Amega Global Review

Amega Global

The Rundown On Amega Global

  • Amega Global was established in 2006.
  • They were formed by a group of 3 different companies.
  • They are a technology wellness company.
  • Amega Global manufacture health products and services via the network marketing model.

Amega Global

The Leaders of Amega Global

Eric Banks is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Amega Global. Arun Kemer is the C.E.O. of the company. Both have an extensive and successful career in business although Arun Kemer has done a lot of research and studied the works of some of the industries leaders’ in the MLM world.

The Amega Global Products

Amega Global has their hands in crèmes and health drinks but their Zero Point Energy Wand is what they are most identified with.

These wands are not something new to the market as they, like many other wands, are designed to increase energy, heal physical pain and give you an undisrupted sleep and more.

From research, The Iyashi Wand seems to be its biggest competitor in which they produce several YouTube video’s comparing one wand to another and the Iyashi wand compared to Amega Global’s Zero Point Energy wand. Here is a comparison video:

The Amega Global Compensation Plan

Let’s first start with the cost of getting into The Amega Global business opportunity.

You may pay your way into any level however the lowest level you can start at is at a Business Associate level. This consists of purchasing 1 product from the company plus a Starter Kit. The starter kit will run  you $49.00. There are other levels you can get into such as the Silver, Titanium and the Platinum level  which is the highest level and will cost you $900.00 or more. The higher level you’re in the higher your commissions will be with a maximum of 75% in commission. If you start at the very basic level you only have 21 days to upgrade.

The company offers 3 types of bonuses that are a 2 Tier Mega Matching Bonus, a Direct Purchase Bonus and a Product PV Bonus. They also have some leadership incentives but all in all you have 6 ways to earn money with this company.

In order to keep your status and continue receiving what you’ve earned, you must remain “active”, meaning you must have a personal consumption or retail sales under your referrals for at least 60 BV’s.

Final Thoughts on Amega Global

There is a resurgence of health type of MLM companies. They are making a comeback and Amega Global is one of those companies that are looking to take advantage of that. There are a few good things here such as the maximum commission of 75%. But they do have a challenge on their hands. As I said before there is resurgence in health products and people adapting a healthy lifestyle but their figurehead product the Zero Point Energy wand may be a stretch. These types of products have been around forever but it’s a harder pitch then shakes and vitamins. But I also must restate that they do have some other traditional types of health products available. Another thing that could be a factor is the way they tell their distributors to market… by word of mouth. Some companies can get away with that kind of method but at the end of the day, the well runs dry for all and other methods will have to take over like internet marketing. Anyone who joins this company will be best served hooking up with a sponsor who has extensive experience in internet marketing.

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