Kindred IM Academy Review

kindred IM academy

Welcome to my Kindred IM Academy review! Kindred IM Academy is a recent entrant into the MLM Industry – and it may have already broken previous records. Foremost being the record of secrecy, as there is absolutely no information whatsoever available on the owners, location, registration, products or anything else about the company. Let’s get to know more about Kindred IM Academy as an MLM option.

Kindred IM Academy Overview

Kindred IM Academy is a supporting group on Facebook, which is the only source of information regarding the program. Limited as it may be, a few names being the company’s operation are noted with no further detail: Lisa Stalvey, Jean Tasler, Yew Nieng Song and Mike Thibodeaux.

The domain of Kindred IM Academy was registered on July 12th, 2015. Further information is also not available because the domain has been set to private. The steep level of secrecy already raises considerable suspicions about the intent and authenticity of the business. Why would anyone purchase any product or service from a company that exhibits zero information about itself?

Kindred IM Academy MLM program

There appears to be no specific retail product or service offered by the company, except for brief mention of digital courses and electronic magnetic radiation protector. The only service offered by the company is its Affiliate membership, which is priced at $50. Apart from that, new members are also required to pay $5 to their recruiters.

Kindred IM Academy offers their compensation plan on a 2×8 structure, which means that affiliate, can have up to two sub-affiliates, each of whom has their own pair of sub-affiliates; the structure is capped at 510 positions.

kindred IM academy

To be more specific, the affiliate at the top-most level pays $5 to their recruiter in order to qualify for receiving payments from two sub-affiliates, if the affiliate manages to get two recruitments, they can earn the possible maximum of $10. As the affiliate advances into the next level, the matrix is expanded and the affiliate must pay $10 in order to qualify for receiving four sub-affiliates worth $10 each. This ladder continues ahead until it reaches the maximum possible limited of 510.

If any member manages to reach the highest level of the ladder, they are required to pay $200 monthly to the company. $100 of which are added into the ‘profit share pool’, Furthermore, 5% out of the $50 membership fees also is added into the same pool.

It appears that the system behind Kindred IM Academy is developed only for the benefit of the company owners, they appear to have absolutely no liability over the business and only benefit through the $5 gifts being purchased at the bottom level of the matrix. The company also holds over the remaining 95% of the original memberships, coupled with the fact that they present absolutely no information about their business and investment opportunity. It raises the question, what are their expenses?

Is Kindred IM Academy worth investing?

Kindred IM Academy is an instant no-go option. Do not waste your precious time and money over some poorly structured company that does not bother to present any information regarding its business and ownership. There are plenty of better options available on the market that are actually authentic and offer actual monetary benefits.


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