BEST Side Hustles for Beginners RANKED (2022)

BEST Side Hustles for Beginners RANKED (2022)

Side hustle tier list. Whether you want to quit your 9-5 or you just want to make extra income, this is the video for you. Today we talk about 25 unique side hustle ideas for 2022 that you might not hear as much about. Enjoy!

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Side hustles are important!
The IRS revealed that 65% of self-made millionaire had at least 3 sources of income, 45% had at least 4, and 29% had 5 or more sources of income.

Recommended Passive Income Side Hustles:
► Ibotta $10 sign-up bonus (favorite side hustle)

► Gas receipt cash back. Get an extra $2.22 bonus the first time you make a purchase:
► Fetch Rewards receipt scanning app (get 3,000 bonus points) –

Sweatcoin – Get paid for your steps!

Swipehouse link – Tik Tok brand deals!

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► Earn $50 statement credit with Discover card:

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0:00 Easy side hustles for beginners
0:31 DoorDash and Uber Eats
1:10 Lyft and Uber Driver
1:30 Shipt and Instacart
1:51 Receipt Scanning Passive Income
2:25 Sweatcoin- Make Money From Your Steps
3:04 NFTs
4:01 Dog walking and Pet sitting
5:00 Youtube content
5:43 Flipping Items on FB and Craigslist
6:22 Play-To-Earn Crypto Games
7:00 Fiverr Freelancer
7:57 SMMA
9:06 Taskrabbit
9:44 Tik Tok Brand Deals
10:30 Day Trading
10:58 Writing on Medium
11:31 Blogging
12:12 Redfin Associate Agent
12:46 Online Surveys
14:25 Starting a vending machines business
15:00 House Flipping (quick flips)
15:34 Car advertising passive income
16:02 Amazon FBA
16:55 Shopify Dropshipping
18:03 Final Thoughts

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Let's talk about side hustle today we're Gonna rank 25 different side hustles That you might not hear as much about And side hustles are pretty important The IRS recently said that 65 of Self-made millionaires have at least Three sources of income so this video Could actually change your life now We're going to be using the traditional Internet ranking system which means that S tier is the very top and F tier is the Very bottom so let's jump into it what's Up guys my name is Chris and as someone Who's tried more side hustles than the Average Joe I'm stoked for this video so The first side hustle I want to talk About is doordash and ubereats now I'm Gonna count them as the same one because They're pretty much the same thing so With these side hustles the food Delivery services it's a very low Barrier of Entry pretty much anyone that Has a car and insurance can sign up now Of course you have to factor in gas Which is the biggest one and vehicle Maintenance but your net profits after Those expenses tend to be anywhere from 13 to 25 per hour and on a really good Day you can even make thirty dollars per Hour now this side hustle isn't exactly Past massive but it doesn't require much Mental energy you can turn on an Audiobook you can turn on some good Music and then just grind so I'm gonna

Rate this side hustle I'm gonna rate it A b the next side hustle is Uber driving And Lyft drive and it's when you're Driving other people and for my research People say you can earn anywhere from 18 All the way to thirty dollars per hour And if you have a really good night with A lot of tips potentially you can earn Even more but since you are driving Other people you can't really listen to Audiobooks you will have to interact With them so I'm actually going to rate This one a C2 moving on to the next Category it's the grocery shopping apps All right your total is nine dollars Like shipped Postmates and instacart and These pay anywhere from 16 to 22 dollars An hour now a huge downside with these Specific apps is that you're gonna waste A lot of time searching through the Grocery store trying to find the Specific items and so for that reason I'm gonna put it as I'm gonna put it as A c tier the fourth side hustle is Receipt scanning and basically you earn A rebate every time you spend money so The apps I use for this are Ibotta fetch Rewards and get UPS side now they all Have different features Ibotta is more For groceries better rewards is for Literally any receipt that you have and Get upside is specifically for gas I Love this side hustle because it is true Passive income it takes just a couple

Seconds in order to upload your receipt Or check in on the app and you're gonna Make real cash for most people you can Earn about twenty to thirty dollars per Month from this now I'm gonna rank this Side hustle as a tier the fifth side Hustle is sweatcoin now everybody Watching this video walks to some level Every day now if you can make money from Those steps that's the epitome of Passive income and that's what the Sweatcoin app does essentially it's a Step counter and for every 1000 steps You take you get one sweat coin now the Value of sweatcoin really ranges between Three cents and five cents but you can Redeem those sweat coins for many Different offers many different products Now I've been using this app for about Four years now and in total I've earned 11 and 700 sweat points which works out To being about three hundred and fifty Dollars hey that's pretty good but since You really they can't make a ton of Money from this app I have to put it in The Beats here the next side hustle is Nfts and the way people are making money From nfts is they're either flipping Them or they're creating them now a word Of caution with nfts is despite their Low barrier of Entry 99 of the Collections out there are gonna be Worthless but people are making good Money by getting in early and following

