Nerium International – Nerium AD Unbiased Review


Nerium  International – Nerium AD

If you came here looking for an unbiased review of Nerium International you have come to the right place. I am not a Nerium rep and frankly I could care less if you join or not. For your benefit in this Nerium review I will be as objective and fact based as possible leaving out all the extra hype.  And just for the record I can't stand hype…. just the facts please.

What is Nerium?


Nerium is a skin care product who's headquarters are based in Addison Texas. It contains a special ingredient that has undergone extensive scientific testing and has a positive effect on the skin in the department of anti-aging. Nerium just pre-launched in September of 2011 with CEO and Network Marketing Rockstar Jeff Olsen at the helm.

With someone like Jeff, who has incidentally helped many people change their lives through network marketing,  it is fairly easy to see why there is so much attention surrounding this company and its product. One of Jeff's past companies Pre-Paid Legal Services was where he has spent most of his networking energy prior to starting Nerium. Other MLM leaders have also joined Nerium recently and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Since Nerium is only a few months old, it is very difficult if not impossible to predict where Nerium is going to be in one year let alone 5. So it might be wise to wait.

Nerium  International – What's New & Next in Nerium AD?

Right now Nerium only has one skin care product called NeriumAD. Nerium is aimed at people that have fine lines and wrinkles that they need to go away, or that they may have gotten from ‘tanning bed fever' back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Almost everyone who uses NeriumAD will benefit from the use of this product as it can really help with sun damaged skin and/or skin that just needs to be tightened up. In addition to the skin care for wrinkles and sun damage, they also have a complete line of skin care products in the works as well as a treatment for acne prone skin too.

You might be asking “Why Skin Care?”.  The answer is simple and easy to understand. The skin care industry is a 100 billion dollar industry and has always had strong demand no matter what shifting tastes and trends have been happening in the marketplace. And with the baby boomers creeping into their 60's (one is turning 60 approximately every 8 seconds right now), skin care products are just going to get more and more popular in the coming years. The boomers are one-third of the US population and one billion world wide. They create the worlds largest trends.

Nerium  International – The Compensation Plan – Is it Fair and Balanced?

The 3 by 3 Matrix compensation plan is almost exactly like the one the Pre-Paid Legal Services uses. Most people in Pre-Paid Legal weren't absolutely crazy about it's own comp plan, but the product Nerium itself is solid and so are the company's leaders. So the only gripe I can see folks having is in the 3 x 3 Matrix compensation plan. Matrix plans are not a great as they seem, and there are sometimes hidden ‘gotchas' in them although the matrix plans have still delivered some fat paychecks to their leaders in the past. Remember to look deep into the comp plans and do your due diligence before pulling the trigger and joining.

How Do I Get Paid?

You can sell the product at retail to earn 10-25% commission which is based on your volume. You can also earn fast start bonuses on every new distributor that you bring into the company too. These fast start bonuses range from $50 to $150.

In addition there is also a weekly promoters pool that the distributors can share in and it appears that a Nerium Rep can build residual income up to 10 levels deep.

Nerium has also championed the ‘bring in 3 and get yours free' concept that was actually pioneered and conceived by a new health and wellness company called Visalus Sciences. Since Visalus started this every other company under the sun has implemented the same thing into their own comp plan as well.  Why no one did this before is really a surprise but I am just grateful that someone finally did. The free autoship program is what is really kicking up a storm in the network marketing community right now, and is becoming a staple feature in most new compensation plans.

Should I Join Nerium?

It's important to bear in mind that even though the potential is still enormous in this opportunity, you have to be able to get leads and sponsor people in like a champ. If you don't, you may have some frustrating times ahead of you. In fact I guarantee you will…unless you do what the successful leaders do.

According to all successful leaders in network marketing in order to succeed at any opportunity it's good to have a sturdy and ‘battle tested' blueprint for getting automatic pre-qualified leads delivered to you daily, so all you need to do is pick up the phone, follow up, and then sign them up…. period. If you are chasing people down the street to get them to join your business, you are not doing something right for sure. You want them to chase YOU…and you can.

If you are looking for hot pre-qualified leads dropped in your email inbox daily that are looking to join your business then click here now to see how this elite system works. 

