Herbalife Review

Herbalife Review 1
  • Herbalife is founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes
  • There are active in 72 different countries
  • It is an MLM company
  • Your monthly fee at the lowest is $80.

The Product

They specialize in nutritional products such as vitamins but also have a wide range of other disposable products.

The Compensation Plan

A distributor can roughly make 50% on all preferred customers and 25% for other sales made by your downline.  There are other payment programs/bonuses such as a royalty override income program and an annual bonus to the distributor that makes the highest sales.

Final Thoughts on Herbalife

There is a lot of good comments about the product but a whole array of bad comments about the business itself.  From up sales to initial investments that equal up to $4,000, the numbers appear to be all over the place in terms of investment and monthly purchase by the distributor.  There marketing recommendation also appears to be passé with many people saying they were asked to purchase leads.  No doubt there are some very successful people in Herbalife but perhaps not the best company to join as a newbie.

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