7 Genuine Side Hustles for Extra Money in 2022 (with Real Figures)

7 Genuine Side Hustles for Extra Money in 2022 (with Real Figures)

Today I'm sharing 7 of the best genuine side hustles that can help you make some extra money. I've worked solely online for over 15 years and have personally tried and hired people for each of these position.

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Side Hustle Guide

0:00 Why these side hustles
1:42 Download this Free
1:50 Video Editor
5:21 Sponsor
6:36 Matched Betting
8:10 Writing
10:02 Teaching
11:17 Amazon Books
12:38 SMM
13:56 Virtual Assistant
15:15 Why They Work


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Everybody wants to make some extra money Whether it's to go on holiday pay the Bills or more like in our case because We're smart to use it to invest and Build some extra income now i Particularly don't like the word side Hustle although it's kind of the phrase That all of these things are coupled Under and that's for two reasons firstly Is because it's very slapdash the Majority of side hustles that you see Are repeated across the internet with Any kind of understanding about how they Actually work prime example would be Drop shipping amazon fba or the latest Which is flipping nfts and secondly a Lot of them don't work or they do work But you'll earn peanuts filling out Surveys for one pound per hour watching Adverts for five peer review or Completing deals and offers that you Actually have to spend money on in the First place i wanted this video to shed Some light on real genuine side hustles That you can start today that actually Work and to give you some background I've earned my living online now for Over 15 years it's all i've ever done And known and helped hundreds if not Thousands of people do the same in that Time i want this to be as transparent as Possible and useful as possible so for Each one of these i'm going to do the Following i'll explain exactly how they

Work i'll tell you realistically what You can expect to make and then i'll Tell you exactly how to do them i'm also Going to remove my background from the Picture it would be quite easy for me to Just come in for a web design background To say go and make some websites which Would be unfair so i'm coming at this as Someone who's maybe got a bit of tech Knowledge nothing more than kind of Using facebook but not something that's Completely out of reach and anyone with A bit of dedication can pick up quickly It's also worth bearing in mind if you Have a skill like me with web design Then you can maybe make more money doing That than you can with some of these i'm Also going to leave this as a Downloadable guide in the description For free so don't worry if you miss Anything you can print it off and go Through it all in more detail later so Let's dive into these and get the ball Rolling the first side hustle is Something that relates to what i'm doing Here and that's youtube now i'm not Going to tell you to try and start a Youtube channel or at least just yet Because the harsh reality is it takes Months before you start generating a Return and even then you're very lucky To do so i'll likely cover that in more Detail in a later video but what you can Do is become a video editor it's no

Secret that video content has become the Dominant leader in the space of online Content and with that a lot of people Either don't have the time to edit their Content or they just don't have the Technical knowledge to be able to do so Now i can really see this working in two Scenarios you could either create video Content for local businesses be it tic Tocs instagram videos facebook videos or Youtube videos because a ton of them Would benefit from this and need help Coming into that age the second is you Can reach out to people who are already In this space who are maybe editing Their own videos and could do with some Extra help most youtube channels for Example above 20 to 50 000 subscribers i Say this range because it vaguely Depends on the niche some make more Money than others would benefit hugely From a video editor to save them time And offload their workflow i know for Myself it's the main thing that holds me Back making more videos is the time Commitment of video editing and it's the First thing i would like to outsource When i'm in a position to do so a quick Disclaimer here before i'm bombarded I'll post on here when i'm hiring Someone but if you want to send me Examples of your work you can do and I'll keep you in mind for when i have That position available so what can you

Make well if you're just starting out Then i would do the first few for free Just to build your portfolio and that's What i did with web design start at a Low rate and increase it accordingly you Could easily charge 100 to 150 per video And you would be at a really competitive Rate to professional editors and a Couple per month could net you 300 pound Per month time wise if you get it down i Say you could do a basic video edit in Four to five hours bringing your hourly Wage in around 20 to 30 per hour okay so I know i know you're thinking i can't Edit videos well actually it's not that Hard all you need is some editing Software there's paid and free versions Depending on what level you want to jump In at and in fact a lot of big channels Only use imovie honestly the majority of What videos are is chopping out the Mistakes and pauses in speech chopping Out the mistakes and Speech throwing on some transitions and Text effects and adding some background Music of course there are super Professional editors who blow you away But that's not what the majority of Channels need for example two of the top Channels in my niche graeme stefan and Meet kevin have very basic editing in Fact meet kevin's is that simple he just Does it himself while he's recording With his tech setup which is mind

