My Internet Traffic System: Review

Organizations and businesses are now looking into the internet to advertise their products and/or services. There is a good reason for this – a huge number of potential clients or customers are browsing the internet. This was the thoughts of My Internet Traffic System when they built their company. But how does My Internet Traffic System differs from the competition? Are they legit or scam? Let’s find out.

My Internet Traffic System Overview

My Internet Traffic System (MITS) is a lead and traffic generation system owned by the industry-renowned entrepreneur Vince Reed. This system can be used by any internet-based organization and business to generate targeted leads and high-quality traffic onto their website.

In essence, the MITS is a training programme featuring plenty of basic and advanced marketing techniques over various different spectrums, designed immaculately to teach you the most effective methods for lead generation. This also includes direct coaching through phone.

How My Internet Traffic System Works?

The My Internet Traffic System made sure that their system works not only for their professional clients, but to those who are not so familiar with internet traffic. They don’t use technical terms to explain their system, but rather simple and understandable even for newbies.

MITS is a subscription-based programme, offered over three different levels.

Level 1 (Marketing Mastery Kit) – $19 monthly.
Level 2 (Access to all training material) – $197 monthly.
Level 3 (MITS Affiliate) – $997 purchase, $297 renewal.

The first level includes a 20-minutes direct conversation with a coach, who will teach about some basic and advanced marketing tricks. There are also more than 12 learning modules and an audio learning course included.

The second level gives you an opportunity to connect onto to weekly webinars held by Vince Reed and directly inquire him your options. There are plenty more training modules available on this level, alongside dedicated coaching conversations and mobile lead generation techniques.

The third level is more dynamic. It allows you to become an affiliate with the MITS, granting you the ability to sell their products (or membership) on a 50% commission (each training module can be purchased individually, a membership packages them all for lesser price). Furthermore, becoming an affiliate also means that the MITS team will do all of the lead and traffic generation for you, which means you do not even have to learn.

So, Is My Internet Traffic System Legit or Scam?

As far as the documentations and feedbacks we gathered from their clients, the My Internet Traffic System has delivered its promise to their clients. They were able to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of all the clients we interviewed and surveyed.

Hence, the MITS appears to be a legitimate and functional business with a small MLM twist on the side. Though the penetration cost appears rather high, the resulting sales through increased traffic generation could potentially be worth it. It is also worth noting that the internet is a diverse platform that is highly complex and multifaceted. There’s a possibility that one’s success does not imply or guarantee the others. Clients should still have a comprehensive study on the My Internet Traffic System, if this will work for them.

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