Morinda — Legit or Scam?


Welcome to my Morinda review! There are a lot of talks about Morinda lately. You may be curious about how reliable the news you are getting from various sources about Morinda. Well, stop the search, because you just landed on the right page. Here, you will discover if Morinda is legit or scam.

Morinda Overview

The company, Morinda, is formerly known as Tahitian Noni International. It was founded by Kelly Olsen and John Wadsworth in 1996. The company claimed that they have the answer to help people live younger, longer through their health supplement, especially their flagship product – the Tahitian Noni Juice.


With the help of clinical research, the Tahitian Noni Juice was able to prove its worth to be beneficial to enhance one’s health. The research claimed to discover Iridoids in Noni that dramatically reduce A.G.E.s (Advanced Glycation End-Products) formation and help prevent the damage a.g.e.s cause, including premature aging, illness, and disease. These claims catch the attention of health conscious people to try the Tahitian Noni Juice.


Over the years, Morinda introduced a number of health and wellness products. As the number of products increase, the company commences direct sales Multi-Level Marketing as a business opportunity. Up until today, the company is recruiting more people to enroll and be their business partner.

Is Morinda a scam?

Let’s now look into the most important details about Morinda – is it legit or a scam? Well, we have to answer this question in two categories, the legitimacy of their product claims and their Multi-Level Marketing as a business opportunity.

In terms of their products, Morinda has a number of products related to health and wellness. Although they are really known for their Tahitian Noni Juice, but then the assessment will be as a whole. So, we gather all the feedbacks from the people who are using Morinda products and the result is something that the company will be happy to hear. Overall, the satisfaction level of their consumers is above average in terms of the effectiveness of the products as advertised. We also take a look at the reviews from legitimate online stores on their registered buyers. The result is quite impressive, as the company has good reviews on their purchases. It is also worth noting that their main product, Tahitian Noni Juice, is what people seem to buy more often. All these being said about Morinda product reviews, it is safe to say that their products claim is legit!

Now, let’s see how reliable is Morinda’s Multi-Level Marketing as a business opportunity. To be able to partner with Morinda, you have to purchase their recommended starter kit that is worth around $300. This includes several product packages that can be sold at their suggested retail price. However, you can go as low as $35 to enroll and start recruiting people to come into your network. The system works with a bonus system wherein one can earn more profit when he or she climbs on to the leader board. According to several members of the Morinda Multi-Level Marketing, it is really hard to go on top. You have to work hard and be dedicated to what you are doing. It requires time and efforts to succeed with this business opportunity. Overall, the Morinda’s Multi-Level Marketing as a business opportunity is not for amateurs in this system. There’s no way that one can earn something without doing nothing in Morinda. However, when you have the skills and network, there’s a better chance of success. So, in terms of Morinda’s Multi-Level Marketing as a business opportunity, it is legit!

Our verdict, the Morinda company is legit and not a scam!

Challenges in Morinda

Of all Multi-Level Marketing companies that we have reviewed, the Morinda company is one of those that are not for starters or amateurs of the system. Their system requires an experienced individual to be able to succeed. But we are not saying that it’s impossible for newbie to succeed, however, it takes a tough individual to overcome the challenges.

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