6 Passive Work From Home Side Hustles That Require NO SKILL ($700+ Per Day)

6 Passive Work From Home Side Hustles That Require NO SKILL ($700+ Per Day)

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Here are 6 passive work from home side hustles that require no skill and anyone can start. Enjoy!

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I've got six passive side hustles that You can start today from the comfort of Your home that could potentially earn You several hundred dollars per day Passively that's right this means you Could literally be sleeping in your bed And still be making money from these Side hustles and the best part is that Most of them require no skill just a Little bit of time on your part and this First set hustle is not technically a Side Hustle but I could not put it on This list because it could literally add Thousands of dollars into your bank Account in just a couple of minutes so There's a website called Missingmoney.com and basically this is a Completely free website that allows you To access your State's unclaimed Property program which is ran by your State's Treasury Department basically Every year there's over three billion Dollars worth of unclaimed money that's Returned back to owners by the state and I can say this right now you would Honestly be very surprised with how much Money you were actually missing even if You didn't think you were and in a Second I'm going to show you a real life Example of how I was able to find my dad Some money that he was owed so first you Go to missingmoney.com and then simply Type in your name into the search bar And I'll type in my dad's name and for

From here if you wanted to you could Break it down even further by filtering Out a specific State and so I'll use my Dad as an example and I'm going to Filter it to North Carolina and when I Do that I can see that his name pops up Twice and he is indeed owed some money I Found this website called Missingmoney.com okay okay Missingmoney.com okay yep I see you we'd Be like oh money And just type in your name here Mayo yo I see there it is look at that it just Popped up wait yesterday already yeah it Says thank you for generating your Unclaimed property claim online Fantastic just so you know when you get Your house This is what I want in the backyard Okay all right Now obviously how much money you make With this side hustle is going to depend On how much money you lost but in the End it could be anywhere from a few Hundred dollars to a few thousand Dollars my dad was able to claim close To 100 worth of lost money that he Otherwise would have never gotten back And obviously this is not something that You can just consistently do to make Money which is why it's number six on This list but some of the later side Hustles on this list have the potential To make you over six figures or more per

Year but as far as this side hustle goes I'm gonna give it a 3 out of 10 on the Money scale most of you watching already Know that it's possible to rent out Things like your car your home and even A specific room within your home but With this side hustle you'll be able to Make some of the easiest passive income That you've ever made by renting out Things like space in your backyard your Driveway attic basement and even your Spare closet that's right people will Literally pay you hundreds of dollars Per month to store their things in your Space if you go to this website Neighbor.com and then at the very top Right corner tap on become a host you'll Be able to list anything from your Garage to your shed all the way to your Parking spot on your street and these Things are being rented out for hundreds Of dollars per month for example this Person right here is renting a parking Spot for 150 per month just a normal House nothing special and this person Took it a step further they're renting Out a non-paved gravel driveway for 100 Per month or how about renting out your Garage for 300 per month these are all Real examples from real people making Real money by renting out their unused Spaces now you may be thinking to Yourself yeah but Joshua what exactly Are people storing in my space I don't

Know if I feel comfortable well it could Be anything from boxes of just random Things cars RVs boats inventory for a Business anything really and the best Part about all this is that it's super Easy to sign up and it's 100 free for You simply go to neighbor.com host and Tap on list your space then create a new Account and get started you can expect To make anywhere from fifty dollars to Five hundred dollars or more per month Depending on what you're are running out And of course if you wanted to you could Rent out multiple spaces in your house Or even outside of your house to help Increase your monthly income overall This is definitely not the highest Paying side hustle on this list nothing Compared to the top three on the list But it's a super easy way to earn Passive income without ever having to Leave your house and for that reason I'm Gonna give it a 4 out of 10 on the money Scale now this one is extremely Interesting and the average top host can Earn as much as one hundred thousand Dollars or more per year there's a Website called peerspace.com and Basically what this website does is Allows you to list your home as a Location for film sets all you have to Do is hit this button right here that Says start hosting for free then you'll Quickly fill out some information about

Yourself details about your property Upload a few images of different areas In your house add any additional details And then hit submit and then from that Point you just wait now I know that a Lot of the homes that they're showing Here on the home page of this site are Sort of extravagant homes but your house Doesn't even have to be anything super Unique for this to work if you ever Watch movies or TV shows they always use Regular home and so why not list your Home and potentially earn hundreds of Dollars per hour and typically filming Can last anywhere from a day or two to As long as a couple of weeks and so you Could easily earn potentially tens of Thousands of dollars for the side hustle And the best part is that it's all Passive income what's even better is That peer space will protect your house By providing one million dollars worth Of liability coverage in case anything Were to happen to your home this means Even if a single glass cup in your house Breaks they'll pay for it and as I've Already mentioned earlier top hosts can Earn well over six figures per year by Renting out their home on pure space but Any house can expect to earn between 100 And 500 per hour for the side hustle I'll give this a 6 out of 10 on the Money scale it's a brilliant side hustle Idea and it's arguably one of the most

