6 Side Hustles That Make You $300 Per Day(2022)

6 Side Hustles That Make You $300 Per Day(2022)

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1. Dumpster Rentals- This is a billboard on wheels, it's a great source of passive income. You're dropping the dumpster off with a pick up truck, or box truck & picking it up when the customer is done. This is a great business that doesn't require much work.

2. Selling Pallets- A lot of people flip pallets, but normally those are pallets with merchandise on them. This can also be down but with actual empty wooden pallets! This is a very great side hustle b/c people throw out wooden pallets to the garbage, one persons garbage another persons treasure!!

3. ATM BUSINESS- This is a savings account on steroids. You will be getting $3 at minimum every time someone pulls money from your ATM machine. My friend is making $4.75 EVERYTIME some uses his ATM machine. This is one of the best side hustle passive income ideas in my opinion, you're able to make money from all the money you've saved.

4. Flipping shoes- PEOPLE LOVE SHOES, which gives you an opportunity to capitalize on that. The sneakers industry is a $billion dollar industry. Nike released a statement that they are putting an end to sneaker bots. This gives more room to make money in the sneaker flipping industry, so that's great news for you to make money.

5. Youtube Automation- Some people are genuinely shy people, but there is nothing wrong with that you can keep your face off camera & still be a successful YouTuber and make lots of money!!

6. Lease Office/Building space- People need event spaces for birthday parties, company events, baby showers and a bunch of different other big events. You can capitalize on this & earn even more then $300 per day.

ALL of these side hustles can be done by anyone with the money, time, and grind to make it happen.

I've got six side hustles that can make You up to 300 per day that just about Anyone can do number one is going to be Garbage but not now I'm not talking About the Detroit Lions I'm talking About dumpster rentals a dumpster is not Only a walking billboard but it's also a Real estate on Wheels now that I mention It you're gonna start to see dumpsters Pop up everywhere most of the time you See them it's going to be construction Sites that's going to be for residential Or commercial real estate there are a Bunch of different dumpsters that you Can purchase ranging anywhere from 50 to 40 yards you can start with rubber wheel Or roll-off dumpsters the ideal size for This business is 10 20 30 and sometimes 40. depending on your goals and your Target market you can purchase dumpsters As low as five thousand dollars in my Area on Facebook Marketplace I found This 30 hour dumpster for six thousand Dollars I'll throw them an offer Anywhere from four to five thousand Dollars the average rent for 30 hours is Going to be between 450 to 600 that's Going to be for a three to seven day Rental that includes five tons of trash Into that price anything ever that five Tons is an extra usually forty to Seventy five dollars per ton the only Cost you as the business owner is the Fuel to transport insurance and the cost

Of the drop that a breeze at the Landfill the average cost to drop it at The landfill near me in my area is fifty Dollars per ton so after paying your Fees for your fuel and dropping the Debris at the landfill you're looking at Between 150 to 300 once you have more Than one dumpster you'll see where You're able to make 300 or more per day For a dumpster rental number two is Selling wooden pallets think to yourself How many times have you seen random Wooden pallets just land all over the Place you can start turning those wooden Pallets to a hard-earned cash money Companies pay anywhere from 50 cents all The way up to four dollars per wooden Pallet how much they pay depends on a Few different factors number one is the Condition of the pallet the better the Condition the more money you make number Two is the size the bigger the palette The more cash and number three is the Quantity the more Palace you have the More money you will get a lot of Companies only buy with a minimum Palace That you have a lot of them that I've Found when doing my research only buy a Minimum of 200 pounds I've even seen Companies say they only buy if you have A semi-load full of pallets but the Bigger question is where can you get Those pallets from you can get pallets From anywhere you can get them from

Warehouses small businesses stores or Even online but before you go to the Back of these stores and you just take Those pallets make sure you ask first You don't want the police banging on Your door saying hey you stole 200 Pallets from Walmart now you're going to Jail or you're getting fine so make sure You go in and ask those companies if you Can get those patterns from you can sell Those palettes on Craigslist Camp Palace Or even Google companies in your area That buy Power number three is an ATM Business if you have an extra five Thousand dollars Just Landing your Savings account this is a great business For you instead of earning pitting is on Your dollar you're going to be earning At minimum three dollars per transaction When you have an ATM machine one of my Best friends has an ATM business at a Nightclub in the area he's charging 4.75 Per transaction you may be saying but Tim that's a lot of money just to use That ATM but honestly I went to a strip Club a couple months back from my Brother's bachelor's party they would Charge you twenty dollars per hundred Dollars that you pulled out so that Means they only needed 30 people to use That ATM machine to earn 300 per day the Average price from an ATM is anywhere From 2500 to 2700 that includes free Shipping and they also set up your ATM

