Four Oceans Review

 Four Oceans – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Four Oceans review! You may have learned about the Four Oceans services when you once searched online for reducing stress and finding happiness. But what is the real score in the Four Oceans quest to pursuit happiness? Let’s find it out.

Four Oceans Overview

A MLM program based out of Plano, Texas, USA. If any entity was to come close to competing with North Korea in regards to lack of public information and secrecy, it has to be Four Oceans.

The primary motivation behind the creation of Four Oceans is to inspire happiness and motivation into people, there are also other services offered by Four Oceans, but each service traces its root somehow to inspiring happiness.

The owners of the program, however, are prominent individuals who have worked with various authentic corporations in the past, which may contribute towards a conclusion that Four Oceans, unlike several other MLM’s, may actually be worth a serious consideration or two. The founder of Four Oceans is Robert Oblon, who has very recently acquired the TSTN network. The president of the company, Jeff Cohen, was among ExecuRank’s list of top CMOs. James Menge is another founding member of Four Oceans, who has extensive management experience with global travel entities such as American Airlines, SilverCar etc.

The final prominent figure in the founding circle is Shawn Achor, a highly renowned ‘positive psychologist.’ It appears that most of these people are new entrants into the MLM industry.

Four Oceans MLMs Scheme

Four Oceans offers its services through webinars. Which are conducted with the sole mission of inspiring greater happiness and reducing the stress levels of audience. It offers some 300-hours strong curriculum of webinars that are meant to achieve just that. Furthermore, new webinars are hosted each week.

New members are offered a free 21-days happiness program. The subscription to Four Oceans is available on monthly, annual or multi-year basis, the price of which is not mentioned. There is a 30-days free return guarantee in case of customer not being satisfied with the service. However, such is only possible if that customer had purchased the annual or multi-year subscriptions.

Four Oceans also incorporate a travel service, which offers discounts to members, as travelling often means happiness, it is one the major focuses of Four Oceans.

Similar to all other services, Four Oceans also host an active referral system that can be used in effect to make an income, how effective, or detailed specifications, are not yet known.


Four Oceans – The Verdict

Looking into the type of service that the Four Oceans are into, subjectivity can be a factor. People have different perceptions and measures regarding the feeling of happiness are achieved. But in terms of the MLM’s scheme and the feasibility of the Four Oceans, we see an opportunity of getting happy here. Of course, it should come with hard work and dedication to grow.

There may be good potential for this program as its founders appear to be new entrants into the MLM industry, which makes it difficult to ascertain their intentions. However, the first impression does seem to be positive so it may be worth taking a chance here.


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  1. If it makes people think about plastic and the life it has after the original use, wearing a $20 bracelet is definitely worth it. A little bit of advertising for our planet. If they scoop up plastic out of our oceans, even better but it’s really up to us to be sure it doesn’t get there in the first place. Look at the big picture folks. Start the conversation. Wear the bracelet…

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