The folks behind this exclusive lead/webinar system are the most brilliant marketing minds online today and have a proven track record of success. In fact the guy who invented it used it to become the #1 enroller in his own company in 6 months time (I am NOT kidding). In addition, the system is very reasonably priced for what it does! And while it does quite a bit, it's DEAD easy to use.


If you are thinking about joining Nerium just make sure you have a system for generating leads on auto-pilot… this way you can save some serious time while you build your organization and start making money way faster than the other guys.  Click here to see the system in action right now.

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    1. Agreed. Went to a Nerium “party” as they call it – “we don’t have meetings, we have parties with food (hey, if it looks, smells, and quacks like a duck…),” and boy, are they slick. The party host took delivery on a Lexus that day, and other “brand partners (their term for distributors) were trying to encourage their guests to come in at $500 to $1000 starting points (these partners obviously want their Lexuses too). Very convenient for Nerium corporation to bring an established MLM/Pyramid millionaire (and his already established network) to hawk their product. Product does seem solid, but very pricey for a 5 to 13 percent improvement in wrinkle APPEARANCE (you could do just as well with OTC moisturizers) per Nerium video (in which I could not detect that great of a difference if at all any). Use your own objective judgment, and don’t be fooled by the hype.

      1. I’m really sorry, Joe Consumer,but your numbers are flawed. Our improvement rate is an average of 30% with some numbers as high as almost 70%. We’ve grown up from the beginning days. A BILLION Dollars worth of growing in just under 4 years, in fact. Inc Magazine just listed us as Number 1 in Sales and Service, and number one, overall. And the media is HOT about us now. From “The Doctors,” to “The View” news shows, Our FOURTH cover in FOUR years of “Success from Home” “Muscle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, and etc, etc.
        30% of the company’s profits go back to cancer research, and we are the #1 contributor to “Big Brothers Big Sisters” sending them, not only money, but hundreds of “Bigs” to volunteer time with these needy children.
        I’m sorry that you came away with a cynical aftertaste. I sure hope you will give this amazing company another look. I really believe you’ll be very impressed. I think you’ll be so impressed that you’ll even sign your name to your critique. Thanks for taking the time to read my response. And if you are willing to give us another look, I’d love to send you a free sample or our Nerium Night Cream.

  1. Need to clarify: agreement is with Toobz2b and Tami. The Lexus delivery is one of the perks in becoming a mover and shaker in Nerium. Like I wrote previously, slick.

    1. Oh, Joe. It is not slick…it is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful to drive a Lexus that my company is paying for. I’m just sorry I had to be 60 before I found a company that was so incredibly generous!

  2. Hmm, multiple third-party clinical trials with NeriumAD proved an AVERAGE of 30% improvement in skin (up to 67%)–where did you get the lowly figures of 5-13%? Surely if you went to a hyped party, the numbers would be better, not comparable to an OTC product. I did my homework ahead of time. This is a solid product, solid company, and several people that I know are doing very well for their families. Sounds like a case a of “sour grapes” to me. I frankly wish I’d been aware of Nerium even earlier!

    1. Skin care is a viable business, but it doesn’t have universal appeal. You can’t walk up to anyone and say,”Hey are you interested in skin care?” and get a positive response.

      It is something some women can get very passionate about, however, which is a good thing. But if you look carefully at the history of network marketing, you’ll see that the largest companies do not market such a limited product line.

      Compare this to something like Visalus and you can see Visalus has a 95% appeal to the total population. That’s why Visalus is the fastest growing network marketing company in history. And that’s the main factor that allows a brand new person with zero experience to have success in the industry. That is a super important point. Think of how that extrapolates into your entire downline. I have never seen a company create more success with people than Visalus. And being an Ambassador means I have personal experience into a large downline.

      Visalus also has 4 times higher sales volume PER DISTRIBUTOR than the average company. I would be interested if you could find that number for Nerium AD and post it here.

      I’m not saying Nerium is not a good company. But right now, it’s a *HOT* company, and many companies never get from hot to sustained double-digit growth. Just sayin’.