Passive ideas on this list but it's not The one that makes the most money that Comes a little bit later and speaking of Passive income I'd like to talk with you Guys really quickly about an intuitive All-in-one service that can help you With video and sound editing podcasting Transcribing and a lot more I'm excited To introduce this video sponsor the Script the script is a game-changing Editing tool that lets you edit your Audio and video content as easily as a Word document the script also supports Screen recording and audio Transcriptions making it the perfect Go-to editing suite for podcasts Vertical clips for tick tock and Instagram reels YouTube videos and more And they're always updating the software With new features like automated Captions green screens stock images and Video and unique features like overdub All of this helps to keep your processes As passive and automated as possible Plus the scripts affiliate program Allows you to earn 15 commissions on all Referrals and as most of you already Know affiliate income is one of the most Passive forms of income there is sign up Using my link Down Below in the Description and get started with this All-in-one audio and video editing System that makes editing as easy as a Word Dot and while you're at it start

Earning passive income from the scripts Affiliate program today the online Shopping industry is expected to hit 5.5 Trillion dollars in sales this year Alone imagine for a second that you were Able to capture even just a tenth of a Percent of that 5.5 trillion dollars That means you'd be making millions of Dollars per year and that's exactly Where this next side hustle comes into Play behind giants like Amazon and Walmart Etsy is one of the largest E-commerce sites in the world and Presents a real opportunity for you to Make life-changing money basically what You'll be doing with this side hustle Though is finding popular items that Sell on Etsy and then finding similar Items on dhgate.com dhgate is a Wholesale website where you can buy Items super cheap sometimes Pennies on The dollar let me give you a real Example of somebody who's probably doing This this Etsy Shop here is called our Tradition and if you look closely at Their shop you can see that they're Selling things like pillows and Farmhouse decorations now you may look At this stuff and think yeah that's Probably all homemade right but the Funny part is that I'm willing to bet That most of these items are not Handmade for example I found a pillow That's very similar to this one on

Dhgate and so on dhgate this pillow is Selling for 2.45 cents a piece but you Could probably sell this for close to 20 On Etsy that's nearly 18 in revenue from This one pillow alone but if you include Dozens of other items and the fact that This one seller has close to 30 000 Sales there's no doubt that this seller Is profiting potentially hundreds of Thousands of dollars per year now this Is just one example but what I want you To do is just go to Etsy explore the Different categories and figure out just By looking at the number of reviews and Sales that products have what's popular On Etsy and I can tell you right now Just from the research that I've done You really can't go wrong with selling Items in any of the categories on the Main menu for example if I hover over Home and living I can see that one of The sub menu items is home decor and Under home decor we've got wall decor Decorative pillows which we actually Just looked at picture frames and Displays candles and holders clocks Vases right these are all things that You can buy for super cheap on dhgate or Even other sites like Alibaba AliExpress On average though depending on how many Products you have listed on Etsy and What products you're selling and how Much you're selling them for you can Expect to earn anywhere from one

Thousand to five thousand dollars per Month in passive income and top sellers On Etsy are easily earning well over six Figures per year now if you would like Me to make a dedicated video about this Side hustle first drop a like down below For this video but then comment down Below that you would like me to make a Dedicated video for the Etsy gate side Hust and if enough of you comment that Down below then I'll make the video but Anyways given the relative ease of this Side hustle and the fact that you never Have to leave your house and you can do This all from the comfort of your bed And still make really good passive Income I'm gonna give this a 7 out of 10 On the money scale this next side hustle Can earn you potentially one thousand Dollars or more per day consistently and You never even have to leave your bed to Do it so a lot of you may have heard of Amazon FBA that's not what this side Hustle is but to better understand what This side hustle is I first need to give You some context Amazon FBA is when you Go out to stores like Walmart and Target And find discount or clearance items buy Them and then resell those items full Price on Amazon it's 100 legal and there Are people literally making millions of Dollars per year doing Amazon FBA However it does require a little bit of Work because you're having to physically

