7 profitable Side hustles to start in 2022 in south Africa

7 profitable Side hustles to start in 2022 in south Africa

Today, we're going to talk about the top profitable business ideas of the future. These ideas are applicable to South Africa and abroad.

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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel i Am so excited to have you here i have Not seen you in a while i know i know I have been so so busy um But yes let's get into this video so This video is for you if you are perhaps Working full time and you're looking to Branch out and start your own side Hustle or if you've left your job or You've lost your job and you're looking To get into side hustling so without any Further ado let's get into the first Side hustle idea [Music] So the first side hustle idea is Actually to become a tutor Online or offline So when i was in metric The grade 11th grade 12s i used to have A meds tutor because i was not very good At meds you also have geography tutors And all of those subjects so if you are Good at it it has to be something that You're good at you can actually tutor The high school kids Um or even the primary kids with kids That are struggling you know with their Subjects so you can actually Make pamphlets send them around let Parents know that you do teach kids this Subject and here's your qualifications Um for those subjects so you can make Money that way online you can do Tutoring online

There are many videos out there of People telling you that Uh you need you can apply here you can Apply here but it is not actually easy To do the online tutoring because you're Competing with people from all around The world unless it's a platform that is Specifically for south africa but Otherwise you're competing with everyone From india from wherever And sometimes the exchange rate is so Low that it might not be worth it Because people are looking for Cheap labor overseas so with tutoring And stuff like that unless you have Really high qualifications Um then you can you know you stand a Better chance of getting a better Um tutoring tutoring job so if you want To become a tutor i suggest you do it in Person it's much easier And it's easier to control your payments As well and to see the people and things Like that and to actually get word Around So If you have a qualification you went to University like i did and then you're Struggling to get a job and things like That then definitely look into tutoring Let's move on to the next Um side hustle The second side hustle that i have for You i'm seeing it growing

But i think people don't Actually understand how big it can Actually get So the second side hustle is baking or Cooking So those those things should be Separate sorry they should be separate Um when you bake you can bake cakes you Can bake uh cuckoo or cookies You can bake um you know when you say The cuckoo and cookies is like not the Same thing Like It's like scones actually and cookies Are the biscuit if you know what i mean But yeah you can make Those and sell them in buckets You can make maguina and all of that With the baking you can bake You know birthday cakes or baby shower Cakes uh you know that the more you Specialize there is that is going to be For people to find so you can even um You can even merge with people that Already have those companies so if Somebody already has a baby shower Things going on events and things like That then you can partner with them to Supply them with their cake With the cooking side um People always want to use that big but With cooking you can literally like but Say they don't like to cook so much I'm sorry

They don't like to cook so much they Actually like to buy the takeaway that's Why the quarter they do well in the Township and bread Because they don't like to cook so on Fridays because a lot of people are also Renting rooms in the township you can Actually Um just You can actually just tell the people That you stay um with in the yard and Just tell them that hey i cook on Fridays i can make a plate for you which Has pub chicken and maybe a salad or Something for 60 ranch that's how you Can start and then they buy the plate From you and that's how you're eating if You have startup money you can um you Know buy a tent buy tables buy the gas Stove and things like that then you have To think about finding a location to Actually sell your food Because the the issue now is that i see It with people that are sailing in the Street uh they're just saying that the Police can actually come and get your Things if you're not at the right place But you can go to a place where there's Already a puzzle shop and ask if you can Stand outside and cook your things you Can make hot dogs you can cook your pap And whatever you know such things so Baking or cooking if you're good at it If your cabbage is not together

Don't even try it I am not the best cook i know myself i Cook my food is just okay but it's not Something that when you when i eat it I'm gonna be like yo i need to oh i need To Get other people to taste this you know I'm just not on that level but some People are just so good at it that they Cook something simple like cabbage or Whatever and it just it comes together So so well So that is side hustle number two side Hustle number three Um is actually to organize events Uh but they um but they Parties if you're good at organizing Things you can do things like that baby Showers you can organize as well but Something that i'm seeing that is on Trend is actually um Organizing picnics so if you're very Good at it like you can do romantic Picnics for partners and things like That you can also do picnics for you Know the girls that want to take nice Pictures for social media and things Like that You can organize you know birthday Picnics a couple of picnics and things Like that so the picnic thing is Actually picking up but if you're good At actually organizing any type of event You can you can become an event

