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Mandura MLM Review

manduraMandura started its operations in 2008 with an objective to enrich the lives of people all over the world by providing them superior nutritional products and serving them by giving rewarding financial opportunities. As per their association with Kids Against Hunger, the company is also providing a meal for every bottle. The major goal of the company is to help the overall health and financial situations of individuals and families around the world. It also aims to help people for leading a debt free life and a financially independent retirement life. The company is guided by eminent visionaries, such as Casey Yarbrough, Tom Quinn, KC Yarbrough, Daniel Montgomery, Stephen Spratley, etc.

The Mandura Corporation is also employing a multi-level marketing strategy to sale their products. The company is concentrating on the production of nutrition and weight loss products with an objective to make an impact on obesity epidemic and world hunger. They are also following an MLM model for selling their products.

The Products of Mandura

Mandura is selling two products, a fruit juice and a beverage. The beverage of Mandura contains ingredients from North American blueberry and Brazilian Acai berry. The company also offers 30 days trial, if it do not meet the expectations of the consumers, the company will refund the full amount. The company is selling its juice under the name ‘The Royal Family of Fruits.' These fruits include Durian, blue berry from North America, Acai from Brazil, and Mangosteen fruit from Asia. These fruits are helpful for providing the essential nutrients and vitamins, which Americans are lacking. These nutrients and vitamins are also essential for fighting against the dangers caused due to free radicals, which are responsible for cell damage. When the cells in your body damages, it leads to heart diseases, age related disease and cancer.

As per the findings of Mandura, the diet of average American's is not well rounded and they are not consuming recommended doses of essential nutrients and vitamins. As per the recommendations of the US Food and Drug Administration, an average adult must consume 9 servings of vegetables and fruits every day for keeping their body healthy and disease free. You will get enough amounts of vital nutrients and minerals if you consume a minimum amount of vegetables and fruits. This is also helpful for keeping your body in the peak. It is also very difficult to eat fruits on proper time. You should also need to eat lots of fruits to get the desired result. Mandura solves all these problems through its products.

The number of people who eat recommended dose of vegetables and fruits is very less. Many resort to supplements or multivitamins for their daily needs of minerals and vitamins. Consumption of supplements will not be beneficial for providing the nutritional needs of your body. This is the reason Mandura is capturing unique and potent fruits for preparing their juice. When they combine the Royal Family of Fruits, it will be able to provide you the ideal nutritional balance. Their nutritional juice supplement is also preservative free.

The dietary supplement offered by Mandura is not a supplemental form of vitamins and minerals. Instead, Mandura claims that, the company has reconstituted each ingredient. The fruit juice of Mandura is also coming with extraordinary taste. The company also claims that the two shots of MANDURA juice per day is enough for getting the nutritional needs for your body.

The company also selected Royal Family of Fruits purposefully to provide supreme nutritional benefits through Mandura. In such a way, MANDURA helps to promote the natural energy, melatonin levels, serotonin, and it supports joint function and cartilage. The juice is also beneficial for maintaining the health of intestinal system. The company also tells that their juice is a great source of healthy omega fats, minerals, and proteins.

The Mandura Compensation Plan

manduraMandura believes that the members, distributors, or representatives are the assets of the company in their relationship marketing. The company is also keep away from reaping the big percentage of their hard work. The company prefers to call the people who sell their products as Independent Business Owners (IBO). IBOs are not just the assets of the company. But, Mandura believes that because of the IBOs, the company exists. This is the reason the company creates a compensation plan, which favors the success of the IBOs.

The compensation plan of Mandura is known as Straight Line Forced Matrix. The company also claims that they are the first company to implement a compensation plan for the sellers of their products. As per the compensation plan of Mandura, once a person enrolls as the IBO of the company and the IBOs who enroll after them will fall under your organization regardless of the person who sponsors them. This is helpful for IBOs to get more income than expenses. The company also has designed 7 different ways to earn income and prosperity through this plan. If you recruit at least a single person in to your business, you will be eligible for getting the compensation.

If a person wants to be affiliated with Mandura, he must make an initial purchase of their product. You can determine the percentage of compensation you can earn with this initial purchase though there are lots of costs involved in it. When you purchase one bottle nutritional product worth $30.00USD, you can earn 10% as compensation. You should purchase products worth $248.00USD to get 100%. The IBOs can attain higher compensation very easily by combining as a group for purchasing Mandura products.

The company established the compensation incentives strategy for attaining a rapid growth. Mandura could achieve success within two years of existence in the market because of their unique strategies. The company has also expanded its independent affiliate base to Europe as well. Now, the company is also planning for a global expansion of their business.

The company is also providing information regarding the capability and bottling process for the production of massive quantities of products on a daily basis. As per the information available in the website of Mandura, the company has dedicated great deal of effort, time, and research for the development and production of their product line.

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