  3. After seeing the propaganda on Nerium AD, I asked the “brand partner” if there was any latex in this product, and she didn’t know. After much pressure from a friend, I purchased for $97.62 the Nerium. Within a few weeks I had a terrible allergic reaction and my husband (chemical engineer) and I researched the ingredients in the product, turns out it is latex based and they made tires in India in the early years.
    I sent back the product and asked the brand partner to cancel my account. Then I received only $86 and a few cents back and received a few days later another order after I cancelled. It has been two weeks and I haven’t received my refund back to my bank account. After calling today, I was told it would $ change refunded. Now I am turning this over to my bank when I get the refund with proof I wasn’t any longer involved with this shabby company in Texas. Be aware of what is in a product if you have any allergic reactions and I would recommend not dealing with this group that does not what they are selling and how the operate!!!

    1. Nerium has documented third party results of 30% to 60% improvement of wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. NO Other skin product can claim that.
      It does not contain latex . Google every ingredient and you will see that. It is 100% natural.
      The customer service was very busy because of so much growth. It’s much better now.
      I’ve been a brand partner for 4 months. If you are willing to work ten hours a week you can be successful. It’s not for everyone. It takes disipline . I’ve never had a problem with the return policy. They don’t give your shipping back.
      It’s a great product. Love it.

    2. Just a followup message , in case nobody’s watching….First yr results & isn’t that we talk about, results? Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Victoria Secret…..NONE made more than 11 million in 1st year! NERIUM INT’L made over $100 million! Just sayin’. NERIUM now $800+ million industry in the anti-aging skin-care and now brain (EHT) enhancement product line….(opened in the U.S. ONLY last Fri. May 15th to a near system-crashing rush to order day!) Heading to $2 billion industry. NERIUM products with the exception of the new EHT, open now in Canada and Mexico with open launch in So. Korea June 27th. Likely to see Japan and China in the not so distant future. AMAZING leadership, personnel, science, and as Founder/CEO Jeff Olson said 3 1/2 yrs ago…..”Be here in a year, because if you can’t see where we are going with this Co., I can!” Last Sat. in Anaheim, CA. Jeff said….”Be here in a year……(well, you’ve heard that before, never mind) So there you have it. Thanks Nerium, positively changing my family’s life as we speak). Bob, Mary Ann and daughter, Lauren

  4. That did not seem like an unbiased review at all. The only thing you didn’t have was a big blinking button “click here – click here” – oh wait, that’s on the page that you are really promoting,!!! What is your commission on that?

  5. Come on folks! The guy who wrote this review is trying to sell leads for MLM. That is just as much a scam as MLM is in itself. Lead buying does not work, PERIOD!.. Nothing but a scam within a scam. WOW!

  6. I saw this promoted on the Doctors show on ABC today and started researching, to satisfy my compulsion for info. The NieurmAD website seems to be targeting the young adult , which I found an interesting focus for anti-age products. Perhaps the companies target is business partner in lieu of selling consumer products. The lawsuit filed in California 3-2014 for unauthorized use of images for endorsement is also interesting, as are the 88 BBB complaints filed over the past three years. There is a Securities and Exchange investigation which names a very similar sounding holding company, that just so happens to be listed in Texas. I am very surprised the Doctors show allowed this on but I am sure it was a paid spot, it is Hollywood!! If it looks and walks like a duck, it most likely is a duck !!
    Research pays off…don’t get ripped off !!
    J of Georgia

  7. My husband has a friend who is in the product. He had us meet with two men that recruited him they didn’t really mention what’s in the product . They went in and told us how the company started and etc the guy mentioned his crow feet and deep lines were gone but I being a licensed cosmetologist clearly he still has them and watch.the doctors and doctor oz and I learned that there’s no such.thing as a lotion get rid of cellulite period I found this article Insightful and give me the conviction and not waste $500 in something that isn’t the holy grail I have sensitive skin and am glad I know that its something that could potentially agonize my skin I just wish my husband wouldn’t get involved in these quick buck scemes and just get a real honest working job and be a provider for our son

