BonVoyage1000 Review

BonVoyage1000 Review 1
  • BonVoyage1000 is the newest travel company in a fairly saturated travel industry.
  • Based out of the Caribbean, they are a multinational conglomerate.
  • The cost is #349.95 for a “Lifestyle” card (membership).  Some claim it’s less but this is the price featured on the site itself.
  • The Lifestyle card will give an associate tips on traveling, discounts on travel and accommodations.


The BonVoyage1000 Product

BonVoyage1000 specialize in discount travel and hospitality.  The company are however expanding their product line.  Soon they’ll have discount shopping, auto services and even prescription.

The Compensation Plan

They work on a 2 by 2 matrix much like other travel companies.  Basically, for every cycle you sell (6 Lifestyle card memberships) you earn $1,000.  You also get $200 for every teammate who completes the cycle and $100 for your teammates’ team.

Final Thought

This is a much easier compensation program for the average marketer to understand.  There are no over hyping how much money one can make.  Other than that, it’s the same product as other travel companies and virtually the same price. It is BonVoyage1000's a realistic financial goal.

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