Online side hustles to never be broke again (beginner friendly + easy to start!)

Online side hustles to never be broke again (beginner friendly + easy to start!)

Start an online side hustle if you want to make money online in any economy! Not many people talk about these 3 side hustles for beginners. Starting an online business doesn't have to be hard! In this video, I share three easy online side hustles to start in 2022!

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About this video:
Start working online by learning about these high-paying online jobs. Whether you want to replace your income or start a high-paying side hustle, this video is for you. Making money online doesn’t have to be complicated. When you start any of these, you'll earn extra money online in 2022.

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Most people don't start side hustles Because they think that they don't have The money the time the experience they Think that they need a bunch of skills With this first side hustle all of that Is irrelevant and it's a bonus because It is passive income meaning that you Can make money while you're doing Whatever else you're doing it's the Ultimate form of freedom this is a side Hustle that i'm going to be doing and i Wanted to share it with you because we Can all win together people are making Very big money selling low content books On amazon what is a low content book a Low content book is something like this Journal let me make sure nothing is Incriminating in here You see how there's just these lines in Here and i'm actually filling it in well Somebody had to design this this could Be what you're doing to make money the Good thing is is that because you're Selling on amazon amazon handles Everything they handle the shipping they Handle the printing out the book finding It together and making it they handle The customer service what do you have to Do well you have to design the cover for Example and you're determining what is Actually going to be inside the book is It going to be lines it's going to be Calendars is it going to be thoughts Like a bullet journal is it going to be

Questionnaire prompts stuff like that You don't have to even be a designer i Know i'm not a designer that's why i'm Using a software called book bowl the Reason i love book bowl is because it Makes designing and creating low content Books super freaking easy let me show You a live demonstration on how i'm Creating my low content books with book Bowl creating a low content book with Book bowl is super easy because it's Literally drag and drop i'm going to be Creating a gratitude journal thankfully Bookball already has a bunch of Pre-loaded images for anything that you Need you can go ahead and add your Colors your shapes your text to really Make the cover your own you do choose What the outside of the journal is going To look like but the inside has so many Pre-loaded templates that you can use so This could be lines for a journal this Could be dots this could be puzzles this Could be a fitness tracker calendars Weight loss log guest books music Anything that you want to be in there Book boat probably has it as a template And that's what's going to make this Book your own you could really create a Whole low content book in under a day Listed on amazon amazon handles the Printing the shipping and whenever a Customer buys your journal or whatever It is you get a percentage of the sale

You can make passive income selling low Content books on amazon fairly quickly But you do need a good strategy that's Why i'm gonna be sharing two things that You can do to optimize your chances for Success the first thing that you would Do is use bookbooks research tool this Is amazing because it shows you exactly What the top selling things are so that You're not just putting out random books And hoping that it works no you actually See what is working and what people are Already spending their money on and You're just saying I'm just gonna insert myself in line There to collect the money also they Have a keyword research tool which is Great because it shows you what keywords You need to put in order to get your Book ranking in organic search that way Amazon is doing the selling for you the Next thing that i would do is to get on Bookbot's weekly support calls somebody From bookbowl is going to be on a call With you every single week so you can Ask your questions you can get help and You're not going into this alone these Two combined give you the best chances Of making passive income football does Have a monthly subscription but it's Super super affordable and to make it Even more affordable i partnered with Bookbook to give you guys a 20 Off discount code you guys can get that

Discount code by signing up from the Description box below most importantly i Just want you guys to stick with it you Know give it three six nine months of Actually working hard doing the research Getting on the calls and stuff like that Because you could start making one Thousand two thousand three thousand Extra dollars per month in passive Income click the link below if you do Want to join me as i will be making low Content books as well and documenting my Journey with that this next side hustle Is for anybody who has a good camera on Their phone it's something that i also Want to get into it is called user Generated content and if you've been on Tick tock you'll see that ugc is taking Over what is ugc well companies are Always spending money on marketing but You know when you see an ad you're kind Of like oh that's an ad like i don't Want to buy it what companies are doing Now is that they're trying to make ads That is more natural for the average Person this is so that when you're Scrolling it kind of doesn't even really Look like an ad it just looked like Somebody made some random person made a Tick tock what companies are doing now Is that they're paying people like me And people like you they're saying Please make us a 15 second video make it Look natural it's not going to be

