Make Money in-between Signings| Side Hustles 2022 | Signing Agent Side Hustles

Make Money in-between Signings| Side Hustles 2022 | Signing Agent Side Hustles

Hi Guys,

When things are slow in your Signing Agent Business don’t forget that you are first a Notary Public. There are tons of ways to make money as a Notary: (Check your State Laws)

General Notary work
Wedding officiant
I-9 specialist
Immigration specialist
Process server
Permit Running
And more…

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Your girl michelle i know it's been a Minute but i'm back i'm back i've been Busy All right y'all so today i wanted to Talk to you about um some of the things That you can do when the sign in slow Down right when the signers aren't as Plentiful um i can speak for an um for Uh through experience right that at one Point maybe i had about maybe five Consistent We'll say four to five signings a day Consistently right That's what um i used to have well we All know that the interest rates have Gone up Which means that people are not Refinancing as much right But you know people are buying and People are Selling Property so those loans still have to be Closed so again um i'm not seeing as Many refinances Lately um there are a lot of seller and Buyer and loan modifications out there So they're still signings they're still Signings there's still sign into still Signings right but when you're used to Having four and five signs a day and Then maybe you go to two um signings a Day right you need to figure out a way To supplement your income so i just kind

Of want to talk about some of the things That i do personally Um to supplement my income and that may Work for you may work for you all right So Outside of being a sign an agent right Um i am a notary public right so one of The things um that we can do to Supplement our income is general notary Work which is something that you should Already be marketing um along with your Uh signing agent business right so if You don't have you should A google business page so whenever you Do general notary work for somebody they Can always refer you Um you know to somebody else right when When you do an assignment for someone Make sure you say hey Thank you so much for the business can You please leave me a review on my Google business page right so that helps You Because you're getting you know more Reviews And then the person that you work for do A good job be great be nice be kind and Then they will refer you um because most Of the time they'll always ask for a Card or if i need you for anything else I'll give you a call so then they can be Either they can refer you Um to A family member friend or they can

Become a repeat customer so your general Notary work um is going to be your Second you know if it if it's not Already your first um source of income Right a lot of people think oh i'm just A notary i'm just going to dab a Document and get five dollars you know And it does not work like that there's a Lot of money in general notary um work You know um you're doing power of Attorneys you're doing wheels you're Doing trust you're doing general Um You know notary work you are you know Notarizing or you know doing um passport Applications you know depending on where You live you may become an i9 specialist You may also uh Incorporate in your business Fingerprinting um Permit running if you live in one of the States that allow you to become a web Efficient efficient that is a whole Business in itself i know i spoke about That um in the past but if you can do a Wedding that would be awesome you can Make definitely you can make money You know um In that you can do inspections you can Be a process server there's so many Different things in the general notary World that you can do you know but again Um General annoying work is not something

That always would just come to you right Unless you have a google business page And somebody googles uh notary near me And you're at the top of the list you Can always pay um for advertisement um You can pay to be at the top of the list Um i'm sure Google will take your money to do that You know You know yep you can advertise on um Next door Your um homeowners association um may Have a facebook page you can you know Put your information there hey i'm a Notary if you ever need any services Contact me Where you go to where you spend your Money the gas station that you go to Um You know where you go get your hair the Barber shop um the beauty salon you know The grocery store um if you there's a Little mom-and-pop restaurant that you Go to that may allow you to leave your Business cards right so you you know you Can market yourself through those um You know through those different places You know on your um Instagram your um facebook all your Social media pages you can let your Friends and family know that you are a Notary and that you would love to help Them with their documents you know so It's all about advertising you know

Market yourself create some qr codes With your business information on it um So that they can contact you if you're Remote online let everybody know as long As the remote online notary is available In their state that you're able to do Their documents because they may not Even realize that they may think because You live in tennessee that you may not Be able to notarize uh their documents So you know you have to open your mouth Open your mouth over in your mouth and Let people know What you do because you know just by Looking at you if you ain't wearing this Shirt they don't know um what you do all Right so um another thing um That you can do is again continue to Market yourself through um you know to Um Escrow officers uh attorneys title Companies insurance companies um you Know And let them know that you know you Definitely are a sign an agent you do General notary work um you know so Market you know to those pipe to those Um Places um as well don't forget to reach Out to those signing services going back To you know when it's slow reach out to The signing service and say hey i just Want to let you know i'm available ask Them do you have anything available in

My area if they have something available They may give it to you um or they may Remember that you called yesterday ah And they may say oh i have something in The dates that's important to create Those relationships with those signing Services and your direct people Speaking of direct Reach out to them and say hey just Michelle just want to know if you got Any business i love to help you out you Know and you can tell them it's been Slow and they may even throw you a bone Right they may even throw you some work Knowing that it's been extra slow so you Know communication is key all right so Outside of the signing agent and outside Of your general notary work let's talk About some other things that i do that You can do to make money right so the First one i'm gonna bring up Um is instacart right some people don't Like doing those type of gig jobs right Because that's just not for you Me Shopping Spending somebody else's money and Providing a service that's going to help Somebody yeah i'm all about that like i Absolutely love doing um instacart you Know I got up this morning Got up this morning Six o'clock

