Oxo Worldwide Multi-Level Marketing Review

Welcome to my Oxo Worldwide review! Oxo Worldwide is an MLM-focused company operating in the ‘Health and Fitness’ industry. Literally, they offer products that are stick-on holograms called ‘Quantum Infused Holograms’. The strange fact about this company is its secrecy and lack of published information regarding the company. Obviously, there is the MLM factor to it, which appears to be its major focus. Let’s see if it’s worth investing in Oxo Worldwide.

Oxo Worldwide Overview

Oxo Worldwide is owned and operated by Aroga Holdings, which is operated by Aroga Worldwide. The owning company claims to be based in Canada. No other information is available regarding the work place of Oxo Worldwide. The president of the company is Douglas Yates, an American businessman with a history of various successful and failed businesses.

The CEO is Grove Bennett, a highly experienced entrepreneur who has worked with militaries, sports accessories and food companies. The COO is Steve Barclay, another businessman with plenty of involvement in education and health charities. Oxo Worldwide also has a panel of medical professionals specializing in energetic medicines, such as the products offered by the company.

How Oxo Worldwide system works

Oxo Worldwide offers hologram stickers, which when applied, provide a particular health benefit to the user. However, their exact effects and feasibility is subject to individual opinions, there are three types of stickers offered, those familiar with acupressure practises will feel at home: Real-time Energy, Real-time Sleep and Real-time Relief.

These holograms are designed to be non-invasive and have no chemicals or drug elements inside. They also do not produce anything in the body. The entire purpose of holograms is to stimulate and balance the cellular frequencies of the body. The ‘Energy’ and ‘Sleep’ holograms are the most expensive at $69.99, while the ‘Relief’ holograms are priced at $59.99.

Oxo Worldwide offers a Binary-structured compensation plan to attract potential affiliates to market their products. Oxo Worldwide claims to be unique from other MLM programs by fact that the company pays 65% income to affiliates, while keeping only 35% to themselves.

In order to be eligible for the compensation plan, a potential affiliate first need to purchase the ‘distributor’ membership at $179.97, which is essentially a purchase of three packs at wholesale rates, with license to sell them to others and recruit more people to become distributors. The binary compensation plan spans seven different levels, from Bronze up to Black Diamond. The bronze level requires the affiliate to purchase at least 100 PV points worth products, as well as have two sub-affiliates who do the same. All these ‘cycles’ are calculated daily and if each legs of the binary possess equal 100 PV’s, the affiliate is allocated a share of profits. Depending on the rank, the total earnable amount may also be capped.

Is Oxo Worldwide a scam?

Oxo Worldwide appears to be a legitimate company selling its own products while offering an MLM opportunity, however the focus is just limited to that. There appears to be no motivation for improvement in the retail spectrum of the business, there is also the fact to consider that the company is purposefully hiding its operating address, which may hint towards something fishy. Oxo Worldwide could be worth giving a chance but there are generally better alternatives and authentic alternatives available on the market.


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