Blowing to learn it you could either Take a udemy course when they're on Discount for 15 But honestly everything you need to know Is right here on youtube if you just Type in imovie basics you'll have pretty Much everything you need to know and Anything you are stuck on you just Search how to do a slide transition and It will show you exactly how to do it And i do it all the time to get the work You'll have to put yourself out there Spend some time emailing people and Explaining your situation and just make Sure you have a very genuine personal Approach to your emails and you'll get a Good response don't try and email Someone like you're writing a letter Make it relatable and most importantly Try to come up with at least some Examples of your work that's always the One thing that puts me off responding When i have to do the work for them and Pry the work out of them which i just Don't have the time for this is a really Good option that you can eventually Expand and grow into a much larger Business oh by the way if you do have Any questions about these do comment Down below and i'll do my best to answer Before we dive into the next one i have To say a huge thank you to today's Sponsor steak steak is the home of the Us market from the uk they have no fees

Per trade unlike brokers who charge a Fee for every buy and sell of us Equities on stake you don't have to pay Any fees per trade stake has introduced Over 100 otc stocks in stake black which Provides crypto exposure to their Customers otc stocks provide exposure to Cryptocurrencies but are not direct Investments into cryptocurrency Themselves which can be a nice way to Invest in cryptocurrencies without Having to own it stake is continuing to Evolve the product and has some exciting Additions coming such as incident Funding which is just around the corner So you can fund and trade us Opportunities as soon as you see them They have over 380 000 customers and Growing their fca registered and have Accessed over 6 000 shares and etfs and They also offer fractional shares plus They have some very impressive share Data with analyst ratings which is very Impressive compared to other brokers Which are really lacking in that Department best of all you can get a Free stock worth up to 150 when you sign Up and that's going to be in nike Dropbox or gopro i'll leave a link down Below for that offer stakes are very Nice platform i've started using and i Would highly recommend checking them out Next up is match betting this one sits Highly on my list because everything you

Make from it is classed as tax-free it's Classed as tax-free income because it's Classed as gambling profits although It's not whatsoever in fact you don't Need to know anything about sports Because i certainly don't apart from the Odd bit of boxing you're just betting on The outcome of a race game or event to Win and to not win you lose a tiny Amount of money on the bet but you bank The free bonus the site offers you be it 10 20 and sometimes all the way up to 100. you can then repeat the process but Instead of using your money use the free Bet money which makes you profit in Terms of money i made around 500 pound When i did this for a week and i made The equivalent of earning 50 pound per Hour including tax but that is because The initial sign-up offers are way Better people do make around 1 000 per Month doing this but they are pretty Dedicated and they're using multiple Accounts a regular person can expect to Earn a steady 200 per month doing this In their spare time maybe eight hours Per month i'd say averaging around 25 Pound per hour tax-free of course you Can do better than this if you get stuck Into it and take the time to learn the More advanced strategies this is also Much easier a big sporting event in the Year cheltenham festival being a prime Example just because there's more offers

And more deals available i won't dive Too much into this one i would recommend Checking out my video where i tried it For a week i'll link to this at the end Of the video for you so you can see Exactly what i did and i'll be releasing An explanation more about this next week So make sure you subscribe and stick Around for that one and it may already Be out depending on when you're watching This i'll leave a link in the Description for you now next up is Writing now writing is a weird one Because a lot of people presume you Would write a book well that's an option But it's pretty slow with very tight Margins and you need an audience what I'm suggesting is you writing for Websites now websites need content on a Regular basis to keep up their traffic And attract new visitors even small Websites need content to help them grow Which is a hugely undervalued niche the Other aspect to consider is script Writing nearly all youtube channels Would benefit from having scripts as That can be one of the hardest parts About making videos especially when they Take time to research like mine do this Video for example i've written a script Which will end up around four to five Thousand words now that's not because i Don't know this stuff like the back of My hand but it allows me to stay on

Track and not wander off in a tangent For 10 minutes talking about how to Market your writing business now i'm not Saying you're going to need a degree in English literature to do this because The majority of what you'll be doing is Writing down in a chatty down-to-earth Format more like a blog than a formal Piece of writing in terms of what you Can make here i know people charging 100 Per article with very little experience Which were about 1 000 words in length And most of those were quite generic now Of course it can depend on how detailed The article is to write of course i Would aim to start around 200 per month That could either be four articles at 500 words or two at 1 000 but it all Really depends on the type of content And how you get on i would aim to make Around 15 to 20 pound per hour for doing This but you might even find you can Charge more by packaging it up for Example approaching a small business and Just saying i can provide you with four Posts to your website per month for 200 Pounds i'll upload them i'll publish Them and i'll post them to your social Media it'll help build your traffic and Generate you more sales while improving Your customer relationships now this one Again will take some outreach but it's All about building those relationships You can start on websites like upwork