Professional it's not going to be made In some kind of production studio and They're using that as their ads now Because it worked better when i tell you People are making good money i'm talking About hundreds of dollars per video and These videos are 15 30 second videos i Have a friend personally who just got Paid three thousand dollars to make a 15 Second video that a company is going to Use for their ads you guys are like well Why are they doing this one because These ads they're learning perform Better than something that was made in a Production studio and secondly they're Actually cheaper you know the production Studios they're charging like four Thousand five thousand just for a 15 30 Second video but an average person like Me maybe we're charging 500 maybe we're Charging 1 000 because we're the actors We're the camera people we're the editor Okay and so these companies are getting A better deal by just going with average People like me to create 15 30 second Trendy videos that they're going to be Using in their ads the good thing about This is that there's not really a Barrier to entry to get started you Don't need to have a lot of skills you Don't need to do anything like that all You need to do is have a good Understanding of how like a tick tock Video would work or an instagram would

Work in order to get clients you're Going to create a tick tock account or An instagram real account and you're Gonna start posting video ads of things That are just around your house this is Gonna serve as your portfolio because You're showing brands like hey i can Make this type of video for you rate Your portfolio on tick tock and start Either reaching out to businesses but Ugc and your tic toc title people are Going to be reaching out to you Make the fiverr make the up work people Are making Four five six thousand dollars a month Just by creating 15 second videos Instead of creating something like a Youtube account which takes a while to Grow you don't need any kind of Followers for this all you need to do is Have the skills and reach out to brands For ugc for people who never want to be Broke again they always want to have a Source of income this side hustle is Something that you have to get into this Is b2b Direct marketing direct marketing means That whatever marketing or advertising That this business is doing is directly Going to lead to sales this is something Like sending out an email asking people You know there's a sale go buy this Thing that is directly marketing to People if you want to always have money

No matter if it is a good economy or a Bad economy you need to get into b2b Direct marketing why is this important Because with direct marketing the Company is going for the hard sell They're directly selling something to Somebody that means that the things that You're doing for that business is Leading them directly to money so now You're no longer a freelancer you're no Longer a side hustler you are a money Printing machine for that business some Examples of direct marketing could be Something like email marketing where You're involved in the sales email Process it could be something like a Sales page so if you go to a course for Example my course on how to make money Online you will see that there's Different things that the page says in Order to trigger things in your brain Saying i want that product i want to buy That you can get involved in that so Example you could be doing the sales Page writing or the sales page design You could also be writing facebook ads When people see the facebook ad they're Going to want to buy because of what you Wrote or the picture that you made or The video that you made or whatever like That google ads youtube ads anything That is related to ads pretty much is Going to be like direct marketing Businesses are always going to be

Wanting more money so if you can help Them get that you're going to be paid Good the reason that this is good is Because you don't have to charge a flat Fee you can actually charge a percentage Of the revenue so if you are making them More money you also get more money so if They sell one million and you have a two Percent fee well that's twenty thousand Dollars that you made and what if you Did one of those a month that's More than six figures per year now how You're gonna learn this you're gonna Learn this on skillshare you can learn Anything there you're going to learn This on youtube you can learn anything There just type in direct marketing Email marketing how to learn facebook Ads how to learn google ads do maybe one Month of really sitting down One hour a day two hours a day however Long that you have learning it and then Go on fiverr go on up work go on Linkedin maybe even go on tip talk to Market your services and you can start Getting clients although this does take More skills than the other things that I've mentioned it is going to still be a Great side hustle for people who are Really ready to learn and to build a Good business i love all of these side Hustles i'm personally dabbling in each Of them but let me know down below which Side hustle do you want to try do you

Guys have any other side hustles that i Haven't mentioned here and if you guys Want more ideas for side hustles online Businesses to start go ahead and click This link over here because i will link A playlist of all of my how to make Money online videos other than that i'm Energy and i'll see you guys in my next Video [Music] You

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