Five Things Your Insurance Agent Won’t Tell You

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As a safe driver, there's no doubt that you carry the proper insurance coverage. There's also little doubt that you rely on your insurance agent to provide for your needs and inform you of any changes to your policy. Unfortunately, not all insurance agents are as forthcoming as we would like to think that they are. Here are five things that your insurance agent won't tell you:

1.You Qualify for Discounts

Don't depend on your insurance agent to tell you which discounts you qualify for. Research the discounts that your insurance company offers for yourself and decide if you qualify. If there are discounts that you qualify for which you aren't receiving, be sure to contact your agent and find out why. Common discounts include those for driving fewer miles than average, having a certain occupation, getting married, membership in a professional organization and even being a safe driver.

2.You're Not Tied to Your Policy

You can change insurance companies whether you've had your current policy for a week or for several years. You are never tied to your current policy or obligated to carry it to term. Your insurance agent will never tell you this because they want your business. If you aren't happy with your current insurance provider, you are free to switch at any time.

3.You Don't Need the Extra Coverage

You may not need rental car coverage or towing reimbursement for your vehicle. Once your vehicle is paid off, you may not need other coverage's that were dictated by your finance company. Don't expect your insurance agent to tell you which coverage's you can drop. It's up to you to research this information and tailor your policy to fit your needs. If you've paid off your car or aren't sure exactly what type of coverage you're carrying, it's time to revisit your policy.

4.You Can Get a Cheaper Rate

You may very well be able to get a lower rate on your car insurance with another company. It pays, literally, to get quotes from other companies at least once every six months. If you find a lower rate with another company, run with it. While it used to pay to stay with the same company for years, this is no longer the case. Don't expect any type of loyalty discount to be heading your way from your current insurance company.

5.Starting a Claim Can Ruin Your Rate

If you are involved in a collision or your car is otherwise damaged, resist the temptation to start a claim online. Even if you don't follow through with your claim, you'll find that your rate is damaged when it comes time to renew your policy. If you are involved in an accident or if your car is vandalized, call and speak with your insurance agent directly. He or she can tell you if you have a claim or if it will be worth filing one after your deductible kicks in.

Remember that your insurance agent and company are out to make money. Unscrupulous agents rely on the fact that you are uninformed. If you want to receive the lowest rates possible on your auto insurance, do the research for yourself; your agent certainly isn't going to do it for you.

Frank James writes for several insurance blogs and suggests finding cheap Pennsylvania car insurance quotes or compare Indiana auto insurance rates online.

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