DoTerra Earth Essence – Legit Product or Scam


Welcome to my dōTERRA Earth Essence review! Just like any other health and/or business opportunity, you may have encountered a person who represents dōTERRA Earth Essence as an excellent wellness company and a business prospect as well. Perhaps, you are quite convinced with the idea and would like to know more about the company before you finally commit to invest. Well, you are on the right page.

dōTERRA Earth Essence Overview

dōTERRABefore we make an assessment, let’s first know the background of DoTerra Earth Essence Company. In 2008, a group of business professionals and health care experts came together to share their personal experiences with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils. With their collective ideas, they came up with a vision of providing therapeutic-grade essential oils for everyone. It was in April of the same year that dōTERRA essential oils introduced their first product offering of 10 oil blends and 25 single oils. People started to talk about the excellent quality of dōTERRA products and the rest is history.

The development of new therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil blends evolve into more product lines like healthy living, nutritional and spa products. The company sells their products only through Wellness Advocates. These advocates work from home to educate, sell and introduce dōTERRA products in their local markets and even globally through online stores.

dōTERRA products include essential oils, namely the Single Oils, Proprietary Blends, On Guard, Deep Blue®, Breathe, and DigestZen®. The company also offers Skin Care, Hair Care, Spa, Supplements, and Weight Management products. All of these are available in several countries and online stores.

Is dōTERRA Earth Essence a Scam?

Due to recent incidents of scams with businesses like network marketing, a lot of negativity come in mind when introduce with this business opportunity. So, let’s gather all the information and establish our conclusion based on the facts about the doTERRA Earth Essence Company.

Let’s start with their products. It is safe to say that their products really work. According to the overall reviews and feedback from customers who purchased online, the dōTERRA Earth Essence products work for them according to its product endorsement. Although there are a very few customers who express their disappointment, their arguments are either too much of what the product can do and/or wrong product usage. On the other hand, word of mouth from people in the local areas where dōTERRA Earth Essence has authorized representatives makes some good impression on how well their products work. So, in this area, the dōTERRA Earth Essence is true to its products.

Now, let’s discuss about the business opportunity that dōTERRA is bragging. There are several things to look into their network marketing or the compensation plan. In their program, one can earn money through retail profit, fast start bonus, power of three bonus, unilevel organizational bonus, and pools. Well, there’s no question about the retail program. As previously discussed, the dōTERRA Earth Essence products are reliable and can be very profitable for people who are good in sales. The fast start bonus is given on a weekly basis, while the power of three bonus is on monthly. For those who have experience with network marketing, this is actually similar, if not the same, in context – the more people you bring into your network, the more bonuses you get. This goes to unilevel organizational bonus and pools as well. The dōTERRA Earth Essence has their own structure of giving these bonuses to which they are due. As to date, there are no complaints yet from any of their representatives regarding the compensation benefits. In fact, should anyone who joined the company and work hard for it, the opportunities are just limitless.

So, to answer the question if the doTERRA Earth Essence is a scam… the answer is definitely NO!

The Secret of Success in dōTERRA Earth Eessence

In any business, there is really no assurance of profit. One can just prepare for a business plan or strategy to succeed and make objectives to measure its level success. This is also true in dōTERRA Earth Essence. One can simply follow the prepared plan of business of the company and work hard to achieve his or her goal – to earn and climb to the top level. Having been in the business for quite some time and established a great reputation in terms of product quality and business opportunity, one can just aim for the best and do whatever it takes to be profitable and productive is this business venture.

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  1. Megan Freeman on November 23, 2012 doterra is a great bsneuiss opportunity. If you are not interested in selling essential oils check out the supplements, skin care products, hair care products, and more. It is? so easy to present these products to people and get started with the bsneuiss. The compensation plan is great.

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