Numis Network Review

Numis Network Review 1

–        Numis Network opened its doors in August of 2009

–        It was started by Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kovorkian

–        Two ways to get started in Numis

–        $75 + 10/monthly (Basic Starter Kit) or $495 + $99/monthly (Fast Track Package)

Numis banner

The Product

The Numis Network specialized in numismatic Gold and Silver coins.  There is 1 ounce in gold or silver in each of these coins.  These coins come from all over the world including America, Canada, Britain, Mexico, Austria etc…

The Numis Compensation Plan

You’re only looking at $100 a sale but as you get higher up in the ranks (which there are only 5) you begin to take part in several bonuses including a matching bonus, car bonus and company profit sharing among other ones.  Members of Numis get paid out weekly (some bonuses) and monthly.

The Leaders

Ray Higdon and Cedrick Harris lead the charge as the top recruiters in the company.  Ray Higdon is the only one who has hit the very top spot in the company.  Both men have a successful track record in MLM prior to Numis.

Final Thoughts on Numis

The company gambled and succeeded by opening up their doors in the heart of the recession.  The concept is that collectable coins with an ounce of gold and silver in placed, are real hard assets that will appreciate consistently over time unlike the current dollar.

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  1. I know a few people in Numis who were doing well but have since cooled off. Unfortunately, Numis is becoming too good and many other companies want to cash in on the great product of silver and gold coins. When a company and or a product becomes really big, marketing options become smaller.

    If you need more online cost effective tactics to revitalize your Numis biz got to

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