Organizer things are opening up a bit Now so it's not so so strict december is Coming and you know we have good summers Even in winter Something that i want you to think about Though when you do the events thing even If it's picnics you have to think about The weather and try to Come up with ways with clever ways to Still have business even when the Weather is not so good and people don't Necessarily want to be outside so you Can even have indoor picnics which is Something that i saw uh you know book Like get a hotel and things like that You book for the day and you have a nice Um you have a nice picnic Set up there and then the people come And then they Pay you and then you rent those things You can actually buy things to use on Those picnics items if you go i'm sure In downtown there is somewhere uh in its China city wherever where you can buy The picnic stuff to To actually put together the entire Picnic so if you're good at putting Things together making them look lovely And actually organizing everything from Start to finish definitely look into Becoming an event manager and starting Your own events company There you go Let's go into the next side hustle

So side hustle number four is to write People's cv i don't know how many times You know when you're good at something You think that other people are good at It but not so much i actually worked at An agency recruitment agency and the Amount of cvs That i saw that were not so good your cv Has to stand out especially in south Africa where One position is applied for by thousands And thousands of people your cv has to Stand out you can actually help people Put together a nice cv so they send you Their cv you work on it and you resend It back An app that you can use there's actually A lot of online things that you can use To make a nice cvs but another app that You can use is called canva Um And you also you can upload you choose a Template and then you upload all the Information and then you send it back to The people you can even do cover letters And things like that people are not good At that you know But you can actually help them with that And speaking of uh being in that Recruitment space if you're somebody That is from that recruitment space you Can actually start a coaching business a Career coaching business where you teach People how to apply um for jobs and when

They apply the cv must look how and when They go for the interviews tips and Tricks on how to Get the job and how to nail that Interview that is something that um you Know you can help people out with so yes Side hustle number four is Writing cvs for people Let's move on to the next side hustle Side hustle number five is something That i grew up with When i was little in the township We had a house that had a trampoline in The yard So they actually brought the taboy Trampoline now the White folk Came through and they did the bounce Thing and then whatever so they have it In the mall but in the township the kids Don't have that so you can still Actually do that by the big trampoline 30 minutes to bounce is 10 rent or Whatever and there you have it you have A business you just need to be timing Them there while they bounce and then They get out and then to give you money Then climb on so definitely think about Buying a trampoline they're not too Expensive now which is the nice thing i Would suggest you buy the one with a net So that You limit the the injuries and you Actually watch the children bouncing

Because children can try you and they Can try things So yes if you have A little bit of money you can definitely Look into Buying Side hustle number six is almost like Side hustle number five but a little bit Different so you can actually buy Trampolines for higher so when the kids Have birthdays and things like that you Rent out the trampoline for the birthday Party People love to celebrate and throw Parties for their little ones Excuse me and they always um You know want to hire things like that So you can actually buy chairs tables And a trampoline you can start slow buy One thing and then move on to the next So you can definitely start with the Trampoline when they have parties you Come through with your trampoline pump It up they play play and then you pick It up and go home So there are different i i would advise Against buying things from china because It looks like it's cheap but actually When you look at the import fees it Triples the amount And it's difficult to get a hold of Anyone if they ship the wrong thing or If they ship something and it breaks who Is going to service a thing so that's

