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What is Jewel Kade?

Jewel Kade first launched in 2008 from an idea to just design jewelry pieces as a way to keep her children “close to her heart”. Janet Kinkade's idea soon became an idea that would attract national attention. The JK signature charms are in such high demand now that they have already appeared on The Today Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol. Janet Kinkade decided to take a different marketing strategy to her business and go from retail to parties in the home.  Every jewelry piece is hand crafted by Janet’s production artists and then sold and purchased through home parties and online. Jewel Kade is quickly becoming the next big thing.

Meet the Artist of Jewel Kade…

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Janet Kinkade is a woman who wanted to design jewelry that would reflect that same passion and love that she has for her own family and specifically her five children. 

After over one year of studying how to design different pieces, Janet’s friends were so intrigued by their beauty that they asked her to sell them some charms. This is where her success began to unravel when word spread and then she started to sell the pieces in boutiques and jewelry shows. Janet decided to transition from retail to home parties with anybody wanting to start their own business from home. You can share in the same vision and opportunity that many other women are having success with.

The Jewel Kade Product Line…

Jewel Kade provides a variety of vintage, urban, contemporary, and intimate pieces that can be personalized to every consumer. The jewelry consists of Signature Charms, Magnolia Metals, Necklaces, and various Accessories. The accessories range from bracelets, earrings, Swarovski Birthstone Crystals, and many more. One important factor that makes this jewelry unique is that they are handcrafted, and made out of high quality material. Just by looking in the catalog, people seem to understand the story and the passion behind the idea of this beautiful jewelry.

 Is Jewel Kade a Business for you?

This opportunity looks great for stay-at-home-mothers looking for part-time work or even anybody looking to make some extra cash. The potential is even there if you want to devote more time and turn it into a full-time income, or even if you want to replaces it for a 5-figure income, it is possible. Since it is a fairly young company, the best time to get involved would be now.
If you are interested in starting or wondering how this works, your primary marketing method would be to host parties and share the product with other family members and friends. You would then become an Independent Stylist with the flexibility of your own hours and setting your own goals. JK’s compensation plan is very generous, and your income goes up every time you make a sale!

Some benefits of becoming an Independent Stylist are:

  • The advantage to keep 25% profits of every sale.
  • After $3,000 in retail sales, stylists keep 30% of every retail sale
  • Average parties bring in about $600 in sales, which would put about $180 in your pocket.

There are many other benefits including the ability to earn FREE jewelry!

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, simply pick a starter kit which has a small investment valued over $600. Once you receive your kit, start hosting parties and make your orders. You will receive your own JK website that will help to assist you in marketing your new business and allows for online purchases.

With full company support, the possibilities are endless to take your business to the next level. Along with your own website, you will receive leadership training, the opportunity to attend annual conventions, training events, and many more opportunities to help you succeed.

How Does Jewel Kade Rate Among the Others?

Again, Jewel Kade is among the top ten MLM/Home Based Business’ in the industry today. If you are considering an Online Business or a real legit opportunity that can put extra cash in your pocket, take a look at what this sincere and passionate company has to offer.

Whatever you decide to get involved in for a home based business you have to make sure that you have a reliable system in place that can provide you with highly qualified leads for your opportunity. They are the crucial lifeblood of your online business. If you are looking for an easy and powerful way to generate an endless stream of qualified leads straight to your email inbox each and every day, then you will want to watch the webinar below right now.

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