of design And then i can wear them actually Matching necklace with it she sent me Five pieces which was very very generous Of her and you guys can check out her Website as you can see the prices here Um very good for some real jewelry i Break out with jewelry from um From forever 21. if i wear it when i'm Really hot and i sweat i will actually Get like this is gross bumps around my Neck that oh it itches kind of feels Like a heat rash so i really do enjoy Spending just a little bit more money so That i can wear jewelry out to the beach

To amusement parks and they don't break Me out as well as i love giving them for Gifts so i might actually give these Away for a friend as well but i also Want to do a giveaway for you guys so Check it out they come in these really Cool like packages i've never had Jewelry that came in like a like a cloth Package like this i'm actually gonna Like go ahead and put this one on this Is like really nice and sturdy Go ahead and click the link down below And i'm also gonna share these on my Instagram too so you guys can see some Other close-ups but please enjoy let's Get into the video so the first side Hustle that i have for you guys is being A delivery a delivery driver for Furniture or you can also put together Furniture for people so i know like this Is maybe like a no-brainer for you guys But there are actual people out there Who get on apps or advertise on facebook Or offer up that they actually do Delivery services so we have food Delivery so why not furniture delivery i Went to ikea to go pick up some Furniture when we first moved into this House and i actually had to use my Fiance's big big big truck because we Couldn't obviously fit like a table Into my car like this table was the last Table and i got the display of it so I needed help and if i didn't have

Someone with a big van car or truck i Would have to have Them deliver it for me ikea or at home Or anybody else who has a furniture spot That delivers for you but if you know Ikea One time they were going to charge me 800 extra dollars to have something to Deliver 800 For something to be delivered To my house That was a no it was a really big piece And i just know i'd rather not have that Piece if i got to pay an extra eight Hundred dollars for it if you guys have A truck or you can Have access to leasing a truck or to Just renting a truck for the day you can Do a 25 Charge for delivery as well as maybe you Can charge more to put that furniture Together like ikea furniture it can be Tricky trying to put together you can Market anything for pickup market any Furniture place for pickup go around and Call different furniture places and see How much it is for them to deliver Pieces to homes and then Choose choose your prices based off of That if you need to so let's say ashley Furniture It's like a 95 delivery charge that's Included with your purchase then charge 85

Instead 80 Instead and you can market your services On offer Facebook Craigslist you can run ads on facebook Create your own website with squarespace Or shopify and get your get yourself on Google promote my business on google or Google my business and you should be Getting a little bit more clicks on your Profile because google my business is The same thing as restaurants near me Clothing stores near me um how to start Out is identify the product store or any Type of delivery that's needed in your Area like let's say you live in the Boonies and the closest ikea is two Hours away that would be a perfect thing To advertise in your area because people Want to go to ikea and it's a two-hour Day drive You may have something there for you so Identify what needs to be done in your Area and that's the service for pickup That you would be offering just get Yourself started and get on google my Business now you can buy lease or rent a Truck as needed now you can find some Trucks that are relatively big that are Used for a really decent amount of money So don't rule out getting your own truck I don't have a truck i have a minivan That's okay you may be able to pick up a Lot of stuff in your minivan you can

Also Get yourself on taskrabbit it's an app For people who offer their services on Small things that other people don't Want to do like you can task rabbits Someone painting your house you can task Rabbit someone um fixing your plumbing Like get on taskrabbit and see if it's a Really big thing in your area because i Guarantee you there are so many Different ways to get your name out There you guys just have to get creative Think outside the box and just do it Blow up rentals are another one this was Actually a business that i was thinking About doing when i was starting my Vending machine business so you would Pay for depending on how big it is a Hundred three hundred to a thousand Dollars for a blow up water slide a blow Up bounce house and you market those on Facebook and you have people rent them People really be renting these things And they find them on facebook or they Look up on google my business google is Such a really big key to getting your Business out there and most of the time You guys see these for Birthdays but you can do this for Weddings you get those white castle Looking bounce houses and there's a lot Of people who actually love to have fun Weddings and rent things like that now i Think it's more of a california thing i