  8. Andrew,

    Thank You for writing this unbiased review of Nerium International. My understanding is that they have broken all industry records. Their first year in business doing $100 Million Dollars in business, year two $219 Million Dollars, and year three more than doubling their sales again to more than $400 Million dollars. Nerium did 100 million dollars in business in one country the US, with one product. Most of the companies of the DSN’s top 100 have many products and are in 20- 60 countries or more. Canada was opened up in April of 2014, Mexico was opened up October 2014. Nerium will be opening up Asia this quarter, and introducing their 4th product. HUGE Announcements. /PRNewswire/ Nerium International — Creator of breakthrough skincare products validated by science, Nerium International was recognized for the second year in a row on Direct Selling News’ Global Top 100 List. Last year Nerium was honored as the youngest company to ever make the list. And this year, Nerium jumped from number 86 to number 54 on the list in just one year, continuing its impressive path to the top. Initiated in 2010, The Global 100 Awards were created to honor the top 100 direct selling companies in the world. In addition, because of Nerium’s impressive growth, they also earned a spot on The Success Partners $100 Million Growth Club. Nerium was the first, first year company to ever be named to the DSN ‘s Global Top 100. The majority of companies on this list were at least 10 years old, and a good amount of them 15 – 20 years or more. It is projected that at this rate they will be listed in the area of the 35th Top company on the list next time, the list comes out. If Nerium International keeps growing at the rate they are growing they will be the youngest company to do a billion dollars a year in business, which could happen within the next 2-3 years. Many leaders, and top income earners are leaving their companies to start anew with Nerium. Contact me for some Free information about the next Billion dollar company in the industry. By the way Andrew, please share with me, us about the leads they you mentioned. Thank You, Thomas

  9. I’ve used Nerium products for face and body for the last two years. When the company came out with the mind enhancement suppliment (EHT) I bought that too. What have I noticed? After taking a before picture of my face so I could tell if the product was really doing what I was being told it would do here’s what I found out. The skin on my face, neck, and chest have gotten more smooth, more tightened, with brighter skin tones, and I have no wrinkles. As for the Nerium Body Firming Cream I’ve noticed the following: I know longer have flubber on my upper under arms, I don’t have any cellulite on my body anywhere and my butt has been lifted and is now tone, my stomach is becoming flatter and my stretch marks are fading, the back fat that we women get from our bras, is gone. One great thing that Nerium tells everyone when starting to use the products is to take before pictures and then take the same pictures in a month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and why is that? So you as a consumer can see the change in your own face and body and really believe in the product you are using. I have my teenage kids using the Nerium products too. It has cleared up their acne and is also toning their bodies. BTW: Our family tries to workout but we aren’t very regular with that so it can’t be said that these changes occurred because of exercise. I haven’t even said a thing about the results I’ve had taking the brain enhancement (EHT). I was told to use EHT for at least 3 months to get the full effects. I didn’t really notice much when I first started taking EHT but after 3 months I was remembering things, my recall was amazing, and I play in a musical group and that’s where I noticed a huge growth. I was playing at a much higher level than I’d ever played before because I was able to sightread my music and play my instrument at a definite excelled height due to my enhanced mind. I’ve been able to memorize music easier and I’ve even noticed that I can see my music in my mind without having to read my music which has never happened before in the 30+ years I’ve performed. All of the Nerium products are the real deal. No scams, no tire ingredients, and the culture of the Nerium family is so totally positive and supportive in every way possible it’s become my healthy support system. Some people, like with any product, could have allergic reactions to the creams. They shouldn’t use it but on the whole I’m totally satisfied that I got involved with Nerium International. If you want to see pictures of real people that are using Nerium products or if you’re interested in trying a sample just send me an e-mail. After using Nerium I signed up as a Brand Partner to help my family financially but even more I wanted to help others feel great about the way they looked, and that’s not just women. Men are enjoying the same benefits that us ladies enjoy while using Nerium. One last thing, you can become a Brand Partner for much less than $500.00 to $1000.00 which was the pricing when the company was very young. Nerium wants to give everybody that’s interested in becoming a part of this amazing company an easy financial way in and it’s doable. What I’d suggest first is to try the products yourself and see what you think and think about what you see. Thank you to everyone that took the time to read my lengthy statement.

    1. Wow. Thanks for the insight. It will certainly help readers interested in learning more about Nerium. Thanks for sharing your experience. Kudos on the success you’ve been having with the products. I’d love to see some pictures if you feel comfortable sharing.

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