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If you came to this article looking for an unbiased review of NuVerus then this is going to make you happy because I am not a member nor do I have any affiliation with Nuverus whatsoever. In this article I will be evaluating NuVerus from the perspective of the founders, the product, compensation plan, and the market growth they have had as well. NuVersus is turning out to be something nobody may have seen coming.

NuVerus Plus Review – Who is NuVerus?

nuverus plus mlm
NuVerus Plus Product Shot

Where are They Based? What are Their Products?

Nuverus is a company based out of Irvine Texas that specializes in energy drinks and potent nutrition products. Part of the companys main tag line is that they ‘combine ancient wisdom with modern technology and nutrition'. This is true more than ever in the emerging wellness industry as people find new ways to be well without tapping into prescription drugs for everything ailing them.

Founder Michael Jareou came up from hard living in Iraq at age 17 to building one of the fastest growing companies in Network Marketing right now. The diverse group of experts and advisors is worldwide to meet the needs of the consumer no matter where they live.  Diversity is the cornerstone for success, and NuVerus has it in spades.

Do They Have a Medical Advisory Board?

As a matter of fact they do. Quite an impressive group of doctors and surgeons. Andrew Jorgeson MD attended Boston College and has been actively practicing surgery for 20 years. Along with Dr Jorgeson his fellow practitioners include Julian E. Bales, Leslie Carol Jacobs, and Kathleen P Nichols. All of these docs are top ranking in their respective fields.

NuVerus – The Products

Modern science meets ancient times in NuVerus products.  Civilizations that are thousands of years old have learned to really tap into the power of herbs and fruits. Some of the foods that NuVerus includes in their food are foods like black seed, curcumin, and aloe tend to promote overall wellness. These ancient recipes for health have been laser sharpened by technology to produce some of the most potent superfoods the world has ever seen as well as one of the fastest growing income opportunities anywhere.  Nuverus is sometimes mispelled as Nuveris.

NuVerus Plus is the companies flagship product. It is a powerful antioxidant drink that uses the fruits in the paragraph above and is part of the NuVerus Weight Management System. This system also includes a high quality skin care product as well. They also have another product for the brain heart and eyes called NuVerus Life. All of these products work together in the weight loss system.

Its also good to bear in mind that NuVerus products are all natural and contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners either. NuVerus takes the safety of its consumers very seriously and invest enormous amounts of money into product quality control and extensive testing. In fact the ORAC score they received was the highest ever recorded!

 NuVerus – The Compensations Plan and How to Get Paid…

nuverus compensation plan
Nuverus Comp Plan Overview

NuVerus is a binary compensation plan which isn't always helpful when it comes to people that are new to the industry. Some of the features that really stand out in the ‘prosperity plan' are things like:

  • Referral Bonus can go up to 20%
  • Get Commissions up to 20%
  • Potential to earn up to $120,000 per mo.
  • Up to ‘7 Generation' Matching Bonus
  • Leaders Pool Bonus Available
  • Dual Sponsorship Plan
  • Commission Paid Once a Week
  • NuVerus Card (its a Mastercard)
  • Awesome Opportunity with International Expansion Capabilities

There are 3 kits to join with. The first is the basic kit ($199), then the business kit ($399), and the Professional kit ($999). Each level you join in at generally contains more product and marketing firepower to quickly launch your new business with.

NuVerus – Conclusion?

Is NuVersus something that you want to take a good look at? Absolutely. For most people joining network marketing this is a good bet if you have the right circle of influence (a large one). If your circle of influence or social circle isn't bigger than a few dozen then you may want to consider a uni-lateral plan instead.  Click here for a proven uni-lateral plan that can increase your income right now in just 3 easy steps.

The lifeblood of your network marketing business is lead generation. That is generating qualified leads or folks that are interested in what you have to offer. Laser targeting your leads is a great way to build a stable and powerful business in a matter of days!

There is just one thing you need to know that people search years online to find…

This almost censored marketing secret will show you the 3 things you need to run a business with

  • No employees
  • No inventory
  • No paperwork
  • Working when you want
  • Working at home
  • Earn any income you want


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  1. This Nuverus is about the first company in the business to offer all of the product support possible to help you live a healthier life and a more prosperous one.

  2. This NuVerus , shows the companies whose focus is on creating and perfecting products that will help one achieve optimal health.

  3. All NuVerus products are all-natural and created based on extensive research of crucial ingredients whose use dates back to the times of ancient civilizations.


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