Don't really see it here in virginia but I don't know everybody in virginia so You may live in an area maybe texas Florida Colorado Um california they just seem like those Places that it would do super super well In but by all means don't let me Discourage you if you're like in Minnesota like look in the business to See is there anybody else doing what Doing this idea and if not Can you do it I would do the market research if i were You guys and you can also get your Business into newspapers you can ask for Someone to talk about your business in a Newspaper Look up online newspapers look up online Sources that will promote you in your State you would not believe how much Eyes that you get when you are on the Local news local Newspaper local newspaper are always Trying to find people that they can talk About there are so many niche avenues That you guys could go down to make Money now am i saying that this is going To make a whole lot of money and you're Going to become overnight rich no But it is a side hustle that if you stay Consistent at it and you know your Market this is something that you guys Can do another one and one of my

Favorite that i actually recommend to Some people is becoming a junk pickup Person I was actually watching this youtube Person and he's very well known and We've talked a few times but he owns a Mobile home and he actually pays a local Junk guy to come in his pickup truck and Pick up all the junk that um normal Trashmen will not pick up from the city When i was moving out of my house that i Lived with my parents we were getting Rid of everything and i put bed frames Mattresses Tables and chairs outside because i Thought one people usually scavenge Through there to get those and to resell Them but also to throw them away and Unfortunately the city pickup trucks They don't pick up that stuff you Actually have to call someone to come Get that and it's actually pretty Expensive so what kind of truck would You need i would say if you're just Starting out and you have a pickup truck Do that but as in more and more that you Grow or you see a need you can get these Big dumpster trucks or you can get Um just a like a pulley Trailer behind your truck they cost like Five thousand dollars hook it onto the Back of your truck and you go out there And you pick that trash up make sure you Have a really big advertisement sign on

Your truck so that every time you go Somewhere people know that that is what You do that is what you specialize in And again you have to get on google my Business because when i type in Junk pickup trucks near me many many Many businesses well not many businesses Pop up and they have really good reviews People are using their service i Literally saw a junk pickup truck like Two weeks ago in my neighborhood picking Up someone's junk and they had a really Nice truck really big advertisement on Their truck and i was like that is a Great idea Super good idea even if you start out Small it is okay we all start from Somewhere just because you see someone Who is more established than you with a Bigger truck does not mean that you can Be counted out you can make your way Into a business like that junk pickup Sounds very cheap to get into a very Cheap startup if you already have a Truck but you can get a hitch put onto The back of your car and roll around With stuff You just have to be creative just Because something is difficult does not Mean it's not possible and i don't Really think being a junk pickup person Is impossible this is one that i talked About in how i saved thirty thousand Dollars and it is donate plasma

You guys if you wanna Low It doesn't even cost money to do it if You want quick easy money donate plasma You don't have to do anything but sit in A chair and get your blood pumped out And the plasma taken out and then your Blood pumped in now there are certain Things Depending on your body type that you Can't do to donate plasma like you can't Be under a certain weight you can't be Under a certain weight and a certain Height because You know different bodies react to so Much blood being taken out of your body And that's what happened to me my last Few times is i am no longer or i was no Longer allowed to donate plasma in that Time of my life because i guess i had Lost too much weight and my body could Not handle all of the blood leaving my Body and i almost passed out however Before that happened Your first initial payment for plasma Depending on your area could be like 150 For your first donation and then it's Like 25 or 50 dollars depending on where You live every time you go donate plasma I forget it's been a long time you can Either donate plasma once a month i'm Sorry once a week or twice a week super Good money super good side money okay It does take about an hour to do maybe

