Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review! You may have talked with someone offering you to get the most out of your life and retire early. Well, who would not want to enjoy life anyway? But, can Lyoness’ Multi-Level Marketing program makes your dream come true? Let’s find out.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Overview

Lyoness was established in 2003 in Austria, the founder and CEO is Hubert Fried. There is no available information on any previous MLM involvement of the founder, thus hinting that this might be his very first venture, which has sustained for over a decade now.

Through its protracted lifecycle, the program has managed to accumulate a good deal of prominence mainly in benefit from its overtly complex compensation program which fools inexperienced people into thinking they are actually benefitting from their investment with the program.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

If any business feels the necessity to design its business model beyond anything other than the conventional, simple and efficient numerical model, it may hint towards something probably unattractive.

Lyoness is a cash-back program, which offers a certain discount and cashback applicable on every purchase, similar to those offered by credit card companies and banks, but the cashback is applicable at purchases only at limited, select retail stores.

There is no MLM venture complete without its very own referral program, Lyoness has its own overtly complex referral and compensation program, composed of ‘Accounting Units’. The actual mechanics behind these units is difficult precisely to explain, however, in brief, Account Units are accumulated through recruiting a certain number of people who spend a certain volume of cash, in order for you to rise up in rank and earn some of the promised money. For example, if you are able to recruit exact 35 direct referrals and 35 indirect referrals, you may eligible for a $675 Loyalty cash in the ACI Category, which is only redeemable for purchases made through Lyoness store. After a reasonable amount of time spent on calculating, your entire life of referrals will need to spend over $180,000 for you to receive a measly $675 bonus that is not even real money.

In order to become eligible to recruit other members, you will first need to purchase a $3000 membership, and must recruit a few business partners for the company itself. The huge starting investment, coupled with the fact that no promotion tools are provided means that there is a huge amount of effort required to earn actual money, while the Lyoness company itself continues to rake in insurmountable amounts of profit.

Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing – Our Verdict

Though others services provided by Lyoness are not fraudulent, the MLM side of the company is built around nothing more than an obvious pyramid scheme, made only to lure in investors under false promises. There are greater alternatives available that offer attractive benefits in return for your efforts. Hence, we believe that the Lyoness Multi-Level Marketing Review can be a good option to earn more, but the risk is definitely very high. It requires hard work and a number of people willing to invest under your network.


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