Clickbump SEO versus SEOPressor Review

Clickbump SEO versus SEOPressor Review 1

Both Clickbump SEO and SEOPressor are WordPress plug ins to assist you in improving your search engine optimization results for your blog. How do they compare and which one should you choose?

Scoring Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts with Clickbump SEO and SEOPressor

One thing that both of these plugins have in common is that they give you a score for your on-page search engine optimization for each post or page. This score helps to let you know how well you are doing and what areas could do with some improvement. By aiming for the highest SEO score you can help to ensure that your blog gets good rankings in the search engines.

Here is my original post on the results I got using Daniel Tan's seopressor.

But check out the differences between Clickbump SEO and Seopressor:

clickbump seo plugin
Clickbump seo simply does MORE than Seopressor

Keyword Processing and Decoration using Clickbump SEO

Clickbump SEO does all its keyword processing and decoration while you are editing your page, it is done once, so preventing delays for your page loading times. SEOPressor, on the other hand, decorates the keywords on the fly having to re-process the keywords each time the page is loaded.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Only Clickbump SEO offers latent semantic indexing. What this means is that when you are writing your post or page you can request the plug in to find related keywords which are then displayed on the side of your page and these can then be included in your page to improve its ranking.  SEOPressor does not have this feature.

No Follow Manager

In addition to their Latent Semantic Indexing function, Clickbump SEO also has a simple No Follow manager where you can decide if you don’t want search engines to follow external links or internal cloaked links. This gives you more control over which links are actually followed on your website.

My Favorite feature though is how when looking at all your posts in the WP admin, you can see the score for each post – this helps you quickly isolate weak posts – and will make you more money!

See the screenshot below:

clickbump seo posts
See how you can quickly see which posts need your attention ASAP

Clickbump SEO License Terms and Costs

Clickbump SEO has an unlimited license for $47 once off, SEOPressor comes with two license options – you can either purchase a single site license for $47 or a multi-site license for $97.

Clickbump generally appears to have more features than SEOPressor with its LSI matching and no follow management and at a cheaper price if you have more than one website or blog. SEOPressor’s single license fee is the same price as the general license for Clickbump SEO but with fewer features.

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