Online Jobs na for Beginners this 2022 | At Home Philippines

Online Jobs na for Beginners this 2022 | At Home Philippines

Online jobs at home Philippines na for beginners this 2022. Are you a student or a housewife looking for a part time extra income online? Try legit transcriber jobs that you could do on transcription jobs such as scribie. The good thing about this job is you do not need any experience and you can do at flexible time schedule.

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(Typing Job) Paano Kumita ng $4 – $7 /10min Audio sa Online Transcription sa REV

0:00 Online Jobs na for Beginners this 2022
1:04 Flexible time Work from Home
1:34 With Automatic Transcripts
2:18 Requirements
3:11 Registration Process
4:35 Guidelines
5:14 Payments / Possible Income
6:24 1 Cons ng Scribie / Transcription
6:57 Practice File / Try Muna ang Website
8:04 Extra Income Lang

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Hey guys! One job that can earn online Are those what you call Typing Jobs And one of the common And available for the beginners Are those what we call Transcription Jobs So last time we did share these topics about these websites Like REV…Go Transcript And we also have viewers that work as transcriptionist So now we will add more possible website that you can apply for So the work here is we will type the audio In short we are just converting it into a text Example when we play a video And apple a day keeps the doctor away So an apple a day… Keeps the doctor away So that's the job of a transcriptionist So its available for the students and for those who wants to have extra income online Make sure to stay until the end of this video So that you will know the important details on these websites So the name of this website is Scribie But first you dont have to sign in here or order anything So apparently you dont need to register here So this is the part where you will going to register This is the screen that you should see ”Work at your convenience” So convenient its because its a work from home type of job And another one is the time of work Because there is no required time of work here Or the hours of work Like, you can work anytime you want For example 9 PM to 10 PM you don't have anything to do Therefore you can do your transcription job

Another example is when its your break time because you're a student In between classes So you can get a files and transcribe it And there's no required time like 9 to 5 something like that And the other good thing about this website Automated transcripts are provided That means the words is already there You just need to edit or correct it So lets give some actual example here This is only an sample so that we can visualize it And the others is also different Later on we will going to show it to you guys So the audio is already written into words You can see it from our sample here What we need to do Is we will going to correct it Those wrong spelling, wrong words So to speak The word said is different from the word that got written by the automatic transcription Those punctuations, and many more There On the other transcription website It is totally zero All of the word said from the audio Is you'll going to type it one by one So lets now move on to the requirements of this website So the first three here That's English right there Of course, this is a transcription Therefore you need to understand the audio that is ”English” So that you can type it perfectly fine When it comes to laptop and desktop There's no required specs here Any specs of your computer would work

Even if its not that fast Its literally okay to the transcription websites By the way if you're going to start a online jobs And you're also looking for a laptop You can check our trusted laptop store Its been a while since we where sharing this to you guys There is any kinds of laptop You can check it on the Laptop Station From General VA Those web based task Our colors and maybe video editing There, they have laptops for video editing They also have COD options for delivery And that's nation wide And the other one is they have installment option They have Home Credit, Bill Ease So it is available online So kaHomeMates Go check the link of the Laptop Station on the description of this video So when it comes to the internet connection It does not require those DLS or Fibr It does not require speed Its just what you have Whether its prepaid or mobile data its literally okay Headphone or headset Actually this is not required But when it comes to transcription You can understand more the words that being said When you're using headphones Its really good if you have headphones or headset And last but not the least is a verified PayPal account Because they will pay here So if you want to register on this website we'll just click the Get Started Make sure that you are at the Freelance Transcription

Okay just fill up these And then here in the account type make sure it is Transcriber So it should be Transcriber not customer Then click Sign Up The next one here is where you will going to connect your PayPal Here in Scribie it is required that your PayPal account must be verified And you already have PayPal account So before you click the login with PayPal or connect your PayPal In another tab you should login already your PayPal So click Login So once you already logged in your PayPal Return to the website earlier and then we will click Login So you will have a notification there That means Scribie checked your name, your details, your addresses But they can't charge anything on your account Just to let Scribie know that you have a verified PayPal account So that when you will get your salary they will just send it to your PayPal account After the PayPal You can now proceed on this page On what we call Test Because before you can work or transcribe here You need to pass the test transcription first You wont instantly get the test In short after you register you will have to wait for them to send you the test file You can see it via email When they sent the test file While waiting You can already check about their guidelines Just click on the guidelines Here on the guidelines you can check what you will have to do while transcribing Like those laughter, those ”hahaha” You dont have to type those Just put something like this ”[laughter]” or ”[chukles]” Make sure you read this

Actually their guidelines is kinda short Compare to those transcription websites that I have tried or registered in Others guidelines are like 10 pages or 15 pages something like that Here its only short So you just read this and when you transcribe make sure it is based here on their guidelines Or on their suggestions So the payments of the word transcription that you do Is worth 5 dollar or 25 dollar per audio hour It talks about audio hour Which means the total of the transcribed file For example you transcribed a 1 hour file Then the rate for example is 10 US dollar So the file that you transcribed is payed for 500 pesos Its not per hour work For example this 1 hour audio file You will not do it for one hour sometimes you will reach 5 hours Some are slower because they are beginners, they will reach 8 hours So the payment to you is based on how much the rate is Even if how long or how fast it takes for you to finish it They have many types of positions here Of course when you've just started You are here in the Raw Transcription Some are having Reviews, Proofreading and Quality Check And as far as I know Of course if you do higher work like Review you will get higher payments Okay, once you finished the test file and you pass You can now take, transcribe files and start to earn And now kaHomemates these are the important cons of this website Or transcription in general Number 1. the work Transcription is not that easy Of course you can basically say its just a typing job But the actual audio Its hard to transcribe, the work is very hard and time consuming

Sometimes there are audio files that is hard to understand the words that being said The accent is so poor And there are some audio files that has a lot of background noises There are many people speaking Too much noises So its hard to understand what they say Actually before you register here or connect your PayPal You can actually test to transcribe a file here in Scribie Before you register Lets just scroll down here You can see here At the right side of Sign up and Start Earning There is Practice files just click it Now, here are the instructions Like ”Shortcut keys” When you submit the file you will see something like ”correct” transcription of it Where you can see your mistakes You can just choose your file here You can choose low difficulty or medium difficulty You can also see their accents here There's American accent, there's British accent Now lets choose the American accent So here are the guides on their editor You just read it, its the fastest way I wont able to play this because it is their property I cant play this on my youtube channel But you can try it even if you wont register You can try, you can play it Then you just type what being said from the audio So if you are not sure that you can handle this or is this for you? You should try it first on their practice files And another important thing for me Although it is legit paying, the payment is not that big Or its pay rate

5 USD to 25 USD per audio hour It will took quite a while for you to do it The earnings that you will get is not that big here I would recommend this to those beginners Who just started online jobs Or just taking experience Because there are freelancers Who are just transcripting before And now they have better jobs And has a higher salary now So you can use this as a stepping stone in online jobs If you want a much regular work That has much higher income Those regular online full time jobs Just watch this next video And I will discuss there those fulltime online jobs

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