Business Success Alliance Review

Welcome to my Business Success Alliance review! You may have heard about this company or someone approach you to introduce the business opportunity that the Business Success Alliance can offer. So, let’s see if it’s worth investing.

Business Success Alliance Overview

Business Success Alliance is a MMM program based in the United States of America. There is currently no specific information available on its current headquarters or physical premises. There is also little information available about its administration, no one in the ownership is known besides that the infamous entrepreneur Rob Abrams, but it is entirely possible that a single-person managed the business.

Rob Abrams has a history of operating fake programs and it appears that Business Success Alliance is merely a rebranding on Rob’s many shenanigans. The past proven scam programs operated by Rob include but are not limited to Automated Money Products, Magnetic Money Miracle and Global Gifting Systems.

Business Success Alliance Business Scheme

Business Success Alliance offers a unique income approach that is different from MLM programs, foremost the fact that there is no referral system or tiers involved. The affiliates simply have to advertise the products offered by Business Success Alliance, and when some referral makes a purchase, the recruiter receives a pre-set sum as profit.

However, before one can become an affiliate, there is a membership purchase required. The membership plans are offered at seven different levels; starting from Bronze and ending up Until Empire Package.

The Bronze membership is priced at $500, plus a one-time license purchase worth $195. This amounts to a total $695, required, to begin earning with Business Success Alliance. This membership plan includes some twenty-hour strong courses content that spans videos and audio formats. If the recruiter successfully manages to recruit another individual into the same Bronze Membership, the recruiter earns a $500 bonus. However, if the new recruit instead chooses any other plan, such as Silver (Priced at $2000 + one time $198 license fees) the recruiter will still only earn $500, because they are on the Bronze membership.

Had the recruiter been silver or gold ($3500 + $298) member and the new recruit signed up as a Silver member, the recruiter would earn $2000. This goes on and on, until the top most Empire level, which requires a $50,000 membership purchase with $1498 license fees. In any case, it would require at least 2.5 sales actually to make some profit through this program. Other benefits of higher membership levels is the increased volume of courses provided, though spending thousands of dollars on a few videos cheaply available from other sources appears impractical.

Each membership bestows a number of different informative courses regarding finance and business etcetera, of which the subscribing member can take advantage to achieve greater success in their own business. This is also the advertisement prospect for affiliates, to market Business Success Alliance’s courses for their informative value. This spectrum of the business, however, receives little focus as the main purpose of the scheme is simply to earn money through having others purchase the same membership.

Is Business Success Alliance a scam?

Big-ticket opportunities such as Business Success Alliance should only be approached with extreme caution. Specifically, any company that operates under a proven and infamous scammer is a call for alarm. This type of organization can be functioning without legitimate permission from the country where it operates. Of course, there is always a high risk that Business Success Alliance may disappear, as there is little information available and practically zero guarantees, along with your entire investment.

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