5 TOP SIDE HUSTLES IN 2022 (must watch)

5 TOP SIDE HUSTLES IN 2022 (must watch)

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Welcome to yet another video on how to Make money and be financially literate If you are new to this channel welcome I Hope you stay around this channel is all About acquiring Financial knowledge Therefore if you are interested in Acquiring Financial knowledge this video For you If you have no interest in making extra Money every month please click away from This video Okay great now that I have your Attention let's get straight into these Four new side hustles But before I start to explain each side Hustle I urge you to be open-minded About each side hustle mentioned If you have been looking for a quick job To make money try considering washing Other people's clothes Do you have a washer and dryer at home If your answer is yes then this can be a Side hustle for you Hamper a company that refers to itself As the Uber of laundry lets you sign up As a contractor drive to people's homes Pick up their laundry and take it home To launder and fold the contractors Refer to as washers sick deliver clean Laundry in 24 hours Pamper is another example of Technology Enabling the gig economy if you're at Home for a lot of the day you could be Making money in the background while

Working remotely or running other Errands Side hustle number two start an Independent moving business if you're Able-bodied and have weekends free Helping families move could be a great Side hustle Moving services require Minimal Licensing in Most states an Independently owned moving companies Earn anywhere From 75 to 128 dollars per hour According to a data report from hire a Helper a moving services platform for Both movers and consumers preparing for Their next move demand for moving Services surges over the weekend making This a viable side hustle for those who Work during the week Starting a moving company as a good side Hustle for a strong person who doesn't Mind lifting and moving heavy objects You could partner with a friend acquire Basic equipment like a moving dolly name Your company and list your services Online With moving companies earning upwards of 352 dollars per move you can split the Cost with your friend 50 to 50 and still Make pretty decent money per move Side hustle number three help others With odd jobs on taskrabbit taskrabbit As a gig economy platform that was Founded in 2008. when you sign up for Taskrabbit as a tasker locals can hire

You to help with odd jobs around the House Taskers in the U.S make an average of 48 Dollars per hour according to a fact Sheet provided by the company According to their website support Section the most frequently booked jobs On taskrabbit are cleaning delivery Errands furniture assembly help with Moving mounting shopping yard work and Removal a gig economy platform like Taskrabbit can be a great option if you Don't want to deal with the sales and Marketing parts of a side Hustle Side hustle number five offer Predetermined services on Fiverr if you Want to offer a very specific skill set With exact requirements such as graphic Design Fiverr can be an excellent way to Get your side hustle efforts off the Ground On Fiverr the Freelancers dictate the Conditions of the service and you offer Your skills entirely online For many the ability to work remotely And on their own timetable is a Compelling one-two punch These are all the side hustles that will Be explained in this video Would you want to learn more side Hustles then make sure to subscribe to This channel to see more videos like This one this channel is all about Informing you on different side hustles

You could do to make money each month If you have any question feel free to Write it in the comment section Thank you for watching this video Until The End and see you in the next video

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