The trends if you're gonna try your hand At flipping nfts instead of buying them On open seat which is the main nft Marketplace go for the Miss go to the Website of the collection before it's on Open C because usually the price is a Fraction compared to once it's already On the marketplace not Financial advice But the real money in nfts comes from Creating them if you can learn how to Create and launch a successful Collection ideally one that has utility Like a Discord group chat or a private Event and then you launch hundreds and Hundreds of these pieces you're probably Gonna walk out with a solid back so I'm Gonna rate this one as s tier wow that's The first s tier on the okay number Seven is dog walking yes I'm talking About Rover and whack now with this side Hustle I've seen people making anywhere From a couple hundred dollars a month if They just want to pet sit for a couple Days just for fun all the way up to five Thousand dollars per month for people Who are making this pretty much a Full-time thing and it doesn't get much Better than being able to make money From hanging out with dogs and cats and Other animals too but it's it's mostly Dogs now something to know is that Rover Does take a 20 cut of all your sales but It's a good idea to stay within the Platform because Rover has their own

Insurance if something happens while You're walking the dogs or pet setting The dogs you know a lot of people ask me How do I relax well like many other Americans I come home and I I pet my dog You see petting your dog is one and There's an algorithm so the key for the Algorithm is to get good reviews to have Lots of pictures on your profile and to Respond to people as fast as possible so I'm gonna rate this side hustle based Off all my research I'm gonna put it as An a the next side hustle is YouTube now Most people know what YouTube is if You're watching this video then you're On YouTube right now but people are Surprised by the long-term passive Income you can make by creating videos That are relevant for a long time They're called Evergreen videos now if You want to make more money from YouTube It's a good idea to pick a niche that Has high cpms and the highest CPM niches Are going to be business finance real Estate but at the end of the day even if You're making lifestyle content or Fitness content it's really important to Be passionate about what you're talking About because the money will come later There's other ways to monetize a YouTube Channel even if you're not in a high CPM Niche so with all that said I'm gonna Make YouTube an S tier number nine is Flipping items on Facebook marketplace

Now a lot of people are going to Recommend that you go onto the free Section a Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist as well and then you can take It home fix it up clean it up and then Flip it for a profit but something a lot Of people don't talk about is if you Have relatives or family friends friends That need help decluttering whether it's A garage or just their house you can Offer your services where you'll come in You'll take pictures and post the Listings on Facebook Marketplace for Them and then you can work out a Commission whether it's 30 or 40 another Way to make money from Facebook Marketplace is you can start flipping High ticket items like couch flipping so I'm gonna put Facebook Marketplace I'm Gonna put it as a b number 10 is play to Earn crypto games now the main one that I am referencing today is axi infinity But there's a ton of play to earn models Out there but I personally know people That are making one thousand dollars per Month just from playing these video Games now the downside of these play to Earned games is the initial Capital you Need in order to start and for acting Infinity it takes about a thousand Dollars in order to really get started So for that reason I'm gonna put these Play to earn crypto games I'm gonna rank Them a c tier the barrier to entry is

Just really high for people that don't Know much about blockchain and crypto And nfts but if you like the game then It's totally worth it next on the list Is being a Fiverr freelancer essentially Fiverr helps business people with small Tasks so if you need a video editor or Someone to help with thumbnails or Someone to help write a blog post or Someone to help run your social media You can hire someone on Fiverr to do That for you now something to know about Fiverr is that they take 20 commission From your orders with Fiverr you also Need to figure out a service that you Can offer to people now the trick with Fiverr is to have three to five Different services that you offer and to Try to get as many reviews as possible Now some people are going to have to Lower their prices initially in order to Get more reviews but once you get those Reviews it's pretty smooth sailing from There and even though statistically 96.3 percent of all Fiverr users make Less than 500 a month there is the one Percent who's able to earn more than two Thousand dollars a month so if you're a Creative person then I say go for it but I'm gonna put Fiverr on the tier list uh I'm gonna put D tier I know people love Fiverr but it's competitive all right Number 12. it's smma or social media Marketing agency now this is similar to

