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The Rundown On DrinkACT: DrinkACT Review

The company launched in June of 2005.
DrinkACT is an MLM company that works on a binary system.
The company was started by Steve and Joe Wallach, Mark McKnight and Paul Gravette.
The company promotes energy, wellness and weight management products.

DrinkACT Review: Leaders

As mentioned above, the founders of this company are Steve and Joe Wallach, Mark McKnight and Paul Gravette. The combined management team has over 100 years of sales experience however the most notable team member maybe Dr. Charles King who is one of the most premier consultants in the network marketing industry.

DrinkACT Review: Products

DrinkACT has their hands in wellness, weight management and energy products. All products in each division are consumable. In weight management, they have products in forms of meal replacement shakes and bars, cleansing pills and more. In the wellness department, their super juice is at the forefront however their energy drink ACT Energy is their figure head product.

ACT Energy is supposed to be a healthier energy drink that isn’t loaded with sugars or caffeine. Plus, instead of being one big jolt of energy that usually ends with a crash, it's supposed to be sustained energy so it’s a gradual increase and decreases.

DrinkACT Review: Compensation Plan

DrinkACT is an MLM company that works on the binary system so residual income is the name of the game here. However, in addition to the residual aspect, you can earn money 7 other ways as well.

Residuals: DrinkACT apparently has an 80% retention rate. With this kind of statistic which isn’t impossible since they are a debt free company, that the residuals can be quite lucrative if you build your business properly.

Retail: This is not the most traditional form of earning money in a home-based business opportunity but it’s one that is there. Those who are directly involved will get a discount on their respective companies but those who wish to purchase products without joining the company may do so at retail prices. You can do this as well with DrinkACT. However, they put a twist on it in addition, if you are able to, you can sell it in established storefronts.

Matching Bonuses: This is a 10% bonus on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.

Other bonuses include Global Bonus Pool, Leadership Vacation Bonuses and a luxury car bonus. In total there are 8 ways to get paid with DrinkAct.

There are three ways to get involved with DrinkACT and their business opportunity. The first level cost $249 which is the bronze level. The next level up is called the silver level that will be a cost to you of $498. The final level will be the gold level at a cost of $747. To build a successful business you must find other business builders (not a surprise) and be on an auto-ship program yourself. That is a minimum purchase of 40 PBV (a ballpark cost of $40 a month to you) that you yourself are purchasing for personal use.

DrinkACT Review: Final Thoughts On DrinkACT

Before getting to the final thoughts of this company, we must mention a few quick random points that need to be touched on about DrinkACT not covered in the above, however, are just as important. “ACT” is an acronym for Advanced Cell Therapy. There is 450mg of potassium, 22 calories, 20 grams of sodium, 4 grams of sugar and 5 grams in carbs in their figurehead product.

To get involved is a pretty reasonable price at $249 however to qualify for some of the other bonuses you must be at the highest level. The fact that they are a debt-free company that’s been around since 2005 and has had to endure the recession like every other company is a good sign. The industry they’ve chosen, weight loss & health, is very saturated and has some very stiff competition from other companies like Visalus and other non-biz op opportunities like Nutri-System will be difficult as they go forth. However, DrinkACT appears to be a straightforward company.

Update: DrinkACT is no longer in business.

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