Less it's been a while but that was one Way that i actually saved enough money To go on vacation i only did it when i Was like in high school or when i had Just graduated high school because i Wanted to go on vacation it was a cruise And my grocery store job just won't Doing it fast enough for me so i was Doing that and donating plasma i used to Be very insecure about it very Embarrassed about it but like i said in My other video there's nothing to be Embarrassed about if it's going to get You money and you are not going to You know throw away your morals doing it But then again if you got to do what you Got to do i'm not going to tell you not To do something i'm going to tell you to Be smart about it but this is you know One of the good ways that you can make You know a quick buck here and there so Donating plasma It's easy go out and do it you need some Money you need some food go donate Plasma and the last one i think is the Huge huge Money grabber is being at home daycare Center now i'm not saying you have to be Like this complete professional day case Center you could just literally be a Babysitter a babysitter that people Trust now if you have some type of skill That you can teach these kids maybe you Know spanish

Maybe you know how to code maybe you Know how to teach kids i don't know Whatever skill you can tap on to being a Babysitter that will make you a little Bit more Um desirable to parents Market it you could be like i am a Spanish speaking English speaking Daycare At home provider i will teach your kids Spanish while they're here with me and Let your kids learn a second language They are five times more likely to get Hired if they're bilingual like you know Sell your services if you have some type Of trait that you can teach kids if a Parent teaches or chooses you to have Your have their kids stay with you now a Lot of people are like oh i don't like Kids i don't want the responsibility That's okay me if i needed the money i Would do whatever it takes and if i got To take in five kids i was gonna say Snotty nose kids but if i gotta take in Five kids a hundred dollars a piece To make some money i'm gonna do it It doesn't even need to be five like a Hundred dollars a piece your average Daycare is going to cost you about 650 If not more A week For child care If you can undercut those child care

Services and have those kids come to Your house where you have baby proofed Everything toddler proofed everything no Going upstairs you have them go outside Get some exercise you teach them a skill Like spanish or japanese whatever you Know you feed them and you take care of Them until their parents come pick them Up from work And you cut the cost doing that for them I think you guys can grow a really good Daycare center quicker than you think Now there may be a little bit of Licensing that you may need to do Because you're taking care of people's Kids however if you're in an area that It's really needed or low income and You're trustworthy a lot of people will Look past the license i'm not saying do Anything illegal But i know my daycare center when i was A kid didn't have no licenses Sometimes aunt joanna down the street Was watching us and sometimes next door Nelly was watching us for some money so You do what you got to do you can look Into doing it the 100 correct way to Make sure that you are accredited But If you just need to be considered a Babysitter so that you can get around Some of the really really difficult Expensive laws then do that i'm pretty Sure if you really look into it there

Are some things that you can maneuver Around that can help you do this with You know within the realms of safety so Daycare centers very very lucrative i Had at home babysitters all the time Like i went to my next door neighbors Houses all the time and if they can do It you can do it so that was five ways That you can make money as a side hustle All of these range and different money That you can get but a lot of them you Can scale up donating plasma you can't Scale up because you only have one body You can't scale scale that up but Everything else you can pretty much Scale up even the jump houses you can Start at getting the 100 jump house or Get the 1 000 jump house you can scale All of those up so i really hope that This was helpful let me know down below Do you guys have any other side hustle Ideas have you tried any of these Um do you know anybody making money from Any things i really do love hearing from You guys down below so leave a comment Also if you want to follow along on my Monthly goals that i set for myself then You can follow me on instagram where i Hold myself accountable and i hold you Guys accountable In my comment section for all of the Monthly goals that i set and i expect You guys to set them with me Also if you guys want to talk to me

About other side hustles making money Doing what i do because you guys know i Do airbnb i do um campgrounds i do tiny Houses Vending youtube anything you guys want Me to help you out with and you need Like a mentor who can push you and hold You accountable check out my mentoring Sessions on my website i will put them Up here for you guys read the reviews And let's book a session together you Guys can get 10 off using my cold we Have holidays coming up so they start at 39 and go up for really obtainable gold Jewelry oh so cute i will talk to you Guys later hope you enjoyed bye [Music]

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