I went To kroger down the street from my house Picked up some cat litter and delivered It to the lady right down the street it Was 16 I made one item 16 Down the street i made it it's in my Account right now and guess what it Literally took me all of 15 probably Total minutes to do that And i made fifteen dollars a dollar a Minute Right instacart you know so Um what i like about them you can choose The batches that you want you can choose The orders that you want you can choose When you work you don't have to be on a Schedule you don't have to log in i mean You know like clock in at work you can Just Wherever you are you can just click on The app Go online and if there's something Available And you want it if you're the first one To get it You accept it So Um with instacart Um you know What i love about them again is that i i Pick when i want to work if i want to Work and You can cash out you can get your money

Instantly i mean there's like a 50 cent Charge but if you don't have any gas Money or let's just say you got gas Right because you need some gas to Deliver the groceries but i'm just Saying like say you hungry and you want To go out to dinner and you pick up a Couple instacart um orders cash out You can go to dinner right i mean it's Quick easy money so for this week for an Example today is sunday And um For the week i've made over 500 dollars And i'm just doing that part time in Between my signings or whenever i'm Bored you know i just go Pick up an instacart order right I've done a couple door dashes you know That's another thing that you can do Doordash um And initially i was like i'm not doing This because i would i logged into the App and it was like oh two dollars head To sonic right now for two dollars i'm Not going to sonic for nobody two Dollars i don't care like no i'm not Doing that right so then i cut it off Then i cut it on again and then it was Like oh 15 pick up a salad take it two Miles oh good tip right oh okay i'm Gonna do that right So i don't do doordash that much but i Will um pick up one um in the event that I'm in between signings you know say i'm

On the other side of town and i have Like a two hour window but before my Next sign-in i may pick up an instacart Or a door dash or so in between there so That i'm not just sitting around i'm Maximizing my time right so you know Everybody feels differently about doing The gig work You know what guy has for you is for you And what he has for me is for me if i'm If it's available i'm gonna take it you Know so um instacart um door dash uh Another thing that i started doing is Mystery shopping right so You sign up for these companies Um one is like i uh secret shop and they Have all these different um things that You can do um you can go in and to Pretend you know you can go in and have A meal at a restaurant and they'll Reimburse you for your meal you send Them um you know you answer all these Questions that they um have you um you Know you answer all the questions from You know was the server nice was the Restaurant clean how long did it take You to get your food was the food warm Like you know certain things like that Or you may go into a store and do like An audit um for the store Um you may have to go in and try on um i Don't know clothes and see how they you Were treated or going to a furniture Store or something like that and you

Know within an hour or so and they may Be um so i did one for a particular Store i'm not going to say what it was But i went in i spent an hour and i made 60 bucks 60 an hour to try on um Something and um yeah i made 60 bucks so You know again you know You want to supplement your income you Want to add little things in there are Jobs there are things out there that you Can do so again that's i secret I will leave my link um to Instacart doordash i secret shop there's Fuel agent which is another thing Another um source of my income that you Can do again it's like secret um mystery Shopping um so um you can do that Um What else Um and so outside of you know there's Other side gigs i think there's ships And There's other things that you can do as Far as side gigs is concerned um but you Know if you are in between signings or You don't have a sign-in for the day you Know one of the things that you can do Is declutter your home you know go Through your closets your you know and Through your clothes and if there's old Clothes that you're not using old things That you no longer need go ahead and you Know if you your neighbor's hood is Having a yard or yard or garage sale

Participate in that get rid of that Stuff sell it And make you some money um if you want If they're bigger items or Um or you can just list them on a Facebook marketplace you can put them on Ebay and you can even um you know sign Up for makari or poshmark you know one Of those particular platforms you know To sell your items so you know if you Are looking for ways to make money i Have just given you Several different ways to make money in Between your sign-ins um or just because If you just want to make some additional Um money at this point in in the game Nobody should be broke nobody should be Broke if you have a car people door dash On the bike like i You know i know if you live in seattle Everybody rides a bike but you know There should be no reason why we can't Make some additional um income you know Outside of your you know if you're doing Real estate investing or you have like Residual income you know your youtube Channel right you can make money off of That you can do amazon affiliates you Know put in affiliate links you can sell E-courses you can do ebooks there's so Many things guys that you can do make Your money another tip if you are doing Gig work like i did this morning i ran Out because i was at 497

And my goal for the week was 500 so i Needed to go get that order so i can Push me over five um hundred dollars Wear your shirt while you are shopping i Wear my notary public shirt when i am Going to do my gigs when i'm going to Instacart when i'm grocery shopping when I'm picking up door dash when i am just Going to the market for myself i wear my Notary public shirt because i want People to know what i do You may need my services and so i hand Out a card i need to create a qr code so That they can just scan the code i don't Want to make this video too long i want To stop it at 15 minutes because i know Some people attention span is like this So hit the like button hit the share if You are not subscribed go ahead and join The channel i'm gonna go you guys have a Great day what god has for you is for You i love you guys thank you for my Being part of my 10 000 plus subscribers And until next time see ya

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