How To Use SEOPressor

I recorded a quick video that explains how to use SEOPressor, one of my fav WordPress plugins.

Basically, I'm quite strong on on-page SEO. But what this plugin does is explain exactly what you need to do to have a perfectly optimized on-page SEO. (Even if you know NOTHING about Search Engine Optimization.

Check out the video on how it works. I went from a 44.4% score (failing) to nearly 80% in under 5 minutes including typing!

And the cool thing is in my opinion, the original page was going to be good enough to get on the first page of google for the search keyword phrase “mirror image marketing”.

Check out the proof:

Seopressor case study
SEO Case Study

Now, if you see how COOL this is (because even SEO guys like me are under-optimizing if I don't use a plugin like this) you can pick up a copy of SEOPressor here.

With this plugin, you have to NEVER worry about on-page SEO. All you need to do is get backlinks to your site. Period.

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