Ariix Review

ariix review

Ariix Review

An Absolute Must Read If You’re Thinking About the Ariix Opportunity

I’m sure you’re here for this Ariix review because you’re thinking about joining and you’re wondering if it’s the right move for you.


It’s always good to do your homework, and make sure that the company that you’re joining is on the up and up. It’s also important that the review you’re reading isn’t one written by a distributor for the company, but by an unbiased third party who has no real care either way whether you join or not.

This is that review. I’m NOT a distributor for Ariix, and so this is truly an unbiased Ariix review. Just the facts of what Ariix is about, and some opinion of whether I think it’s a good company.

Ariix Review – A Quick Background on the Ariix Opportunity

Ariix is an extremely young company, founded in July of 2011. So it’s likely that the person telling you about this company is telling you that it’s a chance to get in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity (they almost always say that…but this one might actually be true I suppose).

This is a network marketing company out of Bountiful, Utah. They’re a company marketing nutritional and dietary supplement products. There products all seem to be based on sound nutrition, with what looks to be there staple product Rejuviniix, which is made up of an array of highly concentrated “super-fruit” extracts.

Of course I say “seems to be” because the company is so young, that they seem to still be getting their footing, and there’s really not a lot of information on the effectiveness of their products yet. That doesn’t mean that they’re not good however.

Is Ariix Really Groundfloor?

Ariix is essential a spinoff from USANA sciences, which has been a major leader in vitamin supplements in the MLM industry for years.  2 of the major players are Dr. Ray Strand (a former doctor for USANA), and Tim Sales, the founder of the amazing Brilliant Compensation video funnel.

(As an aside, even though the Brilliant Compensation funnel, which educates people on WHY network marketing is good info, I think it's much better to use targeted marketing to find people already sold on the concept of network marketing than converting people to understand network marketing.)

Ariix – The Company at a Glance

Again the company is quite young. They’re founded by some very big names in the industry, nearly all being former USANA executives (USANA is one of the biggest network marketing companies in the world). This tells you that there’s a lot of knowledge as to how to run a company, and hopefully that knowledge will pay off for this ground up opportunity.

The vision of Ariix is to “unleash the human potential for good” and to “help YOU help OTHERS”.

Vision statements like these are vague and unfocussed.  Let's hope they get more targeted.  We'll get more into that later in this Ariix review.

Ariix Management Team – Who’s Behind the Curtain Over at Ariix?

As mentioned before, Ariix certainly seems to have a solid management team behind them that truly understands the inner workings of making a network marketing company grow and run smoothly.

Former President of Usana Dr. Fred Cooper is CEO of Ariix. He spent 13 years at Usana and rose through the ranks from VP of information technology on through to President of the company. He was a big factor in the growth and success of Usana while there.

He also created and founded the company that sells one of the premier software systems for direct selling called ICentris.

Along side Dr. Cooper is Chief Financial Officer Fred Yates, who has had 24 years of experience leading the financial duties of various companies including his own. He was CFO of Franklin Covey as well as Usana.

President of Ariix, Mark Wilson is a lifelong entrepreneur creating successful direct sells businesses since the age of just 20. He was also the former V.P. of Sales for Usana.

The Ariix Products – How Do These Products Rank Against Other Companies?

The Ariix products seem to be solid… however they may very well be the weakest link in the opportunity. The reason is simply that they seem to be “me too” products.

ariix rejuviniix

Rejuviniix is a blend of super fruit extracts concentrated meant to give you energy, alertness, and provide ample health with antioxidants.

Their other products Minerals, Vitamins, Omega Q, and Vinali (blend of Vitamin C and bioflavanoids) all fall under the same scope in my mind. Besides somewhat boring names, these products just don’t seem as though they’re going to stand out in any particular way.

This is not to say they aren't good.  I remember reading Dr. Ray Strand's book a few years ago, and was impressed by his knowledge of belly fat and nutrition.

But vitamins and minerals are not sexy.  To really make a dent, you need something sexy.  This is something Ariix competitors like Visalus have in spades.

They are just released a new product Biopro Q, so stay tuned for more about Ariix and Biopro Q.

ariix review

Ariix Review – The Compensation Plan

Unfortunately the compensation plan with Ariix doesn’t seem to be all that unique either. They’ve gone with what’s basically a binary plan – with a couple of variations – such as the ability to have up to three legs which pay against the power leg.

Binary comp plans are the most popular, but most distributors don't make a lot of money with them.  You need to be a whale to get a good income in a binary comp plan like Arixx.

With this plan there are seven ways to earn which are Retail Profit, Base Commissions, Team Lead Bonus, Matching Bonus ,Payline Bonus, Income Position Bonus as well as a Luxury Car Bonus at the backend of the plan.

Ariix Name – Is It A Good Opportunity?

Alright so let’s cut to what’s really on your mind. Is the Ariix opportunity really worth your time and effort?

If you were to base your decision on the products and compensation plan, then what you’ve got here is what seems to be just another network marketing company…almost cookie cutter like.

The high points however are in the very young age of the company as well as the leadership. Two big distributors in the industry, Tim Sales and Lynn-Allen Johnson have apparently hopped on board, and so perhaps they see a great future for the company.

