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The Rundown On Kleeneze

  • Kleeneze started in 1923 in Hanham Bristol, England by Harry Crook.
  • They are a multi-level marketing company that specializes in disposable products such as household items and health and beauty products.
  • In the 1980’s, they started to use catalogues, much like Avon does, to promote their products and opportunity.
  • They are a founding member of the Direct Selling Association. They only operate in Europe as of now.


The Kleeneze Leaders

Kleeneze is what I call a grinder company – people are able to make money however not in the flashy way that North American’s are used to. Although some have taken it upon themselves to go the internet marketing route and the company itself has taken their marketing to television, they are more or less still a friend and family type of company.

Kleenze has collapsed entirely:

A Kleeneze Overview Video

Kleeneze Products

With over 1,500 products in their catalogues, they really try to cover all of their basis. A volume business without a doubt, the line of Kleeneze products range from the typical household items to health and beauty products, some are very inexpensive and others not so much. Much like a company like Melaleuca or Amway, all of their products are consumable. They also offer a money back guarantee.

Kleeneze has a very low sex appeal product.  Always remember, people, buy on EMOTION, not LOGIC.

The Kleeneze Compensation Plan

There are 3 ways to earn money by doing retail sales, sponsoring new distributors and bonuses. With an estimated 2.5 million homes receiving Kleeneze catalogues a month, there is the sense that some money can be made. Before where approaching family and friends and holding Kleeneze parties/events in your home was the only way to market, in 2009 Kleeneze launched their first television campaign to help get the word out. This can only help. As for actual numbers, there are 20 different types of the distributor that range from “Distributor” to “Grand Master Distributor”. As long as you are an active member of the company, you can earn 33% on sales as well as 10% of volume profits. As you move up in rank, you can earn anywhere from 1.35% to 24%, with the higher you are the lower your percentages. Now, that may not seem logical, however, as you move up you’re still receiving other percentages from other levels (up to 5 levels) and it’s all compounded.

Final Thoughts on Kleeneze

Not much information on scams when it comes to this company but after analyzing the site, the reviews and some testimonials, it appears to be an honest company. It’s not the big ticket item with the whole flash and dash and you probably won’t become a household name in this industry being a distributor in this company, however, it’s a popular company in Europe and those who are in it are very much behind it. The starting percentages are high and your first couple of cheques will likely be more than $2.00 or $3.00 like those other company’s will give you (as long as you give it an honest effort). However, they are still promoting the “friends and family” method and holding “parties” at your home marketing system. As mentioned before, people are now taking it upon themselves to use the internet however being restricted to Europe, more specifically the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and The Republic of Ireland, can be more challenging in terms of building your business bigger than other network marketing companies that are global if you are serious about building Kleeneze.

You are advised to stay away from Kleeneze.

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  1. Very happy to read such a good review about the company I work with. Just to keep you updated. All distributors now have a webshop, the catalogue we work with has been transformed and is very modern and we just released a fantastic ezecook party plan and an ezespa range. Beautiful products, very good value and many benefits for customer as well as distributor. So a great company to work with.

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