Fiverr because you're offering your Services but with a social media agency You're actually going to businesses and You're telling them how you're going to Be able to help them Market their Business better than they currently are Now this might include Facebook ads or Google ads this might be general account Management posting for them on their Facebook or Instagram now the important Thing with this business you need to Have a successful trial run before other People are going to sign on to be your Clients so if I were you I would start By offering your services for free and Then honing your skills and then getting That case study and showing that Positive successful story to other Businesses and if you're asking how do You get more clients well there is so Many niches they can go for there's the Fitness Niche there's the real estate Niche there's Legal Services there's Solar panels Dental e-commerce the list Goes on and on now if you don't have the Skills needed to start this business Then I'd recommend taking a free course Like the Facebook blueprint Google also Has multiple different courses that you Could take now I will say this business Model is a little bit hard for a Beginner I'm gonna have to rate it I'm Gonna put it beat here all right number 13 is taskrabbit now if you're a handy

Person then this might be the side Hustle for you and taskrabba is an app That lets people hire you to complete Work for them usually it's handiwork so Maybe hanging Christmas lights or Building a garden or painting a house Now I've seen people say they can make a Hundred dollars per hour with this app But that's not the average on average People that use taskrabbit are making 35 An hour but it's similar to many of These other side hustles that once You're able to get your ratings and Reviews up then you can start charging More for your services now keep in mind Taskrabbit does take 15 from your total Sales now you do need to have some General handy knowledge for this side Hustle I'm gonna rank it B tier number 14 is Tick Tock brand deals now I'm Talking specifically about the swipe House app basically this app is a Marketplace that combines influencers With companies that want to have Advertisement done for them basically You scroll through the app and you can See how much these companies are Offering for you to either create just a Video for them to use for their own Advertising purposes or for you to Create a video that posts on your own Account and it's entirely possible for Someone to make anywhere from 300 to 800 Just from doing these brand deals on a

Consistent basis now you will get better Pay if you skip the middleman and go Directly to these Brands but for the Ease of convenience I would say swipe House is entirely worth it now the Caveat is you do need a social media Following for that reason I'm I'm gonna Put this seat here number 15 is Robinhood specifically day trading now I Don't like day trading the majority of Traders actually lose money and yes you Could spend all day looking at technical Analysis staring at sharks but at the End of the day no one has a crystal ball And no one really knows what the Market's going to do so in my opinion It's better just to buy and hold and Dollar cost average into your favorite Companies or into an index fund not Financial advice so for day trading Specifically I'm gonna put it low I'm Gonna put day trading as a d number 16 Is writing on medium now medium is Essentially the YouTube of the blog World you can write articles on medium For free and the longer people read your Articles and the more people read your Articles the more money that you make Now Shelby church has a great video About this so if you want to learn more I recommend checking out that video of Hers and if you like writing then I say Go for it but for the purpose of the Side hustle tier list simply because I

Don't really like writing and it might Take some time in order to make money From mediums so I'm gonna rank this a d Tier now the next side hustle right Alongside with medium it's blogging and I'm gonna rank blogging as an F I'm Putting that as F tier I know I started With a Blog that was one of my first Businesses but the reason that I'm Putting it so low on the list is because Of how long it takes to get monetized You have to build a following you have To learn how to build a website you have To figure out how to monetize that Website whether it's through Affiliates Google ads it's a headache yeah blog Posts are still here and they're always Going to be because people are always Going to Google questions but as far as What's more lucrative I think there's More of a competitive advantage on YouTube and even on medium compared to Starting your own blog and taking about 24 months in order to make a full-time Income from it but it is possible for Number 18 it's getting a real estate License and becoming an associate agent With Redfin now I think this is a really Interesting side hustle that I'm Currently pursuing it's cool because you Can create your own schedule and you get Paid per event some examples would be Like house showings open houses Inspections and you can earn up to a

Hundred and twenty dollars per house Showing that you do now of course the Biggest downside with this is getting Your license because that's not an easy Process but once you complete that then I would say this side hustle it's gonna Have to be I'm gonna say it's an S tier I think this is a really good side Hustle number 19 is online surveys I'm Primarily talking about Amazon Mechanical Turk I've tried other survey Websites like survey Squad and Swagbucks But I haven't had much success whereas With mturk I'm consistently able to earn Income just in my spare time I have a Couple hours that I'm just wasting time I'm watching a movie then I can just hop Onto Amazon Mechanical Turf complete Some of those surveys or micro tasks as They call them and earn some money now The pay is low you can maybe get lucky And earn 10 to 12 an hour but people That do this side hustle they call it Beer money because you're earning just a Little bit extra to supplement your Income and maybe treat yourself clothes Treat yourself fragrances treat yourself Massage it treat yourself or even invest More so I'm gonna put online surveys I'm Gonna put it as a c tier no I'm gonna Put a d tier number 20 is sign spinning These sign spinners they are in demand Companies seem to really like this form Of advertising now I've done this side

