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HerbaLife Third Party Review – Is Herbalife a Scam or a Legitimate Business Opportunity That You Can Succeed With?

If you’re here to get a truly unbiased HerbaLife Third Party Review, then you’ve come to the right place.

The problem with trying to get information about any certain company when it comes to business opportunities is that most often the review is written by those that are trying to get you to join the business opportunity under them. That’s not the case with this Herbalife review.

I’m not a distributor for Herbalife, and frankly don’t care whether or not you join, I simply want to make sure that you join because you’re well informed, and that you have the best chance at doing well with the opportunity. Simple and easy!

Herbalife Third Party Review – Unbiased and Brutally Honest

Chances are that you’ve heard about Herbalife before. You’ve probably seen their products in people’s cabinets, on Ebay, on signs along the road, or even had tons of people wearing pins saying things like “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” approach you… asking if you were interested in making money from home.

Herbalife has a huge reach, being that they’ve got about 2.3 million distributors out there selling their products, as well as trying to recruit others to become distributors under them. This is a top of the top tier network marketing company, second only to Amway as far as sales and global reach. So with Herbalife, you’re not getting a start up company that’s about to launch. You’re getting a global mammoth of a company that’s been around for 32 years, been privately owned and gone public twice each, and been through multiple changes in management, where one could easily argue that each change was toward a higher caliber of leaders.

HerbaLife Third Party Review – The Company and the Story Behind It

In 1980, Mark Hughes started a company called Herbalife in Los Angeles, California virtually out of the trunk of his car. Like all great success stories, Herbalife was reportedly born from tragedy, when Hughes’ mother died from complications she suffered from a battle with weight. Apparently this fight became the tragic end due to an eating disorder, and eventually an accidental overdose from diet pills.

This led Mark Hughes to try to prevent this from ever happening again, and so his first products – which are still among the most popular for Herbalife – the companies original weight loss products were born.

Herbalife has of course grown into more areas of health and wellness, and as noted their sales have also grown in a massive way. By 1982 sales grew to 2 million while they also expanded to Canada. By 1986 they became publicly traded on the NASDAQ, and by 1996 had hit a billion dollars annually.

The founder Hughes died in May of 2000 at the age of 44. After his death the company continued massive growth and in 2010 earned $2.7 Billion in revenue

Herbalife Management Team – Is Their Promise and Hope In This Team?

The current management team at Herbalife has been quite successful for growth in the years since Mark Hughes’ death.

As CEO since 2003, and Chairman since 2007 Michael O. Johnson has guided the company into 5 years of double digit growth. His team which includes President Des Walsh, and C.O.O Richard P. Goudis. All of these men have significant success in helping grow major businesses such as Disney, DMX, and The Southland Corporation (now 7 Eleven).

The Herbalife Products – Why Have They Driven Such High Sales Volume?

HerbaLife Third Party ReviewThe company has grown their product line quite significantly through their years in business. Their staple and original product line still is probably their most popular, being in the weight loss niche. Their weight loss system now includes three steps, or formulas. Formula 1 is their Shake Mix Healthy Meal. Formula 2 is the Multivitamin Complex Essential Nutrients containing over 20 essential nutrients and antioxidants. And Formula 3 is the Cell Activator Nutrient Absorption Enhancer which basically works to boost the effectiveness of the vitamins you receive from Formula 2.

They’ve also added a myriad of products to their line… for instance cardiovascular supplements created to improve the heart and blood circulation; other multi-vitamins; numerous energy supplements, protein bars and shakes; anti-oxidant supplements; joint support; and even sun protection.

What’s the Herbalife Compensation Plan Like…

The compensation plan for Herbalife is very much like many of the classic plans, a breakaway plan that focuses heavily on high sales volume. They pay 50% on retail sales, and a 25% commission on the retail sales of your downline. There are areas of bonus pay, but the breakaway plan simply means that when you hit a certain level you break away from your original downline sponsor, which means that they won’t earn as much on your efforts. That however is a turn-off to many people in the industry, because the flip side to that is simply that it will happen to you as well with your own downline.

However that doesn’t mean that there’s not money to be made, as long as you’re a great recruiter.

HerbaLife Third Party Review – Is This A Good Opportunity?

There are plenty of people on both sides of the fence with Herbalife. The fact is that there are tons of people who have made great fortunes in Herbalife, and there is an equal amount or more even that have struggled to make a dime. However that’s the law of averages in the MLM industry itself. That being said, it’s up to you what you make of this plan. There is money to be made, but granted it’s not one of the easiest plans to create a ton of wealth. On the flipside, the name recognition means that you’ll have an element of trust on your side…if you can figure out how to recruit people into your business.

HerbaLife Third Party Review – How To Guarantee Your Success If You Join

Most people fail at this point because they simply don’t understand how to get that flow of leads coming in. But others who are seeing massive success know that you must use systems that get people coming to you, ready to join your business on a regular and daily basis. To do that you need to use certain methods that will get those leads coming into your business like clockwork. If you want to see what the blueprint to a system like that looks like, then click here now!

This is definitely a business where you need a very steady and high volume flow of leads into your business. Again, the key to success in Herbalife is learning to recruit like a champ.

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