HELIUM UPDATE: HIP 70 Solana Migration Passes! | Crypto Gossip

HELIUM UPDATE: HIP 70 Solana Migration Passes! | Crypto Gossip

An update on the Helium Network – the HIP 70 proposal to migrate the Helium Network to Solana has passed! Find out what this means for you in this video.

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Plug and Play Crypto Miners:
MatchX M2 Pro (get 50 Euros discount with this link):
DIMO Drive-to-Earn:
Helium Hotspot:
– Bobcat Miner:
– RAK Wireless (antennas, etc):
– Rokland (antennas and cables):
HotspotRF (optimize your Helium Hotspot placement and earnings):

Gate.io (for non-US HNT, MXC, & DHX transfers/exchanges) – earn 20% back on commissions):
Coinbase (earn $10 using this link):
Crypto.com (earn $25 for Debit Card signup):

Hardware Wallets
Ledger (Nano S and Nano X):

Crypto IRA Accounts
iTrust Capital ($100 signup credit):

Apps for Earning Bitcoin:
Fold (earn 5000 sats for using this link):

The Sandbox:
OpenSea NFT Exchange:
Tokenframe NFT Display:

Other YouTubers/Analysts I Follow:
Benjamin Cowen:
Coin Bureau:

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Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice.

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