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This article covers a company called CityWorth on the East Coast of the US.  I am not a distributor for City Worth nor am I affiliated with them in any way. This article will hopefully give you the information you need to make a smart and safe decision about City Worth and how it can help you reach your financial goals quickly and easily.

CityWorth – This Solves a Big Problem…

Based in Fairfax Virginia, City Worth is a new Network Marketing company that opened to the public in Washington DC in January 2012.  City Worth specializes in helping merchants get the word out about their latest deals and incentives via an online code or ‘in store' paper coupons. This not only helps the merchant but it also helps get the word out about their smash deals through an efficient chain of distributors or what the company refers to as ‘connectors'.

City Worth – How To Get Paid Quickly

City Worth gives you the power to make connections with friends and/or family by helping them save money through the City Worth streamlined network.  As a connector (sign up is $35), you will also receive your own City Worth landing page, online office, email templates, step by step instructions, and continuing free training. City Worth pays out 5% of revenue on purchases made by their downline all the way down to the sixth level.

Qualifying for Commissions

In order to qualify for commission down to the 4th level, a distributor should have a personal volume of no less than $50 per month.  To get paid all the way down to level six you will need to maintain a personal volume of $200 a month. Seeing that prices could very well go up in the future its always good to be hooked into a stable network of discounts and powerful freebies.

How Do I Promote CityWorth and What Type is the Comp Plan?

Utilizing the full range of the companies marketing materials is normally a safe bet, but there are some extra things you can do online to help boost your sales for your own web site (covered more at the end of this article). There are powerful tools in your back office online and lots of resources and information to help educate yourself and your prospects about the products.

The Binary Blues – Do You Have Them?

Some more good news is that City Worth is not a binary. Binary compensation plans tend to be a bit lopsided when it comes to flexibility although you need to be a heavy hitter to make it work. Too often folks tend to get put out in binaries and the industry is starting to reform itself to fit the needs of the 21st century's distributors. Currently City Worth is what is referred to as a ‘Uni-Level' compensation plan. These are the types of compensation plans you want to look for when exploring networking right now.

In addition to being a uni-level plan, the company at the link below is the #1 network marketing company right now.

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Time Saving Tips

One of the best ways to save time promoting is to tell someone about the opportunity with your auto-responder emailing list. That way with most folks busy schedules they can get around to watching it when they get a chance.

Simply get their name and email and get them on your email list for the company. In the case fo City Worth, they provide a full suite of online office tools to help promote yourself online and offline as well. In addition, City Worth offers the auto-responder email series as well to help make your job easier and boost your enrollments 10X!

City Worth – Is this for Me?

City Worth hasn't been around for very long but their idea has proven successful in other businesses for a while now. With a company like City Worth, you want to have a steady stream of prospects signing up for your business every single day. There are people doing this right now online and many people are missing out on something that many people are not aware of that is happening right now.

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