Go out to stores and find these discount Items to then resell on Amazon but what If there was a way for you to do exactly This except you never had to leave your Bet I'm gonna call this side hustle Ollie Amazon and I'm telling you right Now anybody can start it it requires no Skill and you don't have to deal with Any inventory so basically the first Thing you need is an actual product to Sell and you can find these products one Of two ways the first way is by simply Going to Amazon and going to the best Sellers page to see what all the Best-selling items are in every product Category or if you wanted to get even More specific and see information like The monthly sales of a product you could Use a tool like helium 10 which is a Tool that helps you to identify the best Selling products on Amazon as well as Items that generate the most money for Example by using helium 10's filter I Was able to find that magnetic car Holder for cell phones was a popular Keyword being searched into Amazon and If we go into Amazon and type that Keyword in we can see that yes indeed This is a popular product and so I found A good product that's making a lot of Money each month and so from this point What I would do is I would go to a Wholesaling website like alibaba.com and Try to see if I can find a manufacturer

That sells a similar product to the ones Being sold on Amazon and so I go to Alibaba type in magnet car holder for Cell phones and a lot of options pop up But the one that I recognize from Amazon Almost immediately is this one you can See that this is almost the same exact One that they're selling here and so They're buying this product on Alibaba For 75 cents a piece and then they're Basically selling it for 13 on Amazon Now this can be both good and bad it's Good because at least we know the Product is actually selling and so if we Start selling this product then we Definitely know that we're gonna get a Lot of traffic which means potential Sales however it's bad because it means There's already going to be established Sellers selling that product and so you Have a couple of options here you can Either continue selling the product but Just finding a way to make your product More unique than the competition and This could literally be as simple as Just undercutting the competition by Offering your product at a lower price Or perhaps you sell it as a two pack Right instead set up selling just one You sell two kind of like how they're Doing here or the other option would be Just keep looking for a new product I'm Going to leave a link down below to this Article written by Amazon that will help

You figure out how to find products to Sell as well as this extensive guide From ecommerceceo.com that will help you Get started now on average according to Amazon themselves this side hustle can Earn you as much as two hundred thousand Dollars or more per year and really the Most work that you'll have to do to get Started is just finding a good product To sell after that though it'll be much More passive because all you're doing is Buying the product from Alibaba and then Shipping it to Amazon who's going to Take care of all the Fulfillment for you And I know a lot of you probably have Questions about this side hustle that I Did not answer in this video and so once Again if you would like to see me make a Dedicated video about the side hustle Drop a comment down below and say Yes Joshua I would love to see a dedicated Ali Amazon video and if enough of you Make that comment then I will make the Video but overall this is a very Practical side hustle that can earn you Thousands of dollars per day and you can Do it all from the comfort of your bed So for that reason I'm giving this an 8 Out of 10 on the money scale now I'm Gonna be honest with you guys okay this Last side hustle I personally thought About doing it for myself because it is So incredibly easy to start and it Requires no money to start and can be

Extremely profitable and passive so You've likely heard of print on demand Before right this is when you have an Online store and you sell things like Hats and t-shirts to really anybody who Randomly finds your store now the Problem with this is it really only Works if you have a big social media Following or you're actively promoting Your store on different forums and Facebook groups and to your friends but With this that hustle you don't need a Large social media following you don't Need to actively promote your products And even better you don't need any Friends all you need is a free Etsy shop And a free printified.com account Basically what's happening though is You're going to be selling things like T-shirts and hoodies sweatshirts hats Mouse pads mugs bottles towels and Really just about anything that you want Now you're likely thinking to yourself Right now yeah but Joshua I don't have Any money to buy these things to then Sell them on Etsy but fortunately with This side hustle you don't need any Money what you're doing is designing Clothing or phone cases or socks mugs Bottles all these things you're Designing them and then even though you Don't have the physical product yet You're going ahead and you're listing it On Etsy because here's the thing okay

When somebody buys a product from you on Etsy they're actually technically buying That product directly from printify for Example if somebody were to buy a T-shirt from you on Etsy well that order Gets sent directly to printify and then Printify is the one that actually Creates the t-shirt and then ships that T-shirt directly to your customer and Because you don't have to buy any Inventory beforehand because remember It's all print on demand this means you Don't have to have any money to start Now I know you probably have a lot of Questions like how to actually design The products and how to price them on Etsy and things like that and so once Again if you want me to make a dedicated Video for this side hustle if enough of You comment down below then I'll make The video on average once you actually Get up and running you can expect to Earn between one thousand and five Thousand dollars per month consistently With this side hustle however there are People making between fifteen and twenty Thousand dollars or more per month and So it's definitely possible to make well Over six figures per year never have to Leave your house never have to deal with Inventory and still potentially make a Lot of money this side hustle easily Earns a 10 out of 10 on the money scale If you have not already dropped a like

Down below for the YT algo or subscribe To the channel I would appreciate you Guys so much if you did both those Things you guys are all truly amazing And I appreciate every single last one Of you watching I mean that and I hope That you have a beautiful rest of your Day or night and as always I will see You again very soon take care

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