Helium Hotspot Batch 4 Shipping Now from iHub Global

Helium Hotspot Batch 4 Shipping Now from iHub Global

📦 Helium Hotspot Batch 4 Shipping Now from iHub Global
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The Helium Hotspot enables anyone to own and operate a wireless network for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Helium Hotspot provides hundreds of square miles of connectivity and can transmit data at a fraction of the cost of a cellular network.

The Helium Hotspot is a small hardware device that creates a large wireless network for devices that use Helium’s network. Think of it like a Wi-Fi router, but for devices sending small amounts of data over long ranges. These devices are part of what’s usually called the IoT — or the “Internet of Things.”

Why deploy a Hotspot?
Hotspots provide internet connectivity for all sorts of IoT devices: bikes, scooters, temperature sensors, location trackers for pets, elevators, wildfire sensors, and much more. Your Hotspot earns a new cryptocurrency called Helium for providing network services to these devices.

How do I deploy the Hotspot? What are the requirements for running it?
It’s simple. Just plug it into a power source and connect to Wi-Fi. If there’s no Wi-Fi available you can directly plug into an Ethernet port. Once this is done, use the Helium Mobile app to finish the setup process.

Webinar Hosts:

Eric Zhivalyuk, iHub Global, iHub Meta
Chief Information Officer, CIO

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