Cedrick Harris Review

Cedrick Harris Review 1

Cedrick Harris Review 3Cedrick Harris is well known in the network marketing industry.  Originally from the mean streets of Richmond Virginia, Cedrick was the dominant force behind the MLSP AKA MLM Lead System Pro AKA My Lead System Pro replicated “Attraction Marketing” system that became a go-to hub for struggling network marketers.

Cedrick Harris
Cedrick Harris

Cedrick Harris no longer promotes MLSP, and personally I was never a part of MLSP, nor did I want to be.  I found some of their tactics disturbing and borderline unethical.

Cedrick Harris got his big break into the MLM world by speaking at a Jeffrey Combs event.  Prior to that, Cedrick has been a top selling mortgage broker in Florida.

Cedrick Harris & Andrew Murray

Cedrick Harris and I hooked up again at the private mastermind for Jonathan Budd's top affiliates.  (I beat Cedrick in the JV contest, LOL!)

Here's Cedrick giving me his “death stare” from Jonathan Budd's living room:

Cedrick Harris Review 4

Cedrick Harris & Team Takeover

Cedrick started team takeover as a unified training platform to train the reps in his business.  He created a leveraged system where both he and his right-hand leaders could diversify their efforts to create more and better training.

My favourite Cedrick Harris video is when he got caught with a kilo.  (It's pretty shocking, here it is):

OK, Cedrick's YouTube account got shut down.  So you can't see the video now.  But trust me, it was funny.

Cedrick Harris & IMToolSuite

Cedrick Harris Review 5

Cedrick Harris is now the co-founder of IMToolSuite, which offers core SERVICES and marketing tools to network marketers.

This is a step off from MLSP, which tries to offer both training and tools.  But in my opinion, the training from MLSP was cluttered, confusing, and was followed up with a pitch-fest every week from somebody else.

IMToolSuite has been closed down.

Cedrick Harris & Visalus

Cedrick Harris is promoting Visalus Sciences.

Here's a picture of Cedrick Harris and Visalus sciences partner-in-crime Andrew Murray outside Jonathan Budd's house.  (OK, I have trouble opening my eyes without sunglasses in California!)

Andrew Murray & Cedrick Harris: Visalus sciences

I positioned myself in his organization at the top and rocked out Visalus Life Sciences with Cedrick Harris, and Visalus Ambassador Andrew Murray.

Visalus Update:

After hitting 1-Star Ambassador and clearing checks in excess of $22k in a single month, I have stopped promoting Visalus.  There are reasons on the business side and the product side.  If you are interested in hearing why – or what I'm doing now, feel free to contact me about it.


Cedrick has moved on to promote Evolv, Organo Gold, and Modere since this article was originally published.

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