At your location the average transaction Fee for your ATM is three dollars so That means you need a hundred Transactions to reach that 300 Realistically you need to be in high Traffic areas that only take cash you Want to be at gas stations dispensaries Liquor stores smoke shops or anywhere That takes cash or if you're smart you Need to be in the strip club making Twenty dollars per 100 if you have Multiple machines then it's a lot easier To get to that 100 transactions per day Outside of the cost of the machine you Need to have insurance that's going to Be six dollars per month and you're Going to be paying 25 cents per Transaction if you have a business and You're in Michigan and you're in need of An an ATM machine contact forge's Financial ATM their number is 313-799-0040 if not you can contact them At Fortressfinancialatium gmail.com make Sure you shoot them an email or give Them a call today and get that ATM Machine set up in your business number Four is flipping shoes the shoe market Is a billion dollar business the great Thing is Nike just released a statement That they're cracking down on sneaker Box a lot of those people that are using Those Bots to win those shoes are out of Luck these shoes right here are called

The Olympic sixes I purchased these in 2012 for 160 dollars these same shoes Are selling for well over three hundred Dollars so I could have made double my Money by buying these shoes and Reselling them for the people that are Going to say but that was 10 years ago Trust me shoes right now are still Selling for double the price I can still Buy shoes right now for 200 and go back And resell them for 500 buying and Selling shoes is an ultimate side hustle That comes with a lot of work you have To download all of the sneaker apps look Up the release dates look up how Exclusive they are and how you're going To get them for example right now they Got some Florida a m dunks that are Coming out on the 18th of this month They're releasing for 120 they're right Now reselling for between 500 to a Thousand dollars you can buy those shoes With your credit card get the Cash Back Rewards sell them pay off your credit Card and keep the profit the sneaker Market is a Hustle but if you get the Right connections you can honestly turn This into a main hustle a lot of people Are buying shoes clothes and a bunch of Different things with a resale value and Open it up stores you can do this just As well number five is YouTube Automation faceless YouTube channels are A great side hustle and honestly they're

A lot easier than making a channel just Like I have right here you have to find Out what your Niche will be and you find Three to five channels in your Niche Copy them but literally not verbatim and Post videos just like them with your own Spin on it you can post like soothing Sounds motivational videos sports Highlights or anything that you enjoy You can post and make a lot of money for It you have to find someone to place all Of your content together have a great Person who does thumbnails relatable to Your channel your thumbnail is going to Be like a great first impression so you Want your thumbnail to be very relatable And for people to click on that to watch Your videos after you get your thumbnail And all of your content put together You're going to schedule your posts and Enjoy the money flowing in you can Easily make three to five hundred Dollars per day by posting faceless YouTube videos number six is the Lisa Office or building space you're going to Find a commercial space in your area You're going to rent it out for between 750 to a thousand dollars per month You're then going to host a weekend Business expo event you're going to be Charging between 50 to 100 per small Business you're then going to go out and Find customers to come support those Small businesses you're also going to

Host baby showers parties family events Or anything that people need a large Enough space for when things start to Get slow and you don't have events set Up you're gonna also post your event Space on peerspace.com you're going to Be charging 75 plus an hour hour to rent Your space for photographers church Services or even business meetups a Event space is a great way to make money You can easily make 300 plus every Single day any of these side hustles can Be done right now today with a little Bit of money hustle and hard work if you Feel like I missed a side hustle that Can make up to 300 per day drop a Comment in the section below and let me Know if you guys enjoyed this video make Sure to smash that like button it helps This channel get picked up in front of a Larger audience my goal is to reach 50 000 subscribers before the end of this Year so if you haven't already make sure To subscribe to the channel hit the Bell Notification so you're notified anytime I post a video and as always tell a Friend to tell a friend to tell a friend Thank you guys so much how much money Every single month will make you Comfortable like is it five thousand ten Thousand twenty thousand just to have You like complacent where like you're Not struggling you can honestly pay all Of your bills live comfortable travel

How much money every single month will Make you comfortable

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