Something that you definitely need to Think about when you're purchasing Things from overseas So there are companies in south africa That already have those things it pushes Them in bulks and they're selling them And you buy from them at least you know That if something breaks you can take it Back to them you know who to talk to you Know where they are So you can actually go to the place and Then say hey this thing is not working i Want my money back or i want an exchange Or something like that So yes trampoline hire can definitely be One of those things that you think about So let's move on to the last Side hustle And yes let's get to it So the last side hustle is freelancing Everybody is trying to freelance i am a Freelancer and i can tell you it is not Easy but it's doable Freelancing you can become a freelancer By doing people's websites you can Become a social media manager which i am You can Do people's graphics if you know how to Do graphic design do logos and things Like that there's a lot of startups that Need stuff like that you can do social Media templates only and things like That i did that i'm not doing that um as A package anymore because it's it takes

A lot of work and if somebody's paying Me like 800 rent for it that's not much In comparison to the fact that i have to Do the graphics and the captions unless You just do the posts only and then you Send it to them and you're done But yes Freelancing so i actually have a free London course coming up which i'm so Excited about so if you're looking into Freelancing and Um you want to know how to get started And things like that i'm going to be Posting a video about the seven steps That you need to take to become a Freelancer in south africa or even Abroad actually um you know to set up Your freelancing business for success I am getting where i want to be a year In and i will definitely love to help Other freelancers Escape the nine to five or even make a Extra cash make extra cash on the side So that you don't leave The colored page check to paycheck but Sometimes it's like What what paycheck So we've all been there and i want you To succeed in Just like i am succeeding at the moment God knows So yes i have a freelancing course Coming up that you can take online and Also get a consultation with me

Um so please follow my social media page Where i'm going to be announcing Everything And i'm going to be putting links and Things like that to the course On my instagram page So holla ate me if you move from here to Instagram holla at me And what i will do is that if you have Any question i will come on and i will Make a video because whatever question You have there's probably like thousands Of other people that have the same Questions that might need help So if i can answer it for everybody on The You know on the platform on on You know in one video Then i will definitely love to do that So there was a comment from a lady who Was asking me now we're moving on we're Done with side hustle number seven So just a quick address there was a lady Who asked me about Um Who asked me in my other video side Hustle video about uh you know sailing At spa and things like that so i just Want to put a disclaimer out there i do Research when i look at businesses and i Do See other businesses that i know that Are succeeding in the field it's not That i have done everything myself

Because nobody can do all the businesses I can only recommend The businesses what i'm doing is Freelancing and social media marketing Freelancer that i can definitely give You like pointers and things like that To a t But with the other businesses i do do my Own research i do look at other Businesses that are succeeding i do uh Remember from when i was growing up and Things like that that i think would be Helpful to The people that are watching my channel You guys and to my community Um you know that will help Everybody grow because when everybody Grows we all grow we all thrive So If you have any questions please drop it In the comments and from my research i Can answer Um you know or if i'm not sure about Something then i will point you to Another direction that i think might be More helpful for you if you want to dig Deeper into starting that business or if You've already started it but you're Stuck somewhere and wherever i can help I can definitely help and if you're Looking for social media marketing Coaching and you want me to help you get Your business online on instagram on Facebook and show up in a way that gets

Your clients get you seen Then definitely hit me up um i will link My website below you can book a Consultation with me And then we'll see what you're currently Doing otherwise you can pop me a dm and I will answer as soon as i can i do get Busy at times but i will definitely do That so thank you so much for joining me Oh and one more side hustle before you Go Car wash Car washes are so expensive guys if you Do it so properly like i was looking at Car washes to buy and they are insanely Expensive because they do so well nobody Has time to watch their cast if you can Do that go to the even start a mobile One where you go to people say as you Watch the house and they are using their Water and everything then your starting Costs are actually lower and then you Start when you start to do that then you Can actually open a car wash at a Certain location so yes that is it for Me today now and i will see you in the Next video and in the next video i said I'm going to be talking about The seven steps you need to take to Become a freelancer in south africa or Abroad or internationally so yes i'm Excited about that see you in the next Video guys ciao Oh and if you have

Missed my previous video it should come Up somewhere on the screen i'll try to Put it up otherwise i will link it in The comments below thank you so much Guys see you in the next video

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