Robert G. Allen, the famous financial author has also jumped ship from USANA to Ariix.  But so far, it looks like a USANA 2.0 clone.

The key to success with this company would be YOUR ability to recruit like crazy, and build a team of successful distributors under you who also know how to recruit like crazy. In other words you’ll need a large team to do well with Ariix in my opinion.

To me it sounds like this company is based right on a fault line of a rocky feud between former USANA MLM players.  Not as stable as Tim Sales seems to suggest.

Ariix – How to Guarantee YOUR Success If You Join Ariix…

Unfortunately knowing how to recruit like crazy isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Most people in the industry are barely working on a few leads a month, and really have no clue how to get any more.

At the same time, I’m teaching people in the industry how to get literally hundreds of leads per day… which are the types of numbers that you’ll need in order to see huge success with a company like Ariix.

If you’d like to take a look at the specifics of what I’m doing to get those types of leads, and how I can help you as well, then take my FREE 60-Day Marketing Transformation course which will help you build Ariix or any other company.

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About the Author: Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is an online entrepreneur and business owner. I have helped thousands of students create their own websites and funnels and make a full-time income online. Reach out if you need help. Text me at 617-340-2920 Free Webinar: Learn How To Make $1000 Per Day Online Watch The Replay Now


    1. why do you want to join Ariix if it is just USANA 2.0. Sorry, but I think you can not even compare to USANA. Usana is public held company. Tim sales just left, Robert Alen just left…or at least they are moving on…I bet those must be so regretful to leave USANA products and company for Ariix.

  1. Great information, but I feel that some things should be corrected.

    First of all, the company isn’t seeking to “clone” USANA; Ariix isn’t publicly traded, nor does it plan to be by having the company head straight to perdition by being limited by stockholders or the best interests [read: wallets] of the Wentz family.

    Second, the compensation plan isn’t “basically a binary”; it has inspired elements of stairstep and expanding matrix, but still not exactly comparable into a related comp plan due to its different commissions. Also, a rep is NOT limited to “three legs”; they can have an infinite amount of re-entries and therefore more legs.

    Third, although I admit that some of Ariix’s founding products are somewhat typical, we actually do have some unique products, such as the BioPro Q you mentioned (it already comes in a body-usable form instead of the cheaper form your body has to convert), as well as other products that no other US-based marketing company [that I am aware of] even offers, such as a heavy metal toxin remover, a water filter that is not based off of carbon or paper filters, and even a weight loss product that isn’t based off of the typical fiber or “exotic herb” plan.

    Also, after being in the business for several years, Tim Sales does provide information that is useful for the existing representative, not just Brilliant Compensation. Heck, I’ll even admit that there were things in BC that I have never heard, and I have done 3 different companies and attended all sorts of trainings. Besides, not to be rude or anything, but why dismiss “converting people?” After all, most of the greats in network marketing didn’t start out with a sales background… Tim Sales was a Navy SEAL, Duke Tubtim delivered pizzas, and although I’m not at their level yet (I just joined this company last month), my last job before I made MLM my sole source of income was being a security guard.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for clarifying that information.
      I do think Tim Sales provides some good info – in fact, I loved it when I first saw it. But it benefits him in other ways when people use it as a generic system.

      Congratulations on your success!

  2. Although Ariix & Usana have similarities there are glaring differences that the average networker will not be aware of. Usana’s success is based on the quality of their products & the fact that they too have a system of puttting people’s needs first. Or at least until you break the rules. It should also be noted that Usana’s products are rated very highly due to their voluntarily adhering to pharmaceutical standards. My friend’s cousin is in Usana & he’s seen some amazing results in people who used Usana products. I like the possibilities that Ariix offer but their integrity is very much in question now. The office of Tim Sales has been encouraging Usana associates to join Ariix just becasue Tim Sales chose Ariix. Another point that should be made is that Usana’s qiuality is so good that now it’s registereedwith the U.S. FDA

  3. I found this article balanced and interesting, until I hit the paragraph that started “At the same time, I’m teaching people in the industry how to get literally hundreds of leads per day…” In other words, while your information seems sound and unbiased, it’s in the end nothing more than clickbait to get people to sign up for your services. It seems as though more people make money peddling false hope to failing MLM’ers than most people in most of the companies. It’s depressing, rather.

  4. Hi Andrew, What an interesting early assessment of ARIIX. I’d be very interested in what you have to say after the four (4) years ARIIX has been in business. Would you recognize the uniqueness of its products, the integrity of the leadership, it’s rapid growth, the number of entire downlines who are joining ARIIX, the Representative Bill of Rights (who else in the industry dares to have one – certainly not USANA; they ‘canned’ my distributorship after they used my image, for free, and yes, with my permission for years – I loved the company, until. . . ),etc. etc

    1. Hi Werner. I think Ariix is a good contender. Their growth seems to be predominantly overseas in Asia.

      What do you think needs to be said about ARIIX that was missed in this review?

  5. After going through many reviews and personally experiencing the sales presentation, I was convinced that Ariix is NOT a scam. Ariix has great products , great leaders, good business system and a legitimate opportunity.

    My Sincere Advice to You
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