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Genesis Pure Review 1

Genesis Pure – Legit Product or Scam

Welcome to my Genesis PURE™ review! You may have bumped with someone who introduced you about the product and the business opportunity that comes with it or maybe someone who is already a Genesis PURE™ representative who is looking for more inputs about promoting the products.

Genesis PURE™ Overview

Dr. Dae Geun Jung, an expert marketer, and Dr. Lindsay Duncan, a master herbalist, established Genesis Pure in 2009. Their goal is to offer Pure variety of nutritional products that will lead to Pure lifestyle by selling their products and earn from it. The main headquarters is in Draper, Utah and have reached to several countries like Japan, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. To date, the company is still growing and aims to reach as many countries as possible.

The company is known with its Genesis PURE™ variety of Cleanse, Balance and Build products. They have a wide variety of products to choose from according to your daily needs, health support, fitness supplements, energy products, essential oils and a lot more. But the core of the Genesis PURE™ product line is the Balance with GoYin, Cleanse with Liquid or Capsule Cleanse, and Build with Daily Build & LOVE.

Here is an overview of the Genesis Pure line of fantastic products:

Genesis PURE™ also offers an opportunity to be their business partner by a program called Independent Business Owner (IBO). The company sets incentives and goals for all IBO leaders to rank their achievements. Rankings are named as Crown Diamonds, Pure Ambassador, Pure Chairman, Chairman, Pure Presidential, Presidential, Pure Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond, Pure Diamond and Diamond. The ranking is based on the Pure success of every IBO.

Is Genesis PURE™ a Scam?

If you search the internet for answers, chances are you will be directed to a number of websites that will lead you to more questions than answers. Here, we will establish our answer based on facts and real customers’ feedback.

Let’s start with the Genesis PURE™ products. The company offers a variety of products and all of these are real. In fact, when you look into an online store and check their products, you will see several reviews from people who have purchased and used their products. So, in terms of product line, Genesis PURE™ is true to their words and offers.

How about the Independent Business Owner (IBO) leader program? Honestly, I have read several feedback or reviews from former IBO’s online claiming that this business opportunity is a scam. They said to have struggled to get incentives and climbed to a higher ranking. Well, while these may be true, but the basis of calling it a scam for these reasons is wrong. Struggling to go on top and earn a huge amount in an instant is a normal thing. There’s no such thing as investing today and earn a huge amount tomorrow, without hard work. One should exert effort to achieve a goal and it needs a reasonable time to generate. On the other hand, there are a number of online reviews and testimonies that claimed to get huge incentives and climb to higher ranks. So, the IBO leader’s program of the Genesis PURE™ is a legit opportunity.

Is It Possible To Earn Money With Genesis PURE™?

Absolutely! There are real testimonies that can prove that Genesis PURE™ is feasible. You can see in their website the list of people who have ranked accordingly and have enjoyed a Pure lifestyle that the company has to offer. The question really is how dedicated you are to work on as IBO leader and the motivation you have to reach your goal.

As you can see, people who succeed in Genesis PURE™ are those who really stick with the strategies offered by the company using their support group. The company has its own plans and programs that may help their new IBO’s in achieving their goals. Those who failed are usually the ones who gave up immediately and don’t have the motivation to work on the program. For instance, if you just joined the Genesis PURE™, you will be asked to write down a list of people you know and invite them for a meeting. Here, you will be supervised with a more seasoned IBO leader and can learn from how everything is done.

Without proper training and exposure to how the program works, there’s a greater chance to fail. However, with proper motivation and the right knowledge of the products, success is very achievable.

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