Eiro Research Review

Eiro Research Review 1

Eiro Research

Eiro Research
Eiro Research
  • It started in October of 2009 and is based in Dallas, TX.
  • Eiro Research was started by Dr. David Rahm, Joe O’Conner and Chris Hausman.
  • Chris Hausman currently serves as the companies’ C.E.O.
  • There are several investment costs but sources report that the investment can be as high as roughly $2,000.

The Leaders

Currently the master distributors of Eiro Research are Ty Tribble and Bo Short.

The Product

They are a wellness company. It's main product is a juice that has 5 different kinds of super foods: pomegranate, acai berry, camu camu, caja and acerola.

The Compensation

A distributor of Eiro Research can get paid on 5 levels ranging from 5% to 25% depending on your status in the company.  There are also 5 ways to get paid; retail profits, preferred customer bonuses, team building bonuses, infinity bonuses, and check matching bonuses.

Final Thoughts on Eiro Research

There were some problems regarding master distributors Ty Tribble and Bo Short (among others) being sued by network marketing company Max International for cross recruiting resulting in a lawsuit of 1,000,000.00 damages.  Click here to learn more

I don’t doubt the legitimacy of the opportunity or the product of Eiro Research but with the two men in question being so high up in the ranks and there is now an ethical interest involved.  You now have to wonder if another similar problem arose in the future, would it hurt the company as a whole and thus effecting your business.

It simply offers, solution for wellness.



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