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What is ASEA?

ASEAASEA is a MLM company that produces a healing supplement called ‘Asea'. This company is structured with over thousand associates and has reached one of the top levels in the network marketing standards. The company is more known as teamASEA and is determining the future of fortune and health and is spreading all around the world. Established in the year 2009 by James Pack and Verdis Norton, this company concentrates on the promotion and distribution of the company's popular nutritional liquid supplement, which is considered to be a unique solution for all health issues.

We are here to discuss in detail about the MLM Company called ASEA as well as its unique product called ASEA.

The ASEA Products

ASEA is not a mineral, vitamin, antioxidant, juice, or any other energy drink; yet, it helps in dramatically improving the efficacy of all vital components in your body and thus significantly boosts your athletic ability and overall health. ASEA advancing life is a product that contains a balanced combination of over 15 different Redox Signaling molecules. It also supplements molecules that are required to replace the damaged cells and restores the immune function along with restoration of the healthy tissues. Every health problem in the body is related to the damaged cells in that part.

ASEA – The Company

ASEA is an automated and powerful marketing system and provides you with an individual ASEA pro website. Once you join the company as an associate or distributor and acquire a website for yourself, all you have to do is to direct people to your website and have the system do the rest for you. Every person who joins the network is provided with a team ASEA website with limited features. As an outcome of 16 years of research, the company prides itself for being the first one to formulate the perfect balanced mixture of stabilized Redox Signaling molecules. The company is trust worthy and success in their business for long time. So, when you join with this comapny definitely you will get successful life.

The company provides every distributor with professionally designed and very easy-to-use website, which has everything he requires to present, enroll, retain, as well as to train the prospects and contacts. The pro marketing site, free account, Genealogy, commission reports, one-step dashboard, integrated calendar, contact manager, and several other features such as team ASEA branded email, email campaigns, tasks, down line communication, website support, etc are available for a distributor to be successful and earn his fortune.

Compensation Plans of ASEA

To earn commissions you must an active member who generates at least 100 PV every month. This can be done through your own purchases, customer sales, or retails. For additional commissions, you have to generate 200 PV every month. All commissions are weekly paid.

Retail Sales: You are allowed to acquire ASEA products on a wholesale rate ($120) and sell on a retail rate ($150). You may also direct contacts to website to buy on a retail rate. This earns you a commission of $30 dollars, which is the difference in price between the wholesale and retail rates. When you generate a 100 PV, it will be added to your lower volume leg through which you can earn a commission.

Preferred Customer Bonus: When you recruit preferred customers, you earn a bonus of $25; each time your customer makes one set of wholesale purchase through the Autoship program of ASEA. This bonus increases with the increase of number of sets of wholesale purchase made by the customers. In addition to the $25, you also earn 50PV. This in turn increases your commission.

Fast Start Bonus: When you sponsor someone and he purchases an ASEA product pack, you and your up lines up to 5 levels who have minimum 100 PV earn an one-time fast start bonus. You as the first level would earn $65 and 25 PV, while the other up lines earn $35, $20, $15, $10, and $5 respectively with 25 PV each.

Team Commissions: It is not necessary that every leg under you is the one sponsored personally by you. Even associates in your up line, may choose to place their sponsors under you and this is called ‘spillover'. By being an active associate (100PV), you are also required to have active legs under you for you to earn team commissions. You can get up to $10,000 per week as team commissions if you and your legs are active.

Directors Bonus: Every time you have your right or left leg of your down line associate gain one more sponsor under him, you receive team commissions and also a director's bonus of $50.

Check Match: Based on the ranking you achieve on the various rankings that exist, you earn a check match on the team commissions.

Rankings and Qualifications in ASEA

Associate: Enroll and generate 100 PV every month.

Director: Qualify for team commission.

Director 300: Earn 300 GV (group volume) every month in the low volume leg with minimum 100 PV.

Bronze Executive: Have Director 300 sponsor in each leg with 2000 GV in the low volume leg and a minimum 200 PV.

Silver: Have Director 300 in each of the 3 legs; 2000 GV in low volume leg; and minimum 200 PV.

Gold: Have Director 300 in each of 4 legs; 3000 GV in low volume leg, and 200 PV.

Platinum: have 10,000 PGV (personal group volume) weekly and10,000 GV tree volume in low volume leg for two consecutive weeks and have 5 legs with Director 300 each and 200 PV.

Diamond: 15,000 PGV, and 15,000 GV in low volume leg for two consecutive weeks; 6 legs with each having Director 300 and 200 PV.

Double Diamond: 20,000 GPV and 20,000 GV in low volume leg for two consecutive weeks with 6 legs of Director 300 each and 200 PV.

Triple Diamond: 25,000 GPV AND 25,000 GV in low volume leg for two consecutive weeks and 7 legs with Director 300 each and 200 PV every month.


ASEA provides a great business opportunity if you look for a ground floor company and ready to market health product. With the required knowledge to marketing, you can easily generate up to 30 leads a day. However, to achieve success, it is essential that you get the right training in marketing to generate the steady flow in your business.So, get trined with ASEA programs and live a successful life.

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