My Top Side Hustle Ideas for 2022

My Top Side Hustle Ideas for 2022

Side hustles I do my self and you can try out too.
Side hustles IDEAS are:

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Hey everyone I want to talk real quick About five things you can do as a side Hustle to gain extra cash if you're in a Bit of a bind and you need some extra Money or you're in between jobs or you Don't even have a job and you're trying To actually make money to get by or Whatever it is these are five ways you Can start to start to get some money on A daily or weekly basis depending on how Much time you have and depending on your Access to vehicles or not my number one Pick uh for this would be Uber and Lyft Obviously the downside Uber and Lyft is You need a vehicle you need to have Something to move around from point A to Point B if you're driving people for Uber and Lyft you will need a car I Believe that is five years or newer it Varies from state to state or Province To Province depending on where you are Uh you will need a car to get registered Lyft I believe requires newer cars the Advantage also with Lyft is you can Deposit your daily payments to your Account right away Uber you have to wait Till a certain time To deposit it within the week I also Believe you can request payment into Your account but it's not as Swift as It's not as Swift or quick as lifted so That's something you need to watch out For um but they're both good you know if You're doing it at Peak periods and high

Traffic areas you can make some serious Money at least enough money to get you By on a month-to-month basis I have a Video dictating some of the things that You need to look out for with Uber and How to get started I'm gonna link it in The description below check it out if You're interested number two is ubereats Skip the dishes doordash if you're Interested in again delivering but you Don't have a newer car and you're not Interested in buying a newer car Ubereats and skip the dishes are another Great example you can register and just Deliver food in your neighborhood I find It to be a little bit quicker in terms Of in terms of the piece as opposed to Uber Uber you have to sometimes wait Between rice to get another ride Uber Eats dream Peak periods can go from trip To trip to trip to trip to trip they're Not as priced as dropping people but you Can also make good money there again You're going to need to get a car you're Gonna need some insurance and like I Said with ubereats you don't even really Need a newer car number three something I've been trying out recently and that's Eureka Eureka is this app that allows You to take survey it doesn't pitch you Too much I believe the most expensive Survey I've ever taken is about 70 cents But if you have time like if you're Doing Uber or Lyft or if you have a

Full-time job in your on your break you Can take one or two surveys and you can Withdraw every time you hit five dollars So you're not gonna get super rich with This or any of these actually but you Can also just generate some additional Income that can support you day-to-day Eureka is really nice I've been using it Now for a little while I'll put a link In the description below there's no Commission for me for any of this these Are things I've personally tried out and They've worked to some extent number Four is teaching English you can teach English with lots of English sites two I'm going to add to the description if You're interested check them out you can Make anywhere from ten dollars twenty Five dollars per hour teaching English And you can pretty much set your hours With this just like with any of the rest Very easy to get registered some Background checks some online interviews Or video recording that you're gonna Have to do but very easy to get Registered very easy to get started and You just pick your hours and you can do This anywhere in the world once you're Registered which is what I like about This it does pay a bit higher than Uber Eats if you actually set your time and Your standard and your hours you can Make good money from this because it Becomes basically like a part-time job

That is a bit more structured on like The others if you do like some structure In how you work number five is instacart I haven't had too much experience with Instacart yet this is another grocery Delivery type service where you register And you're able to deliver like Groceries to people around you I don't Have a lot of experience with it so I Can't tell you what the breakdown is Hour to hour hopefully over the next few Weeks I'm gonna be able to experiment And get some numbers with instacart and Post a more detailed video on how it Worked but it's another Avenue you can Try you can register if your area Doesn't have a lot of grocery delivery People you'd like so a lot of people are Into buying groceries now online not Getting out especially during this Periods which tends to get really cold In areas like Canada many people won't Go out you can register and try it out And see what happens again unfortunately With this one you do have to have a Vehicle to you know commute and get to The stores into the people's houses but From what I know it's a very good way to Get started earning some extra money and If you're diligent you can actually Create um specific people in the area Where you can constantly deliver too if You enjoy the video like comment and Subscribe let me know what you want to

See what you want to hear we're going to Try this different side hustle videos as I try different things in my day-to-day Life to make a little bit of extra cash I'm going to try to share it as well With you guys anyhow that's it for today My name is MJ thank you again for Watching cheers

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