Get Paid $200+ Per Hour by Reading Books From Home | Online Side Hustles 2022

Get Paid $200+ Per Hour by Reading Books From Home | Online Side Hustles 2022

Are you interested in getting paid to read books from home? In this video, I'm going to teach you how to make money doing just that!

If you're a reader who's looking for a way to make some extra money, then this is the video for you! In this video, I'm going to show you how to get paid to read books from home. This is a great way to supplement your income while you read the books you love!

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Did you know you can make hundreds of Dollars per hour reading books from the Comfort of your own home if you can read This side hustle is for you I'm going to Show you how you can make thousands of Dollars per day reading books out loud I Will cover how to sign up for this Opportunity how to find a book that best Suits you the different payment methods And if you stick around until the end I'll give you bonus tips on how to Increase your earnings with this side Hustle if you're watching this video You're likely on your own journey to Create a better life for yourself and You've probably heard numerous times how You should be reading more books Absolutely hate the idiom you can kill Two birds with one stone so let's free Two birds with one key today after Watching this video you will have all of The tools to earn an income will Simultaneously improving your life by Reading if you're new here I share Online side hustles that pay more than Most full-time incomes if you're Interested in making lots of money Online please think about subscribing Now let's get into the video for this Side hustle we're going to be using the Audiobook creation exchange which can be Found at I've heard about some Scams in this industry however ACX is Partnered with audible Amazon and iTunes

So they're very reputable ACX is an Exchange that helps turn written books Into audio books the author of a written Book will post a job opportunity which Means they are looking for a voice actor To read their book out loud this is Where you come in ACX has a university Program which might sound intimidating At first but it's actually just a YouTube channel with a bunch of videos That explain how to use the platform and How to help you become a better voice Actor this is actually my first bonus Tip I highly recommend watching the ACX University YouTube videos These can be found here get the skills To succeed there's a lot of very good Content here that will improve your Voice acting skills make sure you stick Around till the end for the rest of my Bonus tips now that you have an Understanding of what audiobook creation Exchange is and how they work it's time To find a book that best suits your Needs to do this we're going to click Are you an actor or producer and then Find a book for your voice As you can see there are 2 340 books Right now that are currently looking for A voice actor if you notice the view Counts on the ACX University YouTube Channel they're quite low which implies To me there's a lot of demand for voice Actors however there are not many voice

Actors to go around this makes a lot of Sense to me as audiobooks are actually a Booming industry right now before we Find the perfect book for you I want to Explain the three different page Structures that ACX offers the author Decides the compensation in advance so You can actually come over here and Filter by the compensation that you Prefer the first payment structure is Pay for production and this is the one That I recommend and I'll explain why This is where you simply just get paid For your work per finished hour using This book as an example you can see the Author is willing to pay 200 to 400 per Hour and the estimated length is about Six and a half hours you're only going To get paid for the six and a half hours Of recorded audio which is what per Finish hour means so you will not be Getting paid for the setup or if you Have to re-record something because you Mispronounced a word you won't get paid For that but most of your hours are Spent recording a six and a half hour Audiobook will maybe take eight total Hours you can discuss with the author Where you land between the 200 to 400 Per hour before accepting the job but Even on the low end at 200 an hour for 6.4 hours of audio you'll be making Twelve hundred and eighty dollars and on The high end at four hundred dollars per

Hour You'll be making 2560 for about eight hours of work that Is why I highly recommend this payment Structure another payment structure is Royalty share this is where you'll Receive a percentage of all future sales Of the audiobook I do not recommend this As most of the books on here are not Best sellers and you will not be making That much money the concept of receiving Royalties for the rest of your life is Very intriguing however if the book Doesn't make any sales you're not going To make any money so you can actually View the book on Amazon to do your own Research using this book as an example You'll see it was published on December 15 2021 and there's only 27 ratings it's Ranked 381 000 in the Kindle store so it's not that Great it's not making very many sales I Would definitely not recommend the Royalty share on this title the book Sells for 7.99 so at a one percent Royalty it would take over 16 000 sales To match the two hundred dollars per Finished hour that we discuss us earlier The potential is there for Lifetime Passive income however is the risk worth The reward that's up to you to decide Comment down below and let me know what You think the final payment structure is Royalty share plus this is a combination

Of the other two methods for example This author is offering 50 to 100 per Finish hour and a royalty share this is Another great option however I still Preferred the Guaranteed Rate so you can Get paid for your work instead of Gambling to get paid for somebody else's Work now let me help you find the Perfect book for your voice you can Filter the books so this really allows You to tailor your search to exactly What you want to find So go through and select the filters That best suit you and your voice and Then find a book that interests you once You've found a book make sure you read The about this title confirm the length And the payment structure and then view The title on Amazon to read all of the Reviews to make sure you're not signing Up for a very bad book now that you've Picked the perfect book for you it's Time to audition download the script Read it over and then record your best Attempt at it and then submit to the Author keep an eye on your ACX inbox as This is where the author will be Contacting you if you got the job if the Author likes you they will reach out With an offer it is then up to you if You want to accept or decline this offer If you are not able to find a book that Fits your needs you can go to your Profile and upload audio samples I would

Recommend uploading a sample of every Accent and language that you can speak This way authors can find your profile And come to you with job offers audio Quality is the most important aspect of An audiobook you might be able to get Away with poor audio in a YouTube video Because there are visuals to distract You however an audiobook there's nothing To distract you this leads to my other Two bonus tips I highly recommend Purchasing a good microphone I have the Blue Yeti which I love but there are Many different options I will link one For every budget in the description Below my final tip is to record your Audio in a small room most of us don't Have a studio to record in so a closet Works perfectly the clothes around you Reduce the Echo and greatly improve the Quality of your audio also if you have Kids running around your house screaming The author probably doesn't want that in Their audiobook so hopefully in a closet You will not be able to hear the kids Unfortunately audiobook creation Exchange is only available in USA Canada And the UK so if you're from another Country I recommend you try this side Hustle

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