Hustle myself back when I was in high School and I earned 29 per hour and it Was one of the best side hustles I ever Did put your headphones in and you just You have to dance on average you can Earn 15 to 30 dollars per hour now it is Labor intensive it is out in the sun It's better than online surveys I'm Putting a d t here number 21 is law on And maintenance whether you want to help People clean their gutters or pressure Wash their driveways or pick up leaves Or if you have a lawn mower and Experience with mowing lawns that's Another great need based industry Because everyone that has a home needs These Services done so you can make a Lot of good money by getting out there And just asking people asking your Neighbors asking your family friends I'm Gonna put it as a seat here it's pretty Scalable too I will set number 22 it's Vending machines the downsides is you Really have to find a good location Which is harder than you might expect Primarily you want to look for places That have a lot of foot traffic so Ideally barber shops apartment buildings Etc but if you can find a location and You have the initial capital in order to Buy a machine which it's gonna cost you Anywhere from a thousand to fifteen Hundred then I say go for it now keep in Mind you will need to get a license in

Order to sell food it is scalable but it Takes a lot of upfront effort because You have equipment it's an Equipment-based business so for that Reason I'm putting a seat here number 23 It's house flipping now I don't like House flipping that much and I know a Lot of people have had success with it But the problem with flipping homes is Primarily the tax implication when you Flip a house you're going to get taxed As ordinary income basically that the Highest form of tax there can be also When you flip homes you have to factor In the expenses that come with the Repairs and the renovation now some People are handy and can do a lot of Those repairs themselves but if you're Gonna hire a contractor be ready to Spend a lot of money out of pocket Before you get anything in return so for Those Reasons I'm gonna put house Flipping I'm gonna give it an F I know That's harsh number 24 is wrapping your Car with advertisements you've seen These on the road you've seen people Driving their car with huge logos on the Side for just different businesses now This side hustle is is passive income And you can earn anywhere from 100 to 300 per month depending on where you Live and how much you drive because at The end of the day these advertisers Want want their ad to get seen I'm gonna

Rank it seat here it's just cringe and It's not not scalable but it is passive Alright and now for number 25 it's Amazon FBA fulfillment by Amazon Essentially you find a product that you Can get relatively cheap you ship that Product in bulk to an Amazon fulfillment Center and then Amazon does all the work To store the inventory package the Inventory and then ship the inventory Out once there's a sale mate and the Biggest thing is that you're trying to Be one of the first search results when Someone types in on Amazon and this is Also one of the worst Parts about this Business is how tough it is to compete And and to rank because there's a lot of Big dogs out there that have thousands Of reviews not to mention there is a lot Of initial upfront costs in order to buy The inventory and then if you pay Amazon To boost your listing and if you make Your products cheaper initially in order To get more reviews then you're running At a loss so there's a lot of upfront Capital the barrier to entries a little Bit higher I'm gonna have to put Amazon FBA as D tier I know it's pretty low Okay and now as a bonus since we just Talked about Amazon FBA we have to talk About Shopify Drop Shipping so it's a Similar concept where you find a product That you can get relatively cheap people Used to get them mainly from China and

AliExpress which is Alibaba but with the Supply chain issues and the bottlenecks A lot of people are switching to Products from other countries and Sometimes even products from the US People can scale this business to become Six figures in less than a year if done Correctly and there's a lot to do Correctly you first find the product That you're gonna sell on your Shopify Website and then from there you have to Build your website and then you have to Create an advertisement usually Facebook Ads but there's a lot of other platforms That you could use for advertising and Then if your advertisements work which They should people will start placing Orders on your website from there you go Back to the suppliers website and put The customers information and they ship The product directly to them now like I Said the downsides of this business is You have to get a lot of moving Parts Correct but if you're willing to put in The work and sort of have a trial by Fire be willing to lose money at first While you're learning then this could Turn out to be a good sign hustle so I'm Gonna place this one as an a tier now For Shopify Amazon FBA and then pretty Much all the side hustles that I Mentioned in this video there's a strong Likelihood that you might not succeed But that's okay because if you're

Willing to put in the work and improve And hone your skill then more likely Than not you're gonna find something That works for you and you're gonna be Able to build an additional stream of Revenue good luck with the grind Everyone thank you so much for watching Let me know in the comments which is Your favorite side hustle catch you guys Next time [Music] Foreign [Music]

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