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If you’re looking for MLM companies in Canada, you’ve come to the right blog.

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First off, I’m Canadian.  I’m actually one of the top network marketers in Canada.  I was born in Toronto, Ontario, and I moved to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia Canada about 4 years ago.

When I Started my MLM Canada Business

I’ve been involved in MLM since I was 24 years old.  I started with an Executive Director in Melaleuca based out of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.Back then, I didn’t know any better and tried (unsuccessfully) to build my business using my warm market and the 3-foot rule, which I was allergic to <grin>.Eventually I started calling leads.  That sucked too.So I committed to learning about online marketing.  And eventually I got the hang of it, and now I completely dominate the MLM marketplace.

Is It Easy To Build an MLM in Canada?

I find that most of my marketing is targeted towards US citizens.  Canadians are, on the whole, less entrepreneurial than their American counterparts.  But I love working with Canadian MLMers.But Canadians do well in network marketing.  There are some very strong groups based locally in Canada.I am part of a MLM that just launched in Canada, Visalus Sciences. The key to success with an MLM in Canada is much the same anywhere.

  1. Find a good mentor
  2. Find a company that is in momentum
  3. Work it consistently

It’s growth is incredible, so if you’re looking for a new MLM or a Canadian MLM that has a lot of opportunity, check out my review on this company.

Top MLM Companies in Canada

What are some of the top MLM companies in Canada?Pretty much, you see the same patterns with the US.However, I was talking to a guy I met in a Trade show on the weekend and he said he was the first distributor East of Quebec in Organo Gold – which I was shocked at, actually. But there is another company that just launched in Canada in September 2011 that is capturing top leaders from other MLM companies.Read more about this downline machine here – which is the best MLM opportunity you’ll find if you’re looking to start building a new, trending MLM in Canada.

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