Freelancer to get yourself out there and Build your contact base from there now Another side hustle that i'd recommend Trying is teaching now obviously this Depends on your background and if you Have a skill to teach but a lot of People pay for online lessons be an Instrument to maths help or more Commonly a language you can learn to Teach english online which being native Speakers can be a really simple option Although of course more specialist Subjects may command more money you can Do this remotely through zoom to people Around the world you have the option to Either complete a short course to give You a qualification which can help you Earn more or there's websites where They'll even just pay you to have a chat With them now this is a bit of a weird One to price because in my personal Opinion you are quite dependent on the Sites that you're using and the time you Have available you may have to work Quite in sociable hours because of time Zones but that might fit in with your Schedule if it's just something you're Doing on the side you can expect to earn Around 10 to 15 pound per hour at entry Level rate and you need to do around 20 Hours per month or 5 hours per week to Earn 200 pound per month perhaps not as Attractive as some of the other options But it does work with this one i'd

Recommend just signing up to a few of The websites and seeing if you attract Any interest because finding clients for This one is tricky unless it's a Specialist subject you can post in local Groups i'd probably compare this to most Skill based services but it's quite a Basic one that nearly everyone can do Now next up is one i've had quite a bit Of fun with in the past and that's Amazon books this isn't the fba baller Lifestyle you may see people promising With amazon courses it's actually a much More realistic one for this one you're Going to need the amazon seller app from Here you essentially just visit charity Shops and discount shops scanning books To see how much they sell for on amazon Now i made around 100 pound in an hour Doing this before but you do need the App which costs 25 pound per month this Gives you your seller account and access To the app which allows you to scan Books and get things like the volume They sell in and how much you can make You can then list them and you either Have the option to send the stock into Amazon and they'll ship it out for you Or you can post it yourself i chose to Send mine in because i didn't want to Hold the stock now a quick apology here To anybody doing this because they Probably don't want you to know about it In terms of profit i would say you could

Quite easily make around 200 per month With this one with a couple of trips to Nearby shops the hourly rate is tricky Because again it just depends on how Lucky you are as it is a bit like Hunting for treasure but i would say you Could easily achieve 20 pound per hour As this grows you'll be able to add Other products such as toys food drinks Candles on all sorts of items that Resell on amazon at a higher price now This one's really fun and good to do in Your spare time what i really like about This one is it requires zero marketing The only hard part is finding the Products which does take time if they Have that sales volume on amazon then They're just going to sell pretty much Straight away the next high hustle i Want to mention is social media Marketing this might sound crazy in this Day and age business owners don't have The time to keep up with posts on the Social media profiles they don't have The time to send email newsletters all Of which could get more customers to Them but they just don't do it it's Something they mean to do but they never Really get the time to do it or even if They do do it they'd like to do it Better or even just offload some that Work like replying to comments even Keeping up with the latest trends and Technology is a job in itself this is

The one that actually just blows me away How quickly some people can get into it I had one guy that came to me at 19 and Within a few months he had a social Media agency with 20 clients making Around 5000 per month of course he had One hell of a lot of work to do with Fulfillment but it's definitely viable This one could really be a whole video In itself because there's so many Bolt-on services upsells and offerings That you can present to clients it's a Really good business to get into Typically i've seen this sold the most Around the 300 per month mark but to Come in cheap and competitive you can Offer it at 200 per month what you offer Within that is sort of up to you such as Things like the number of post and Frequency but you can easily make 30 Pound per hour from this even more if You get efficient at doing it such as Doing things like scheduling up the Posts in bulk again this one's a really Great business to scale up now the last One i'm going to combine two into one as They're quite similar in ways and this Is a job of a virtual assistant the job Of a virtual assistant can be quite Varied the first example i was going to Give was that of a bookkeeper Bookkeeping is a really neat way to make Some extra cash or something that the Majority of businesses hate and need

Help with sending out invoices Allocating payments chasing money all of Which i personally hate in my own Business You can have somebody help with that the Second example is someone to just assist You and you can get quite creative with This a good example is someone running Online shops a lot of the product Information might need updating or Checking orders need confirming if They're received and follow up emails With customers to get feedback and to Check in whether they're okay and if They need any further help all super Valuable things you'd be surprised at How many tasks that business need help With and this can be something you can Easily offer pricing for this one i Would aim around the 15 pound per hour Mark and expect to make around 300 per Month at five hours work per week to get These sorts of jobs again you can either Approach businesses with an offer or you Can use job boards as well as posting in Local groups and groups on facebook Which are very specific to certain Businesses such as small business groups People in them are often looking for Recommendations you can even post a list Of services you can help with as long as You come across a very genuine and not Push a sales pitch people will happily Let you share your post now i've tried

Or hired people for all of these side Hustles and i can tell you they really Do work they may not be the next Get-rich-quick scheme and give you a Ferrari or that approach that people Will promise you but they are very Genuine ways to make some extra money Each month to invest do let me know if You've tried any of these and share your Experience hopefully this has given you Some ideas of ways you can make some Extra money would love to cover more of This stuff so do hit that like button And let me know that you want to see More of these and here is some more Content you guys may find useful so Thanks for watching and i'll see you Over there

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